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THOR Ragnarok- A Must See For The Entire Family!


Recently, we had the opportunity to check out the newest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Thor: Ragnarok. Being the third movie in the franchise, I was excited to see the return of one of my favorite Avengers, since he has not been featured in some of the more recent films. After the wait, I couldn’t have been more excited to see not only Thor, but also The Incredible Hulk making their way to the screen in this film. From beginning to end, Thor: Ragnarok is an awesome adventure, jam-packed with laughs and incredible fight scenes.


Ragnarok is fantastic, and the tone is immediately set within the first few minutes of the movie. While previous Thor films focused more on a serious story and heavy action, Ragnarok takes a much more fun approach. With villains and heroes both cracking jokes, the movie flows perfectly, and this is not to say that it doesn’t have a fair share of action in its own right. Ragnarok not only features some of the best jokes in recent movies, but also some of the most intense fight sequences yet in Marvel films. The opening battle alone left me with my jaw open, and I couldn’t believe some of the scenes that came later in the film.


With an awesome soundtrack that finds a perfect balance between 1970’s rock and roll Led Zeppelin and beautiful orchestral score, Thor: Ragnarok sets a new standard for the musical aspect of Marvel films. Music-based sequences played in an almost Guardians of the Galaxy-esque fashion, as Thor fights against enemies set to Zeppelin’s famous “Immigrant Song.” Ragnarok hits the nail on the head when it comes to blending elements together, whether in the music with the combination of rock and orchestral pieces, or in the dialogue between powerful speeches and quick wisecracks.

It was great to see some of the characters make their return in this movie. Tom Hiddleston makes an outstanding return to his role as Loki, Thor’s trickster brother who dances on the line of good and bad in the film. The movie’s villain, a newcomer to the franchise, also stands out as one of the best parts. With her ruthless fighting techniques and unstoppable power, this proves to be one of the first times in which Thor and Loki must band together and combine their power to take down a much greater threat.

Overall, Thor: Ragnarok was one of the best Marvel movies released so far! After 10 years of seeing these films in the theaters, Ragnarok managed to bring totally new aspects to the table, and completely blow me away with some incredible cinematic moments. The movie also sets the tone right for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, which will be making its way to theaters in 2018. After many years of making films, Marvel knows how to keep the action fun, the stories interesting, and my family at the edge of our seats the entire time. Ragnarok is a wild ride, and definitely a movie that comic book and movie fans alike do not want to miss.

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Guillermo Del Toro Announces Tales of Arcadia Trilogy Series #Netflix

Guillermo Del Toro Announces Tales of Arcadia Trilogy Series on Netflix!trollEmmy-Winning Netflix original series DreamWorks TrollHunters is first installment of

three-part epic from DreamWorks Animation Television

Trollhunters Part 2 premieres exclusively on Netflix December 15,
with companion series 3 Below and Wizards set for 2018 and 2019


On Monday evening during a preview screening of DreamWorks Trollhunters Part 2, creator and executive producer Guillermo del Toro announced that the world of Trollhunters will expand to become a trilogy of series called Tales of Arcadia.

On the surface, Arcadia appears to be a slice of timeless Americana, but it is no ordinary town. It lies at the center of magical and mystical lines that will make it a nexus for many battles among otherworldly creatures including trolls, aliens and wizards. DreamWorks Trollhunters, the first installment in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, will be followed by two additional series 3 Below in 2018 and a final chapter Wizards set to debut in 2019.

Following Trollhunters, DreamWorks 3 Below will focus on two royal teenage aliens and their bodyguard who flee a surprise takeover of their home planet by an evil dictator and crash land in Arcadia. Now on the run from intergalactic bounty hunters, they struggle to blend in and adapt to the bizarre world of high school all the while attempting to repair their ship so they can return and defend their home planet.

DreamWorks Wizards brings together the three disparate worlds of trolls, aliens and wizards who have found themselves drawn to Arcadia. The final chapter of the Tales of Arcadia culminates in an apocalyptic battle for the control of magic that will ultimately determine the fate of these supernatural worlds that have now converged.

Premiering in 2016 to critical acclaim, Trollhunters introduced audiences to the seemingly quiet town of Arcadia and an ordinary kid who embarks on an extraordinary adventure in a hidden world right beneath his feet featuring the voices of Anton Yelchin, Kelsey Grammer, Ron Perlman, Steven Yeun, Anjelica Huston and more. The first season lead the Creative Arts Daytime Emmys with six wins, more than any other program, including writing for an animated program (Marc Guggenheim), directing (Rodrigo Blaas, del Toro), casting (Ania O’Hare, Mary Hildalgo) and a voice acting win for Grammer.

DreamWorks Trollhunters is created and executive produced by del Toro with Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow), Rodrigo Blaas (Alma) and Chad Hammes (Dragons: Race to the Edge) and Christina Steinberg (Rise of the Guardians) serving as executive producers. Dan Hageman (The Lego Movie, Ninjago) and Kevin Hageman (The Lego Movie, Ninjago) serve as co-executive producers.

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You Are Invited To The #NYC Advance Screening of WONDER!

You Are Invited To The NYC Advance Screening of WONDER

WonderYou Are Invited to the NYC Advance Screening of WONDER

Screening details:

Tuesday, November 14


AMC Lincoln Square

1998 Broadway

New York, NY 10023

Click on the link below to claim and print your screening passes. Please remember that screenings are overbooked to ensure a full house. 


Movie Release date: November 17, 2017

Rated: PG

Director: Stephen Chbosky

Based on the New York Times bestseller, WONDER tells the inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman.  Born with facial differences that, up until now, have prevented him from going to a mainstream school, Auggie becomes the most unlikely of heroes when he enters the local fifth grade.  As his family, his new classmates, and the larger community all struggle to find their compassion and acceptance, Auggie’s extraordinary journey will unite them all and prove you can’t blend in when you were born to stand out. 

#ChooseKind  #WonderTheMovie

Suntails Mermaid- The Perfect Gift For Any Mermaid In Your Life! #HolidayGiftGuide

Sun Tail Mermaid Is The Perfect Gift For Any Mermaid In Your Life! #HolidayGiftGuide


Our house is all about mermaids. My little tween is pretty much obsessed now and has been for years with those beautiful tails. I mean, it does not surprise me at all. As her mom, I have been a long time fan of the fin. I can remember being a little girl and spending forever daydreaming about being a mermaid and swimming though the ocean making friends with all the sea creatures. Mermaids just captivate so many people. It’s easy to see why they do with their beauty and colors and swimming ability. It’s hard to find someone that does not like mermaids in my circle of friends. Click here for more SunTailMermaid info and to order your own.

This holiday season you can make your little girls dream come true! Sun Tail Mermaid has created the world’s best swimmable mermaid tails and mermaid flippers. Their mermaid tails are soft, comfortable, and come in a wide variety of designs and colors. They are made of high quality swimsuit fabric with 4-way stretch. We cannot wait to try one out! 

suntails1suntails2Sun Tail Mermaid’s monofins are extremely comfortable and virtually unbreakable. Their patented monofin is several steps ahead of everyone else in engineering, durability, comfort, and functionality. The propulsion and control is exceptional. The monofins come in a wide range of beautiful colors, so you can match your mermaid tails or look amazing wearing it alone.

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New Video Clips!! #Cars3 on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD™ & Blu-ray™ TODAY!

New Video Clips Of Cars3 on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD™ & Blu-ray™ TODAY!


Today is the big day! If you are a super Cars fan like our family it’s a day you have been waiting for. Today we can add Disney and Pixar Cars 3 to our amazing bluray collection of Disney faves! Have you seen it on the big screen? Now is your chance to see it at home, or on the road, or on the subway! It’s a perfect movie for anytime, anywhere!


Disney and Pixar present CARS 3, a fast-paced new tale of Lightning McQueen, his classic CARS friends and a new spirited trainer Cruz Ramirez! Lighting finds himself pushed out of racing by a new generation of faster and younger cars and goes on a journey to discover where he belongs in this new type of high-octane competition. CARS 3– the third film in the now-iconic CARS film franchise—will cruise home on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD™ & Blu-ray™ TODAY! Buy it here:


Race fans of all ages are invited to ride along with the “Cars 3” crew for hilarious and heartfelt extras, including an exclusive new mini-movie, “Miss Fritter’s Racing Skoool,” taught by the queen of the Crazy 8; a feature detailing how real-world race training influenced filmmakers; the journey taken by voice actor Cristela Alonzo and team while shaping tech-savvy trainer Cruz Ramirez; behind-the-scenes access to the story team who crafted Lightning McQueen’s third chapter; deleted scenes; and much more.

“Cars 3” is Disney•Pixar’s first in-home title released in stunning 4K Ultra HD format, the next-generation viewing format with four times the resolution of HD and exceptional high dynamic range (HDR), resulting in brilliant highlights, vibrant colors and greater contrast on compatible displays than ever before. With 4K Ultra HD, viewers will feel like they’re at the center of the action—holding their breath during the dramatic crash that launches Lightning’s journey, feeling the pulse-pounding action at the Florida International Super Speedway, and getting down and dirty at the Crazy 8 demolition derby.

Bonus Features*

Blu-ray & Digital:

  • Miss Fritter’s Racing Skoool (Exclusive new mini-movie) – Enjoy blindsided testimonials from the Crazy 8’s, touting the transformative impact Miss Fritter’s Racing School has had in reshaping the direction of their lives
  • Theatrical Short: “Lou” – When a toy-stealing bully ruins recess for a playground full of kids, only one thing stands in his way: the “Lost and Found” box.
  • Let’s. Get. Crazy. – Get schooled in the world of demolition derby, the “rules” of figure 8 racing, and how Pixar puts the crazy in the Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 race. This piece is hosted by Lea DeLaria.
  • Legendary – a close, historical look at the racing legends Wendell Scott and Louise Smith, whose tenacity and perseverance got them into the race even when they weren’t invited.
  • Ready for the Race – Disney Channel’s Olivia Rodrigo and NASCAR Racer William Byron check out the Hendrick Motorsports campus to showcase how real-world race training influenced the filmmakers.
  • World’s Fastest Billboard – Blink and you will miss all of the graphics and “car-ified” advertisements created by Pixar’s Art team to make the ”Cars 3” world as believable as possible.
  • Cruz Ramirez: The Yellow Car That Could – Join Cristela Alonzo and the filmmakers on their journey to create a race-car trainer turned champion racer.
  • Generations: The Story of “Cars 3” – For the story team, creating Lightning McQueen’s next chapter didn’t involve just a tune-up, but a complete overhaul.
  • My First Car – A collection of illustrated first-car stories as narrated by members of the “Cars 3” cast and crew. “A Green Car on the Red Carpet with Kerry Washington,” “Old Blue,” and “Still in the Family.”
  • 5 Deleted Scenes – Each deleted scene is set up with an introduction as to why it was removed from the film. Deleted scenes include “The Boogie Woogie,” “The Jars of Dirt,” “Lugnut,” “The Bolt,” and “More Than New Paint.”
  • Cars To Die(cast) For – Take a look at the phenomenon of die-cast toy collecting and the more than 1,000 unique designs that exist in the Cars universe.
  • Commentary – Brian Fee (Director), Kevin Reher (Producer), Andrea Warren (Co-Producer) and Jay Ward (Creative Director)
  • And more…


  • Theatrical Short: “Lou” & “Commentary”

#95 by the #s in “Cars 3”

  • 5 – As “Cars 3” gets underway, world-champion racer Lightning McQueen is riding high with five Piston-Cup wins under his hood.
  • 11 – Lightning McQueen raced into moviegoers’ hearts 11 years ago—making his rookie debut in “Cars” in March 2006—and remains an iconic character today.
  • 24 – The dramatic, slow-motion crash scene in which Lightning McQueen hits a wall and rolls several times takes 24 seconds.
  • 95 – Lightning McQueen still sports the dynamic #95 with his signature lightning-bolt graphics. He displays five distinct looks in “Cars 3,” including one that pays homage to his original paint, a primer look he gets following the devastating crash, a custom wrap ordered by Sterling, and more.
  • 198 – Lightning McQueen tops out at a speed of 198 miles per hour on his last lap with Cruz Ramirez on Fireball Beach. But Lightning’s nemesis—next-gen racer Jackson Storm—races at speeds pushing 207 mph.


Disc Specifications

Product SKUs:           

Digital = 4K UHD with HDR (HDR-10 or Dolby Vision), HD, SD

Physical = 4K UHD Combo Pack (4K UHD+Blu-ray+Digital HD/SD), Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD/SD) and DVD

Feature Run Time: Approximately 103 minutes

Rating: G in U.S., G in CE, and G in CF

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Resolution: 4K UHD = 3840 x 2160, HD = 1920 x 1080, SD = 720 x 480

Subtitles: Physical = English SDH, Spanish and French Subtitles

Closed Captions: Digital = English; DVD = English

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