Guest Post: Cirque Du Soleil TOTEM

Guest Post:
Cirque Du Soleil
March 14- April 21, 2013
Citi Field, NY
Our amazing night at Cirque Du Soleil began before we even hit the show.

Going through the gates of Citi Field we could see the Big Top Tent to the right. The tent has flags that represented all the countries participating in the current Cirque Du Soleil TOTEM show. Then we walked into the standing area. They had everything from snacks to souvenirs to alcohol to those nice CGI pictures that gave everyone a chance to see themselves on TOTEM.

The excitement could be heard as they opened the big tent for everyone to find their seats. We were thrilled with our 4th row seats! That put us very up front and close to the action. The stage started off with a turtlelike animal on a beautiful grassy beach background. I knew already tat that point that the show would be awesome.

This show showed off an amazing spectacle of characters dressed like lizards and tree frogs. There were acts with clowns to mind blowing tricks on a beach scene. We all laughed when during the skit with the clown in a boat. Hilarious! We also thought the act with the five girls on the height unicycles performed tricks I have never seen before in my life! Not to mention, this was all before intermission!

After the intermission there was much more fun in store.The clowns were playing and it turned into singing and the one clown showed off with the devil sticks . My favorite and what I thought was the best performance of the night was a trapeze act that blew my mind . The next act was just breathe taking as a giant drum was brought out and 2 performers showed us their talent with a lot of spinning and different positions. There were balance beams, acrobatics and neon. A definite recipe for a lot of amazing tricks. Wow, the finale was beyond anything I have ever seen in my lifetime.

At home after the show: “I’m sitting in my chair after the most amazing night I ever had seeing Cirque Du Soleil Totem . I have been to many places all over and seen many shows, but this show was AMAZING and touched me with that much excitement , energy, comedy the thrills of a circus in a unique way that I would so recommend this show for couples and/or families of all ages!”.

Disclosure: This post was written by Jeffery Fisherman of New York. Passes provided by Cirque Du Soleil.

Light Up Your Easter Egg Hunt With Positive Messages, Memories and HERSHEY’S Treats

Light Up Your Easter Egg Hunt 
With Positive Messages, Memories 
and HERSHEY’S Treats
Every year when Easter rolls around I cannot help but get a twinge of excitement 
deep within my soul. Being a mom of three children ages 22, 13 and 6, I have been 
snapping on the bunny tail and floppy bunny ears for years and years. I find the 
fascination of a child who believes in the magic of the Easter Bunny to be one
 of the most amazing experiences of my life. Along the path of parenting I have come up
with numerous traditions to create family memories. One of my favorite has to
 be the tradition of our Bunny egg hunt that takes place after dinner on Easter Sunday when
the sun goes down. Our official Easter Bunny(me) came up with this idea a
few years ago and it has been a big hit ever since.

It’s quite simple and really amazes the kids every time. Who can resist anything that lights up?

We start with a Memory Jar (we always have a memory jar on the counter) which has a
 constant flow of funny memories or something special that a family member did
 during the year. I look through the strips and use them as the bunny’s inspiration to write
Bunny notes to fill the eggs with.

Example: #1
The Easter Bunny loved when you made a card for you friend that was in the hospital.
Example #2
The Easter Bunny always hops higher when you read a book at bedtime!
Example #3
The Easter Bunny chuckled when Adam had on two different sneakers.
Example #4
Remember to eat your carrots and other vegetables just like the Easter Bunny!
Example #5 
The Easter Bunny wants to remind Dad not to leave his coffee on top of the van!
You can personalize the Bunny Notes to anything you would like. 
My older children love this, too. They are good sports and play along but honestly
I think they do enjoy some of the funny notes the Easter Bunny leaves inside the eggs.
Now, for the light up part of the egg- I get the light-stick bracelets at the dollar store.
They are packed as 18 in a pack so for $2.00 I have enough for 36 eggs!
Makes for an awesome light show. 
Final step is to add a delicious HERSHEY’S treat or two to the light up egg.

In our family by the time Easter dinner is over everyone is just hanging around. As soon as the 
sun goes down hubby or I sneak out to the yard and place the eggs all over.
Then we direct everyone to the yard and fun begins. I will miss the magic when
 I don’t have a bunny believer in the house any more, but I have a feeling this tradition
will carry on for years to come.

Our Memory Jar
Bunny notes with inspiration from the Memory Jar
Light up sticks and rings
Our fun and finished Light Up Eggs! Filled with fun!
Disclosure: Special thanks to HERSHEY’S. 
Thank you for including us on the HERSHEY’S Bunny Trail.
All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan.
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