The Gazillion Bubble Show #NYC @BubbleShowNYC

The Gazillion Bubble Show 

Written by Diane Sullivan





To me there is nothing more magical than a bubble. It just seems to make everyone smile. It’s ageless and it seems that few people can resist the beauty of a bubble. Maybe it connects us parents to our childhood days or maybe it’s just watching the pure joy it gives to our own children. Where there are bubbles there are smiles. There were definitely plenty of bubbles at the Gazillion Bubble Show in New York City. The Gazillion Bubble Show is held at New World Stages on 50th Street, NYC. The show is perfect for any age.

GazillionBubBubbleOur show was hosted by Deni Yang, who was a wonderful bubble artist since the age of four. His parents were the original Gazillion Bubble Show hosts in other cities where the show still takes place. Deni Yang took us through his life and love for bubbles, showing us many different ways of making bubbles happen. The show featured bubbles-big and small, bubbles inside of bubbles, smoke bubbles and more.

My daughter was beyond thrilled to be chosen to participate in the show. She was called on stage and put inside of a giant bubble. I doubt she will ever forget that moment of fame. She was also presented with her very own Gazillion Bubble prize. During the show a total of five children are chosen to come on stage. If your child is not chosen, don’t worry, there is an opportunity both before and after the show to take a picture inside of a bubble. There is also a mini gift shop in the theater lobby filled with many Gazillion Bubble choices. The prices are reasonable for the bubbles ranging from $4.00 and up.


During the show Deni Yang told different stories of his life and created bubbles that not even your imagination could begin to think of. Children of all ages and adults alike were in awe of all the spectacular bubble acts!, I personally loved when a little girl was taken on the stage and a story was told of  Deni’s cousin in Hawaii who dreamed of snow. Since there is no snow in Hawaii he created a wonderful snowland for her out of bubbles. In just a few seconds of dimming the lights and bringing them back up, the stage was transformed into a bubble paradise. There were bubbles everywhere. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for Deni’s cousin to experience this wonderful sight. What a dream come true. I wish I could have provided more pictures but they have a very strict photo policy and I did have to put my cell away more than once. 🙁 I really wish I could have at least gotten a pic of Emily on the stage-Maybe they should have a photographer grab it for future shows. It’s definitely something that would have been a momento.



As a bonus, Deni Yang preformed a breathtaking lazer act. The music was wonderful and the audience was filled with enthusiam! The show was definitely upbeat and the audience was completely taken by the magic of bubble blowing and the energy of the lazer light show. If you are in the New York City area or planning a visit, check out the Gazillion Bubble Show. If you are local the Gazillion Bubble Show also offers birthday party packages. See you at the show! Check out more about the Gazillion Bubble Show

Disclosure: Diane Sullivan was given media tickets to facilitate this review. No compensation was provided for this post. Please contact me at and everywhere else as @3decades3kids.