Disney & Lytro Bringing Light Field Photography to Oz “Balloon Tour”

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Disney and LYTRO
Bringing Light Field Photography
to OZ Balloon Tour
Central Park NYC
March 5 and 6th
Simply click on the box above “LYTRO” and view the photograph in a unique way,
changing your view and your experience.

Anyone who is remotely a Disney fan has been 
awaiting the release of OZ The Great and Powerful  to the big screen on March 8th.
As for our family of Disney lovers, we have been tracking every detail 
of this upcoming fantasy adventure from the very beginning. 
Thrilled by fellow friends chatting about the premiere at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Ca on Feb. 13th the east coast sits in anticipation of OZ The Great and Powerful.
From the very beginning I was intrigued by the hot air balloon I have gotten a glimpse of
here and there. Seeing photos of the  premiere highlighting a life size OZ hot air balloon in the center of the street really has peaked my curiosity about it’s tour and arrival at Central Park, NYC on March 5th and 6th.
I am also in awe of Lytro photography bringing the hot air balloon to life with their one
of a kind camera and photography. Lytro has been following the hot air balloon tour and
capturing pictures in a way that has never been experienced before.
Lytro photographs capture the entire light field in your subject. Say goodbye to 
2D pictures, with Lytro you can view the photo in  an entirely  unique way changing 
your point of view of the photo as you view it.
As if OZ The Great and Powerful Balloon Tour is not amazing enough, the thought
of this unique photography is just thrilling to me. Pictures taken with LYTRO can be refocused and interactively change the point of view in a picture after is has been taken, including left, right, up, down and all around. I can’t imagine a better experience in photography.
The photos below are shot with LYTRO so you can experience the magic. In this interactive campaign, Oz fans can check out living pictures from the Balloon Tours on Disney’s Oz Facebook page here to immerse themselves in the land of Oz.  On the map, click on the camera icon to see living pictures captured by Lytro photographers.  Here is a sampling of the interactive pictures taken on the tour thus far. See you in Central Park, NYC March 5th and 6th.

Jewelry from the movie OZ The Great and Wonderful.
Click on the box above LYTRO to experience the wonderment of this unique photography.
Experience The Wicked Witch through LYTRO, the world’s first light field camera.
What the OZ balloon might look like in a fun house mirror.
For more information click LYTRO.
Disclosure: All information provided by Disney Pictures and LYTRO.
Opinions are that of Diane Sullivan. Email me at ELGeorgia@aol.com
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