Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace! A Disney Must Do!

Disney’s Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace! A Disney Must Do! 

dessertcastle One of my top recommendations when visiting Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is the Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace. I had heard a lot about the dessert party in the past but until recently never had the chance to attend it first hand with my family. From the moment you arrive at the Fireworks Dessert Party it is completely magical. 

Upon arrival each group of family or friends is treated as if they are the only ones attending the party as they are lead from the check in and given a little tour of the foods and drinks available to them during the party. As our family gazed at the delights we really could not believe our eyes. 


Ours eyes were treated to the drinks bar which included Sparkling cider served in fluted glasses, Signature lemonades, water, Hot chocolate, Coffee and Tea. 

There were miles and miles of mouthwatering desserts, seasonal fruits, and a various cheese choices. Let me warn you that one dessert was more tempting than the next. Of course since it is buffet style you can choose exactly what you would like to sample. 


I loved how fruits and cheese choices were included in addition to the sugary delights. As for the desserts they were incredible. My absolute favorite were the chocolate dipped strawberries with the Happily Ever After logo. They tasted and looked amazing! They were definitely Instagram worthy! There were tons of choices which included Disney themed delights, macarons (YES!!), little tarts, and more. 

Did I mention there was ice cream?!! My daughter loved the create-your-0wn cookie station where her creativity went wild creating the cookie of her dreams! 


dessertsmoresdessertraspSome of the party go-ers chose to stay seated at the party site. Our group was escorted via guide to the Plaza Garden for primo viewing of the fireworks. I absolutely loved that the entire night was stress free. We did not have to worry about saving a spot for the fireworks or waiting an hour for them to begin. The Plaza Garden has reserved standing and was not overcrowded. The views of the fireworks were amazing. I may or may not have shed a few tears during Happily Ever After! Okay, I totally did. How could I not? There I was smack dab in the front of the castle, breathtaking fireworks, and surrounded my hubby and the kids. Right at that moment life was perfect! For that moment I was living my, “Happily Ever After”. Total Magic! 


IdessertmoosedessertmacaronIf you are visiting during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party there is also a Holiday Wishes Dessert Premium Package! 

Admission is $79 per adult and $47 per child (ages 3 to 9) including tax; gratuity not included or required. Separate Magic Kingdom park admission is also required. Check out more about the Fireworks Dessert Party here:

Please note that the fireworks experience may be changed or canceled without prior notice.




Disclosure: Diane Sullivan and family were hosted by Disney Parks in order to facilitate this review with our honest opinion. Contact me at or @3decades3kids across all social media platforms. 





Disney On Ice Presents Dare To Dream!

Disney On Ice Presents Dare To Dream!


As you may already know our family loves Disney and we love Disney On Ice! Every year when it comes around we clear the calendar and make a little room for some Disney magic. This year we had the pleasure of attending Disney On Ice Presents Dare To Dream! All of the shows are great, so whatever one is in your area is worth seeing, but we especially fell in love with Dare To Dream! DOIbelle DOIbelle1 DOIcakes1

Disney On Ice Dare To Dream consists of five parts! You can celebrate the adventures of five daring Disney heroines spark the courage inside us all at Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream! I can’t even tell you which one was our favorite. It started off with Beauty and the Beast where we sang along to our favorite songs including ones from the new live action movie. Armed only with courage, Belle befriends the enchanted castle staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s rough exterior. Who can resist Beauty and the Beast? It’s definitely one of my favorite Disney movies and I love it on ice, too! 


Of course Frozen still captivates everyone! As soon as they hit the ice there is a sudden chill in the air and snowflakes begin to fall. It’s a breathtaking sight along with the music and songs that everyone in the audience sings along to. Anna is there to show her devotion to her estranged sister Elsa. She sets out  on a dangerous journey to mend their bond, and stop an eternal winter. Don’t worry, Olaf is there to help and to keep us all laughing! Let it go….Let it gooooo….

DOIrapunzelhairDOIrapunzelRapunzel and her tall tower can be found on the center of the ice. As she breaks out of her tower and teams up with an unlikely companion, Flynn Rider you will laugh, especially when she brings out her frying pan! Everyone has a dream, right? I’m so glad that song is part of the show along with other favorites and of course the lanterns!DOIcinderellaDOIclockDOIgoofy

You can also find Cinderella and all of her magical Disney friends as they sing, dance and skate to the Disney classics. The show is hosted by Mickey and Minnie who discover why no dream is too big when we find the strength to shape our own destiny at Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream! This is one show you will want to see again! 

DOImauiDOImoanapigDOIcrabOne of our favorite parts was seeing Moana in her Disney On Ice debut! Of course she skated to our fave Moana songs, including How Far I’ll Go! Moana goes on an action-packed voyage with mighty demigod Maui in a quest to save her island, and along the way she finds herself and her own strength that has lived inside her all along! You can’t but sing along, and either could the audience! 

So grab the family and head to Disney On Ice Presents Dare To Dream! It’s in the NYC area now, don’t miss out on the Disney magic. What’s your favorite part of Disney on Ice? Who’s your favorite character? Have you been to the show yet? Get tickets here: