Stonyfield Launched Future Leaders Campaign #FutureLeaders

Stonyfield Launches Future Leaders Campaign


In our house there is a full refrigerator shelf reserved for “Yogurt Only”. It is constantly stocked with sleu of yogurt and yogurt smoothies. Stonyfield has been a household name when it comes to yogurt. My tween daughter has gone right from Yo Baby to Yo Kids like so many others I am sure. Recently we heard about  campaign that we just had to share with everyone.

There’s nothing quite like hearing firsthand the roar of a lion, the trumpet of an elephant, or even the humble squawk of a penguin. That’s why Stonyfield, the country’s leading organic yogurt maker, is launching its #FutureLeaders campaign to raise funds to help kids from the Boys & Girls Club of America visit their local zoos and aquariums.


As part of the campaign, Stonyfield will match every donation given, up to $125,000, with the goal of raising $250,000 to give kids the chance to experience an up close and personal look at the animal kingdom. This donation is the latest milestone in Stonyfield’s support of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction® program, which fosters conservation efforts for 10 endangered species. Click here for more information:

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Dinotrux Supercharged Premieres On Netflix Today! #StreamTeam

Dinotrux Supercharged Premieres On Netflix Today!


Who loves Dinotrux? We do! In Dinotrux Supercharged , Ty, Revvit and the trux gang discover that supercharger bitbugs that can make the trux bigger and stronger have been released in the crater. The trux gang harness the bitbugs’ power and find themselves transformed into all new supercharged avatars – faster, better and more powerful than ever before.


Tricked out with cool, new supercharged features, the trux can perform supersized building and rescues and join together to stand up to their nemesis – D-Structs to protect the crater from destruction. This all-new series will present our favorite Dinotrux characters with a never-seen-before faster, bigger, better and stronger look as they come together to show us the true meaning of friendship, unity and teamwork. The new series premieres today only on Netflix! Check out more about Diotrux by clicking here.

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