March 16th Simon Kidgits Club Rise Of The Guardians Event at Newport Centre, NJ

March 16th Simon Kidgits Club
Rise Of The Guardians Event
Newport Centre, NJ

On Saturday, March 16th, the Simon Kidgits Club will feature exciting 
displays and activities inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s hit film
Rise of the Guardians, which features the Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, 
Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Sandman—together for the first time!  
Arriving on Blu-ray and DVD on March 12th,
the movie tells the story of how these beloved heroes protect the
hopes and dreams of children everywhere.  Children and their parents are 
invited to come by the Newport Center Mall and take part in 
Rise of the Guardians-themed arts and crafts activities and have a 
chance at winning some terrific giveaways!
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Let’s Chat With Nuclear Cowboyz Javier Villegas

Let’s Chat With Nuclear Cowboyz 
Javier Villegas
Interview between 

Diane Sullivan and Javier Villegas
Nuclear Cowboyz
March 16 & 17
IZOD Center, NJ

Diane: How old were you when you started having an interest in motocross?

Javier: I was probably five years old when I started liking motocross, but at that moment my family didn’t have money to buy me a dirt bike. It took my dad two years to save enough money to buy me a motorcycle.

Diane: When did you realize that motocross was something you wanted to do as a career?

Javier: When I was 17 years old I was finishing school and I still didn’t know what I wanted to study in college, but I did know that I love riding my dirt bike. When I was 17, I was still living in my country (Chile) and down there, is almost impossible to make a career as an athlete. It took a lot of effort and a lot of training to make it happen, but I don’t regret it one moment.

Diane: What has been your most exciting moment so far?

Javier: My most exciting moment was when I became world champion in 2011, it was a long year and but the victory was a reward of so many years of hard work.

Diane: Scariest moment?
Javier: My scariest moment was when I broke my femora in 2007, it was my first time breaking a big bone and it was very painful, made me think if I really wanted to keep riding, but a few weeks later I was ready to start recovering and get back into my bike.

Diane: What is your next goal?
Javier: My next goal is to become the best freestyle rider in the world, I know it is a hard goal, because there is so many good riders out there, but I’m going to work hard to achieve it.

Diane: I believe Nuclear Cowboyz is new to you. What are your thoughts on it so far?
Javier: Nuclear Cowboyz is a very fun show and I enjoy all of the riding I get to do, especially when I’m doing it with my friends, we get to jump at the same time and do tricks at the same time, it’s very cool to look over and see the tricks mid air while I’m alongside the other riders. It’s also neat to be part of such a big production that includes more than freestyle… We have fireballs, fireworks a neat laser show, acrobats, dancers and much more! It’s a show everybody has to experience.

Diane: How does your wife feel about your career? Would you like your own children to be involved in FMX?
Javier: My wife is very supportive, she’s always helping me make this easier, she wakes up very early every morning to go practice with me, and she’s always there to take care of me if something happens. About my kids, I just want them to find something that makes them happy, if it’s freestyle, great, if it’s something else, great too. The only goal in life is to be happy.

Special thanks to Javier Villegas for this wonderful interview. All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan. Email me at To read more about Nuclear Cowboyz click here!