Giveaway! Nintendo Animal Crossing New Horizons And Our Top Tips!

Giveaway! Nintendo Animal Crossing New Horizons- Our Top Ten Tips!

As you already know, we are family of gamers! From youngest to oldest, we game! I am personally obsessed with all things Nintendo! Recently our family checked out Nintendo Animal Crossing New Horizons and loved it! We were already Animal Crossing fans for years so we could not wait to see all the fun that we would encounter while playing Animal Crossing New Horizons! One of our favorite things we knew we would love would be visiting our friends’ islands via Dodo Airlines and be able to interact with them! Here are some of our Top Tips we have gathered up since playing the game. Hope you enjoy them and maybe they will help you out a little. If you have a tip that’s not here please drop it in the comments! We’d love to hear about it. You can enter our giveaway at the bottom of our tips! PS- Hope you enjoy our screenshots from the game! Here goes….

  1. You can water nearby flowers to grow new colors!
  2. Talk to Sable every day, and she’ll become more friendly. Once you’re her friend, she’ll give you cool patterns to customize items with!
  3. Every day, a bottle with a DIY recipe inside will wash up on one of your beaches. Be sure to check them all!
  4. You can trade your extra DIY recipes with your friends!
  5. Every island has different turnip prices, and they change at noon, so be sure to check your friends’ islands for good selling prices!
  6. If a villager gives you their photo, it means you’ve become best friends with them!
  7. Try talking to a friend’s villager if they’re moving out. You may find them moving onto your island soon!
  8. If you want to take a look at someone else’s island, but you’re too tired for a Dodo Airlines flight, no need to worry! Just lay down in a bed, and Luna can help you visit the island!
  9. Every Sunday until noon, Daisy Mae will be walking around your island selling turnips. They spoil the next Sunday, so try to sell them for a good price during the week!
  10. There are some songs, like “Animal City”, that K.K. Slider will not play unless you request them! He takes requests after 6PM, so make sure to stop by!

Bonus tip!!! You can sell your bugs to Flick and fish to C.J. for a higher price than you can at Nook’s Cranny!

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Nintendo Switch Back To School Event NYC!

Nintendo Switch Back To School Event NYC

Everyone around the NYC area is gearing up for back to school. Every store you walk into has school supplies from ceiling to floor. But for us, back to school means we are hanging out with Mario at the Nintendo Store NYC and talking Nintendo Switch games and family fun.

Recently our family was invited to a private event at Nintendo Store NYC where we were treated to a morning of fun that would make any gamer smile from ear to ear! Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch was the game of day and we were taught about the Nintendo Switch app where parents can set Parental Limits on their children’s game time. You can set it up to shut off  the Switch at a certain time, set it for game time of an hour or two or even use it as a reward system when school begins! Sounds good to me, Mario! We are definitely going to test it out around here.

As for the kids, they were more concerned with some awesome Nintendo DIY pencil box crafts and of course gaming! Emm and Adam were among the gamers who spent their morning watching demos on the big screen and sampling gameplay on monitors. What a great morning. I mean, what could be better than gaming with Mario in the house!?! In addition everyone left a little better prepared for the school year with a brand new Nintendo themed backpack filled with goodies! Thank you Nintendo. GAME ON!! To find out more and all things Nintendo Click Here!

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Disney Magical World 2 Release Party- Nintendo Store NY #Nintendo #NintendoKidReviewers

Disney Magical World 2 Release Party -Nintendo Store NYdisneymw1Disney has been a part of our family forever. Everyone needs a little magic in their life and Disney is right there to help us out. Recently our family was invited to a pre-release party at Nintendo World New York for the newest Disney game- Disney Magical World 2, available on Nintendo 3DS as of October 14th. The magic was flowing as we were introduced to the newest Disney game. The children on hand, including my own were treated to a morning of testing out the game, delicious foods, glitz and glamour, and hair styling. There was even a costume nook where the children were able to choose their favorite Disney Princess or Prince costume which included Belle, Ariel, Alice, Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa and more. What more could anyone ask for to be put in the mood to play Disney Magical World 2!?


The guests were also treated to an into to the game by Disney XD and singing star, Olivia Holt. She was available to chat about the game and help the children choose their favorite costume. What a doll! As for the game- we give it a definite thumbs up! It’s definitely like a handheld trip to Disney! There are six different magical worlds to explore that include worlds of The Little Mermaid where you can become a mermaid yourself and swim along with Ariel, Snow White’s world where you can mine for gems along side of the Seven Dwarfs, Lilo & Stitch’s World where you can hula and surf, Alice In Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh and of course Frozen where you can help Anna, Elsa and Olaf with your own magical wand!

disneymw2hdisneymw2fAs for characters there are more than one hundred available for you to meet and interact with throughout the game. In Castleton you can show off your creativity by showing your fashion and decorating your house. Also be sure to check the store often for seasonal items! You can even snap and share your photos! You can check out everything about Disney Magical World 2 right here. So, if you were wondering what we thought of the game, we loved it! There is enough variety to keep every single Disney fan occupied for hours. It’s great for both boys and girls of all ages. As for adults, we saw quite a few that were actively engaged testing out all of the Disney Magic, myself included. This is going to be one of those games that the kids put down and the parents pick up. It’s just an easy going, easy to operate , fun game. We have also solved a question I have had forever- Do Disney Princesses play video games? Of course they do! Look at Belle going to town on the Nintendo 3DS! Belle gown on, hair curled and primped, makeup applied, gems, cupcake in hand and gaming- What a magical day for all!


disneymw2dYou definitely do not want to miss out on our video from our day at Nintendo Store NY and all the Disney Magical World 2 fun! Enjoy!

Disney Magical World 2 is available now for preorder and launces on October 14th! It’s great for an Disney fan. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on my own copy! In addition this will make any girl or boy happy on their birthday, report card or holiday! Enjoy your time in Disney Magical World 2. You may never want to leave……

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Skylanders Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Cake Masters Portal Cake! @skylandersgame @foodnetwork

Skylanders Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Cake Masters Portal Cake! Skylanders “Cake Masters” Premiere Party- Watch Party!       


If you are like my family you love Skylanders! From the moment Skylanders was first introduced to us- we fell in absolute love with the game, the characters and the portal! It’s hard to believe that Skylanders by Activision is celebrating their fifth anniversary. To kick of the celebration Duff Goldman of Cake Masters and his Hollywood crew took on the task of creating a one of a kind Skylanders  video game massive cake. Duff definitely surprised everyone with an epic Skylanders cake transformation that came to life before everyone’s eyes. The beloved kids video game franchise- @SkylandersGame, chose right when they enlisted the help of famed cake decorator Duff Goldman, to create a life sized, edible and playable cake. Yes, playable! There was a gigantic working portal in the middle of the cake!  The adventure was captured on camera for Duff’s newest show Cake Masters, that premiered on Food Network.


Since our gamer family has spent endless hours traveling through portals with our favorite Skylanders characters we could not help but join in the anniversary celebration with a Skylanders 5th Anniversary party of our own. Really, can you blame us? We started out with our own box of blueberry Duff cake box mix and created our own version of a Skylanders 5th Anniversary cake. Okay, so it was nothing in comparison to the Cake Masters, BUT it was delicious and there were no complaints at all.

skylanders4skylanders3If you love Skylanders you should definitely grab some party supplies and have a party of your own. You really don’t need a reason to celebrate. You can just have a Skylanders party with your favorite gamers! Cake and playing Skylanders is a perfect night in my eyes! You can check out more of our party fun on the video below from our Snapchat: Threedecades snaps!

We had a blast hosting our own Cake Masters Watch Party! Two of our favorite things- Skylanders and Cake! Does it get any better? Check out more about Cake Masters and the premier episode here:

For all things Skylanders Game click here:

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Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games- #Nintendo3ds #NintendoKidReviewer

Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

marioandsonicMy name is Emily and I am an official Nintendo Kid Reviewer. It’s really fun every time a new game comes in the mail. This time Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games came. There are a few modes you can play. Up to four players can play the game with one game card! In the Road to Rio mode you play through the game and play to win the Olympic Games with one gym to train with Mario’s gym or Sonic’s gym. In the Rio 2016 Quick Play you can choose which event to take part in.marioandsonic1

In the game you can switch to Plus Events which are the same events with little (or big) twists. In Pocket Marathon you can get prizes from running a course. To run the course you close your 3DS without turning it off and take it with you when you go for a walk. You will win prizes like melons and apples which you can trade for clothes and gear. I haven’t played the whole game yet, but so far it’s been so much fun!

Game tip: Try the clothes and gear that are best for the event and for you.(If you can’t beat a part of the game you can get an assisted clear)


To check out more about the game click here:

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