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Project Mc2 Now On Netflix


Recently Netflix introduced another Netflix Original, Project Mc2(Project Mc 2–> squared!)! It’s sure to be a hit with the tween and teen crowd. Emily and Mommy (me) watched all the episodes and loved it! Being a boy mom for so long before Em arrived, I did not realize how tween girls were portrayed. Project Mc2 helps girls along the way of growing up showing that is perfectly fine to be cute and be smart!  Smart is the New Cool! Project Mc2 is a new live-action original tween series featuring four super smart and science-skilled girls who happen to also work for a top-secret spy organization (NBD).


Project Mc² is a fresh take on the typical tween girl show you’re probably familiar with. The series has S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) organically woven throughout the storyline, making it fun and breaking the stereotype that being smart, funny, stylish and capable are mutually exclusive. Project Mc² reflects today’s tweens in a relatable way, giving girls four empowered female leads to look up to.


After watching two of the espisodes (there are three total), Emily was totally shocked by a surprise box sent to us from Netflix. Being part of the Netflix Stream Team is always filled with surprises! She did not know what to expect as she opened the black box labeled, “Top Secret”. Honestly I did not know what to expect either. But, I knew it had to do with Science so it had to be good. Spending part of my twenty year teaching career as a Science teacher has me smiling ear to ear about this new Netflix show.


The box was opened and contained so many S.T.E.A.M. activities- experiments galore! There were even a pair of goggles. So, googles on- Emily proceeded to conduct the experiments one after the other. First up was a test tube glitter tornado. Next up was placing a penny in a peti-dish and monitoring it as it changes to green. Just the fact that my daughter was in the kitchen using the words test tube, googles, and pedi dish really made my day. Who ever knew my little scientist was so good at conducting experiments and recording results. Wow Moment for Mom!



I was glad to find out that even if we were not lucky enough to get that super surprise in the mail, we could still grab a lot of information about science and experiment ideas on the site. There are missions, quizzes, information and more. You don’t have to have Netflix in order to check out the site, so everyone is welcome to join in on the fun and learning.

Disclosure: Diane Sullivan is a member of the Netflix Stream Team. No compensation was given for this post, but products are sent to review and help facilitate a better understanding of chosen Netflix shows. We love Netflix and love to share everything happening. Check out all about Netflix here: Contact me at and @3decades3kids across the Social Media networks. 

Celebrate 5 Years of Journey Girls As They Travel To Italy! @ToysRus

Journey Girl Collection Travels To Italy and We Went Along at Toys R Us!

Journey Girl Dana

Recently my daughter and I were invited to Toys“R”Us  Times Square, NYC to celebrate and learn all about Journey Girls (Toys R Us Private Label). Emily loves dolls and so does her mommy (me)! After being a boymom for sixteen years before Emily was born there were really no dolls in our house. We are definitely making up for lost time before the magic of doll play disappears. Before the event we had only heard a little bit about Journey Girls, so we could not wait to get acquainted  with our newest friends. We were both beyond thrilled to hear that Journey Girls would be going on an Italian adventure- being Italian this made the event even more fun. 


Beginning this September, customers will find their favorite dolls outfitted in styles perfect for their next Journey Girls adventure, an Italian excursion, in stores nationwide and online at Featuring fresh faces, trendy fashions and delightful accessories, the Journey Girls collection is comprised of seven 18-inch dolls that offer children the opportunity to take imaginative, adventurous journeys with characters they can identify with.

Emily was thrilled to be able to choose any one of the Journey Girls that graced the event. It was really sweet to watch the girls think and rethink about which doll to choose. They had to decide between:  Chavonne, the multitalented performer; Callie, an aspiring dancer; Dana, the animal lover; Kelsey, who loves to seek out exciting new adventures or participate in extreme sports; Kyla, an amazing artist; Meredith, the energetic team athlete; and Mikaella, the latest addition to the Journey Girlswho loves cooking and baking. Emily chose Dana because she loves animals and because she was wearing glasses-two things in common. It was absolutely adorable to watch the bonding taking place between girls and dolls! 

Emily was thrilled to chat fashion with the Journey Girls clothes designer.

During the event the girls were able to change outfits on their dollies, test out all of the upcoming furniture that included a school desk and chalkboard set, a wheelchair set, hair salon set, kitchen set and more. They also created nametags, colored pictures of Italy, and feasted on hand made and decorated canolis! What a day. It was getting to visit Italy. My favorite stop was the photo booth where Emily and I were photographed on the streets of Italy. Magnifico!

Canoli making was such a delicious treat!

This September in preparation for the 2015 holiday season, Toys“R”Us is stocking its inventory with new, adorable fashions and accessories that help extend imaginative play. From furniture and pets, to stylish clothing and hair salon sets, all fashions and accessories are quality made, realistically detailed and scaled to fit 18-inch dolls. The brand also offers a wheelchair and crutch accessories set, providing children with disabilities the opportunity to reflect themselves during playtime. To coincide with the launch of the latest dolls, new Journey Girls accessories will debut in Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online , including a Best in Class School Set, Birthday Celebration Set and Pet Grooming Set.


If social media is your thing, and I know for most of us- we just live in it, Toys R Us will be celebrating along with us all! To celebrate the gal-pals’ fifth anniversary trip to Italy,  parents and kids are encouraged to share their Journey Girls experiences with @ToysRUs on Instagram and Twitter, as well as Fans are invited to post photos of themselves and their dolls traveling the country – or even the globe – as well as engage with one another and Toys“R”Us using #JourneyGirls. For enthusiasts looking for Journey Girls inspiration online, the Toys“R”Us Pinterest page,, will feature the dolls’ different fashion looks, delicious Italian treat ideas, do-it-yourself arts and crafts and more. Emily and Mommy are SO there! 

Meet the Journey Girls!

The following Journey Girls dolls will be available for $39.99 each, exclusively at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online at for ages 6 years and up, beginning this September:

Check out a little bit about each Journey Girl: 

Journey Girl Chavonne from Toys“R”Us

Chavonne, a multi-talented performer, will guide the girls through Milan, the City of Theatres, in a black-and-white striped top under a vibrant pink petite coat and trendy floral pants that match her navy slip-on shoes. No batteries required.

Journey Girl Callie from Toys“R”Us

Callie will seek out the best shops to show her friends the latest fashion trends, while wearing a black-and-white mini dress paired with an embroidered, blush colored jacket and elegant pink shoes and headband to complement her entire look. No batteries required.

 Journey Girl Dana from Toys“R”Us

Dana, an animal lover, will be sure to stop by her favorite parco nazionale and protected reserves which are home to a variety of wildlife, all while dressed in a silver knit sweater and brown faux-fur vest with jeans, along with a leopard-print tote bag and chic brown boots. No batteries required.

 Journey Girl Kelsey from Toys“R”Us

Adventure seeker Kelsey will challenge herself by taking on the best hiking trails and exploring marine life within Italy’s 4,000-plus miles of coastline! While out on the town, Kelsey will sport a grey and blue embroidered shift dress with navy headband, as well as a navy and emerald faux-leather shoulder handbag and navy flat shoes. No batteries required.
Journey Girl Kyla from Toys“R”Us

Kyla is ready to find the best spots rich with art and culture, dressed to explore the Italian art scene in a ‘Ciao!’ printed top with striped sleeves, pink wrap skirt, a black and white clutch and floral and classic pink flats. No batteries required.

Journey Girl Meredith from Toys“R”Us

Meredith’s athletic charm will help inspire all her friends to partake in awesome quests in Italy, and her sense of style will shine bright, as she dons a blue sparkle t-shirt, white striped circle skirt, pink handbag and trendy pink shoes. No batteries required.

 Journey Girl Mikaella from Toys“R”Us

Mikaella, outfitted in a purple knit sweater with silver embroidery detail, metallic silver brocade pants, black flats and an elegant silver and pink envelope clutch handbag, will lead her friends to the finest cafes and pasticcerias in town. No batteries required. Available now in Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online at 

Disclosure: A media invite was extended to Diane Sullivan and family to attend this wonderful Toys R Us Journey Girls event in NYC. All opinions are that of my own and my daughter’s, Emily and are completely honest. Please contact me at and @3decades3kids across the social media platforms. No compensation was given for this post. Product samples were provided at the event. Thank you Toys R Us. We both enjoyed getting to know about Journey Girls and taking a mini trip to Italy- via Toys R Us Photobooth.

Necknapperz The Perfect Travel Friend For Kids! #Travel #kids @necknapperz

Necknapperz The Perfect Travel Friend For Kids!









Our family loves to travel. Most of the time we are in the van for hours having fun on our roadtrips. Along the way we are always looking for ways to make the trip more fun and more comfortable for our kids. My youngest daughter falls asleep all the time in the car and I am constantly trying to come up with ways to keep her head in one spot. Most times I end up in the middle van seat with my arm holding up her head. It’s not a great position to be in. When we came across Necknapperz I could have not been any more thrilled about testing it out. Our Necknapperz arrived just in time for our last trip.














Necknapperz is a great travel item for kids! It’s a friend while they are awake and a supportive neck pillow when they are asleep.  Kids can snuggle and play with the adorable animals and then easily transform it from a loveable plush animal into an ergonomic neck pillow at naptime.  Bonus: Most kids will be able to transform the Necknapperz from plush to pillow by themselves! We checked out the dolphin Necknapperz which was adorable. They are also available as a unicorn, wolf, monkey, lion, elephant, piggy and more. Check out all the choices here:


necknapperzwindowWhen I asked my daughter what she thought of Necknapperz – Her response was, “Absolutely adorable! Can I get them all?”. I kindly explained to her that she only had one neck, but who knows, we may have a few friends in the future. By the way, Mommy tested it out, too! Very comfy. Necknapperz combine ultra-soft fabrics with space-age micro-beads and high quality craftsmanship for the best in comfort and support for your kids. In addition, each Necknapperz neck pillow unzips and completely transforms into a huggable plush toy unlike some of the predecessors that simply present a pillow that folds in half to produce an imaginary friend like Pillow Pets or provide the neck pillow with the head of an animal character on the end. If you are looking for a neck pillow that transforms to and from a cute animal, definitely give Necknapperz a go. You will not be disappointed! Check them out on Facebook here:

Disclosure: Diane Sullivan was given a Necknapperz and compensated for this post. All opinions are that of my own and honest. Contact me at or @3decades3kids across Social media platforms. 

#Giveaway @touchbeverages Touch Brewer Brewing System For Single Cup Coffee Oh Yeah!

 Touch Brewer Brewing System For Single Cup Coffee Oh Yeah!



    Coffee lovers unite. You are going to want to hear all about the new Touch Brewer T526S Brewing System For Single Cup Coffee. Hubby and I have always been coffee fans forever. Being two teachers we started every morning with a big ole’ pot of coffee- leaving for school with half a pot to go to waste every single day. Not this year. Well, it’s just hubby who is still teaching but we do enjoy that special cup of coffee every morning together. We have both been taken for the easiness and quality of the Touch Brewer. 


Five reasons hubby and I both adore the Touch Brewer:

1. The Touch Brewer is quick and easy. It’s ready to start brewing in under twenty seconds after being off all night. That is so important. Who wants to wait forever for the coffee maker to warm up before use. I like to wake up in the morning and get the coffee within minutes of my feet hitting the floor.

Touchcoffeewatertank2. I absolutely love the water tank holder. It comes OFF of the rest of the unit. It’s easy to fill and it’s super easy to dump and clean. You do not have “run through” the water you do not use. You can just dump and clean and add fresh water whenever you choose to. This is such an incredible feature. I’m not sure I can ever switch to another brand after seeing this dynamic feature. Its removable 90-ounce water tank has a greater capacity and is shorter in height than its counterparts, meaning you will be refilling less often, and it will be less awkward when you do.

touchcoffeeLA3. The coffee is hot and delicious! The flavor is rich when choosing any of the size choices. The hot water has more contact with the coffee grounds, which ensures that all of the coffee flavor is extracted. Other machines take much longer to warm up and then shoot water through the coffee grounds too quickly, so you end up throwing away untapped flavor with the used capsule. Even with a slower, more deliberate brew, when factoring in the warm-up time, the Touch still turns out a cup of joe in a fraction of the time. The taste of the coffee can definitely rival the pay coffee chains. I would know- I brew at home and I buy outside. I’m a three-four cup a day coffeegal.

touchcoffeetouch4.  Touch’s single serve cups are larger than traditional K-Cups, allowing more coffee grounds. More coffee means bigger, bolder flavor. I love how the Touch Brewer is compatible with Portion Packs, including K-Cup packs, XBold Cup and XLarge Cup. Did I mention there are EIGHT  Cup Size choices? You can choose 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 ,16 18 and 26 ounce cups to brew. There is also a carafe 26oz pot & Refill Jumbo Cup. I call that a win! The Touch Brewer also comes with an extra cup that you can fill with your own ground coffee. That is a perk for anyone like me that runs out of K-cups all the time. 

5. The Touch Brewer is simple and looks great. It will look nice in your kitchen or office. It’s sleek and fits great on the counter. I was really not expecting to love the Touch Brewer as much I do. I thought I would just try it and then box it, but it is taking up permanent residence on our counter and getting put to the test a few times daily.



You can check out more about Touch Brewer here: It’s coffee time! 

Disclosure: Diane Sullivan was given a sample in facilitate this review. No compensation was given. All opinions are that of my own and honest. Contact me at and everywhere else as @3decades3kids.




GIVEAWAY: So excited to share this giveaway with you. One lucky 3decades3kids reader will be sipping coffee from this amazing @touchbeverages 526S Brewer and samples of LA Coffee  (USA only-winner).  The Brewer is incredible! Enter for yourself or your coffee obsessed friends! Giveaway ends September, 30. Winner will be notified by email and have 48 hours to respond with shipping address and to claim prize. Prize sent directly from  Touch Beverages. Good Luck all.

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Brickfest Live! A Must For All Lego Fans!

Brickfest Live! – A Must For All Lego Fans!
Recently our family was invited to check out Brickfest Live! Anyone that knows us knows just how much we love Legos! We have been a Lego family since forever! There are shelves in our house dedicated to Lego Star Wars, Lego Marvel Superheroes, Lego Harry Potter and assorted Lego creations from throughout the years! Legos are a great way for our family to spend time together building and having fun. So, when we were invited to Brickfest, we could not wait. It was a first for us and we really had no idea of what to expect. Let me tell you up front  Brickfest totally surpassed our expectations.
brickfestgamesBrickfest Live is a family-friendly convention in which people gather together to show off their incredible Lego sculptures and express their love for all things Lego! It’s for all Lego fans, ages from toddler to oldie. While we were there, my family got the chance to try out some of the newest Lego games like LEGO Jurassic World, along with a number of other titles. There was also a trivia contest which my children enjoyed partaking in very much! The highlight of the entire experience had to be the Lego-themed mini-golf course, which was a perfect attraction for all. Nine holes of Lego fun. Our entire family played and really loved it. My daughter also had the chance to build her very own race car out of Legos and then race against other convention-goers. Her car came in first. There was no actual prize and you didn’t get to keep the car, but it was so much fun. 
There were many different Lego sculptures to see, including some that glowed in the dark and some that had working trains! One of the highlights of Brickfest was all of the different building areas. They were set up throughout the mini convention and there were more than plenty of bricks available to built to your heart,s content. They even had a gigantic round sitting area where kids could sit amongst big lego pieces and build right where they sat! One of my favorite stations was the Book Station- filled with beanbag chairs and stocked with Lego books courtesy of DK Publishers. It was a great place to take a rest and read your favorite Lego title.
So, if you are looking for a great event to attend alone or with the family, Brickfest is just for you. You can check out more about Brickfest here including pricing and dates they will be in an area by you. PS: Bring your pockets filled with cash, you will definitely want to leave with a Lego in hand. Many of the vendors have pieces to buy alone including hard to find figures and sets. Em had an awesome time building her own Lego girl figures and adding accessories, while my sons found some one of a kind Legos. Big or Small there was something for all. See you at the next Brickfest!
Disclosure: Diane Sullivan was extended a family pass to attend Brickfest in order to facilitate this review. No compensation was given for this post. All opinions are that of my own and honest. Please contact me or @3decades3kids across social media platforms.