#Giveaway Fin Fun Mermaid Has a Limited Edition Tails Collection @FinFunMermaid

Giveaway Fin Fun Mermaid Has a Limited Edition Tails Collection

FinFunEmilyMost girls I know have wanted to be a mermaid at some point in their life. There is something so magically beautiful about mermaids. When it comes to my daughter she has loved mermaids just about since the moment she could speak. When she was younger I could not pull her away from The Little Mermaid and I can remember watching it over and over and over with her. Our house is filled with stuffed mermaids of all shapes and sizes which have gotten many hours of play throughout the years. Though it all, Emm has always had a wish, she has always wanted a mermaid tail. When I knew this was something that was not going to just pass we searched all different brands of mermaid tails looking for one that actually looked like a real mermaid tail and also functioned in the water. We came upon Fin Fun Mermaid and immediately were awe struck. The mermaid tails are beautiful and they look just like real mermaid tails. Emm was googly eyed looking through all the tails on the site and finally came to a decision. We could not be any more happy with the look and quality of the Fin Fun Mermaid tail and bikini.FinFunEmily1

Recently we were reunited with Fin Fun Mermaid and got to talking about all things mermaid. I love how they stand behind their product. They not only sell tails, they help you to keep yourself or your little mermaid safe in the water. There are youtube videos on how to swim with your new tail. There is also a monofin available to buy that will give your mermaid tail the real feel. Let me tell you first hand that you need to be a very good swimmer to wear the tail. Even if you are a super swimmer you should watch the videos and check the site for suggestions and help. Do not just put the tail on and go in the water. The first time Emily used her mermaid tail in the pool we watched everything and still had my hubby and a noodle for help her out. Now, with saying that, once Emm became familiar with how to maneuver above and underwater and how to quickly get out of the tail she swims like a real mermaid. It’s amazing to see. Every time we go to a pool where they allow her to wear it she has a blast and she seems to amaze both children and adults in the area. More than a few times little kids have approached her to “talk” to a real mermaid. The mermaid tail is beyond adorable and for my daughter it’s a dream come true!

finfun7For mermaids who live “under the sea,” Fin Fun introduces two amazing fish-inspired mermaid tail designs to launch the new Limited Edition collection. These mermaid tails combine fantasy, fashion, and fun with swim-ability: perfect for anyone who has dreamed of being a mermaid. Fin Fun’s Limited Edition Mermaid Tails collection features exclusive premium quality fabric with brilliant 3D designs covered in a brand new shimmery fish-scale texture for a realistic scale appearance. The poly spandex material hugs the body and is comfortable to wear, yet resistant to the effects of the sun and pool materials. The two fish-inspired mermaid tails have the look of a real Blue Tang fish (a vibrant deep royal blue with yellow fins) and a Clownfish with its bright orange, white and black pattern. The open tail bottom makes it easy to get the monofin on and off, allows mermaids to walk, and avoids trapped air. Check out all things Fin Fun Mermaid here!

The patented Fin Fun Monofin (available for separate purchase) provides natural mermaid  motion for smooth swimming at the pool, lake or beach. The Monofin can be easily inserted into the bottom of the tail, and is designed for safety, comfort and performance while maintaining its mermaid shape. Flexible, durable polypropylene insert has a dive-grade neoprene cover that is buoyancy neutral and stays afloat. Feet are not strapped in, making removal of the  insert easy with just one tug and a kick. Mermaids can easily swim out of the spandex tail. Check out everything about Fin Fun Mermaid here: http://www.finfunmermaid.com.



GIVEAWAY: The kind mermaids at Fin Fun Mermaid are giving one lucky 3decades3kids reader their choice of a Bali Breeze or Maui Splash (pictured above) AND  a monofin! I am thrilled about this giveaway. (Emily is wearing the Maui Splash in the pics above). You must enter this giveaway via rafflecopter. If you are on your cell phone please turn it sideways so you can access rafflecopter. Giveaway ends September 11 at 11:59pm. Winner will be contacted via email September 12, 2016 and have 24 hours to respond and claim prize before another winner is chosen. USA/18+only. Finfunmermaid is responsible for prize delivery.
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finfuntailFin Fun Mermaid Tails are the original, best-selling swimmable mermaid tails that combine dress up fun with swim-ability – perfect for anyone who has dreamed of being a mermaid. Fin Fun’s Mermaidens® collection features exclusive premium quality fabric that hugs the body and is comfortable to wear, yet resistant to the effects of the sun and pool materials. Unique fabric designs look like real scales on land and magical, shimmery mermaid scales in the water. The open tail bottom doesn’t trap air and gives mermaids the ability to walk and allows for easy on and off removal.

Disclosure: Diane Sullivan/3decades3kids is a Fin Fun Mermaid Partner Blog. All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan and do not reflect the opinions of the parent company represented. No compensation was given for this post. Sample products were provided for the purpose of this review post. Contact me at Diane@3decades3kids.net and @3decades3kids across all social media platforms. Snapchat us at: ThreeDecades

Precious Moments True Beauty Is Reflected From The Heart #Giveaway

Diane Sullivan is a Precious Moments Ambassador Blogger and provided sample product for the purpose of review. No form of compensation is provided for this blog post. It includes personal opinions that do not reflect or are influenced by Precious Moments.

Precious Moments True Beauty Is Reflected From The Heart -Review and GiveawaypreciousmomentsLife Is Filled With Precious Moments. Each day is a gift in itself. Some days are good some days are not so good and some days are just precious. There are many precious moments in our lives that need to be celebrated. Recently I was invited to be an Ambassador Blogger for Precious Moments. I felt so proud and honored to be included into the fold of Precious Moments. My best friend has a huge collection for Precious Moments that she has collected throughout her life. They are so beautiful and with a glance she can see many of her life’s milestones on display throughout her house. As for me, I do have collected a few Precious Moments including the Bride & Groom, the graduate, First Holy Communion for my sons and more. Each one represents something very special in my life.

When the Precious Moments box arrived the other day I called my daughter immediately. She has never had her own figurine.  We opened the box together and there were many smiles. This figurine, Precious Moments- True Beauty Is Reflected From The Heart was about to be my daughter’s very first Precious Moments. She was beyond thrilled. Honestly, Precious Moments could not have chosen a better one to send me. Emily was born after me being a boymom for sixteen years, I kind of thought by that point there would not be a ballerina in our house. So, ballet is definitely is a Precious Moment in our family. The picture below is what I see when I look at the Precious Moments figurine. When I asked my daughter what it meant to her she told me it think about all of times she has danced and practiced ballet. I hope those memories will stay forever every time she looks at this beautiful figurine. It also brought back my own memories of my childhood and how much I loved ballet.ballerinaemily4

ballerinamommyFor nearly forty years Precious Moments has been creating gifts that celebrate caring, sharing, faith and love. Precious Moments offers an adorable figurine of a ballerina who demonstrates her poise and beauty. Beauty is found in confidence, compassion, determination, and so many other aspects that lie far deeper than the skin. As this diligent dancer practices her ballet positions at her barre, her beauty is not only reflected in the mirror, but from her heart as well. A graceful gift for anyone with an appreciation for ballet. Porcelain/Resin/Glass. 5 ¼” H. SRP: $55.99 http://www.preciousmoments.com/

preciousmoments1GIVEAWAY: We are so excited to partner with Precious Moments for this amazing giveaway. We have a beautiful Precious Moments True Beauty Is Reflected From The Heart that you can have for your very own. Giveaway ends Sunday night August 27th at 11:59pm. Winner will be contacted via email and needs to respond within 24 hours to claim prize.
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#Giveaway Finding Dory Dolby Cinema at AMC in NYC #FindingDory #DolbyCinema #ShareAMC #Spon

Finding Dory Dolby Cinema at AMC  In NYC Giveaway!findingdorydolbyWhen it comes to Disney movies our family is pretty much obsessed with all of them! Every time a new one is in the works we have to know all the latest details and make sure we are at the theater to see it opening weekend. As soon as Disney’s Finding Nemo was released we all loved it immediately. When we heard that Finding Dory was coming we could hardly believe it. Recently I had a chance to see the first thirty three minutes of the movie and absolutely fell in love with it.Something that is just as important to our family as a good movie is where we see it. Our family is thrilled to say that our favorite viewing place is Dolby Cinema at AMC Empire 25- NYC (234 West 42nd Street). Quite honestly, we could kind of just live there! The theater experience is absolutely incredible!

Dolby Cinema delivers the total cinema experience. It combines powerful image and sound technologies with inspired cinema design to make every visit an incredible event.  Dolby Cinema includes Dolby Vision—a state-of-the-art authoring and playback imaging technology that enables the cinema to bring the story alive on screen. Outfitted with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Cinema transports audiences into the movie with breathtakingly real sound that fills the cinema and flows all around.  When everything combines it pulls you right inside of the story! It does not get any better than this for movie fanatics. For more information, please visit the Dolby Cinema web page.  



Believe me when I tell you that once you relax back into your reserved seat the magic will just begin to surround you. It’s like being transported directly into the movie. If you have not been to an Dolby Cinema at AMC you have to give it a try. It’s something you will not regret, believe me. With saying that, our family is super pumped about this weekend and seeing Disney’s Finding Dory at the Dolby Cinema at AMC Empire 25. What’s even better than that is 3decades3kids has partnered with Dolby Cinema and Disney Pictures. Two lucky readers will be joining our family at the 10:30 am show on Saturday, June 18th, 2016 (Dolby Cinema at AMC Empire 25- NYC (234 West 42nd Street).  If you are in the NYC area and can make the 10:30 show please enter below. In addition to each family getting to enjoy a four pack of tickets to Disney’s Finding Dory, each family will receive one collector’s edition Finding Dory shirt courtesy of Dolby Cinema. So excited for the two groups of winners! It’s going to be an awesome morning!


GIVEAWAY: Please be sure you can attend the 10:30 am show of Disney’s Finding Dory on June 18th at Dolby Cinema at AMC Empire 25 NYC. This prize is location and time specific. Two winners will each win a four pack of tickets to Finding Dory that will be picked up at Will Call the morning of the show. Please arrive at 10 am. Giveaway ends June 15th. Winner will be notified by email and have 12 hours to respond and claim prize before a new winner is chosen. Enter on the rafflecopter below.
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These are the Dolby Cinema at AMC  participating locations playing Finding Dory that are currently opened. Disney’s Finding Dory opens nationwide on Friday, June 17th, 2016.

AMC Desert Ridge 18
AMC Mesa Grand 24

AMC Burbank 16
AMC Century City 15
AMC NewPark 12

AMC North Point Mall 12

AMC Hawthorn 12

AMC Town Center 20

AMC BarryWoods 24

AMC Town Square 18

New Jersey
AMC Garden State 16

New York
AMC Empire 25

AMC Deerbrook 24
AMC Willowbrook 24
AMC NorthPark 15
AMC Village on the Parkway 9

AMC Hampton Town Centre 24

AMC River Park Square 20

Washington D.C.
AMC Tysons Corner 16


Disclosure: Diane Sullivan/3decades3kids is an Dolby Cinema at AMC /Disney Pictures partner blog. All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan and do not reflect the opinions of the parent company represented. Thid is a sponsored blog post. Contact me at Diane@3decades3kids.net and @3decades3kids across all social media platforms and Snapchat: ThreeDecades. See you at the movies! 3decades3kids.net.

Community Coffee Company Honors the Military With Free Coffee!

Military Awareness Month Community Coffee Company’s Military Match communitycoffeeEvery person I know either has someone in the military or knows someone who is serving in the military. Military Awareness Month is here and with saying that I would love to  introduce you to Community Coffee Company. They have been giving back to our troops for over a decade. Community Coffee Company’s Military Match program has helped Americans across the country send more than 4.2 million cups of coffee to active-duty personnel worldwide. When customers purchase 4 bags or boxes of Community® coffee online, the company doubles each order, donates a Signature Military Mug and sends them to any APO/FPO address provided.

Around here, we love our coffee. Every morning begins with the aroma of delicious K-Cups filling our favorite mugs with goodness. You can help the troops by buying ground coffee or single-serve K-Cups. The best part is that the coffee is delicious and the choices are many. There is a flavor for everyone! Recently our family was invited to test out Community Coffee and loved it! I’m sure you will, too! As for giving back to our troops, who can resist?


How It Works:

BUY 4 – Buy your favorite Military Match Set of four 12 oz., 16 oz., or Single-Serve 18 ct. coffees.

GET 4 FREE – We’ll match your purchase with an additional four items, and send all eight items to the APO/FPO or military base address you provide.

A FREE MUG! – We’ll even include our Signature Military Mug with your shipment.

GIVEAWAY: We are super excited to be able to partner with Community Coffee Company to offer one lucky 3decades3kids reader THREE boxes of K-Cups or coffee bags of your choice. Giveaway ends May 15, 2016 at 11:59pm. Winner will be contacted May 16th. USA/18+ only. Thank you and good luck.

1. Enter by retweeting the message below: https://twitter.com/3decades3kids/status/726074157847437314

2. If you don’t have twitter- Leave a comment about Community Coffee on our fb page: https://www.facebook.com/3decades3kids/

3. Like and Comment on the Community Coffee Instagram pic: https://www.instagram.com/p/BEyfzMHIJ-Y/?taken-by=3decades3kids

Disclosure: Diane Sullivan/3decades3kids is a Community Coffee blog. All opinions are that of Diane and do not reflect the opinion of the parent company. Sample products provided in order to facilitate this review. Contact me at Diane@3decades3kids.net and @3decades3kids across all social media platforms.
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#Giveaway Peeps & Company® and Easter Go Perfect Together! #PEEPSEASTER @PeepsBrand

Peeps & Company® and Easter Go Perfect Together -We Have a Giveaway Just For You!

peepseasterbasketcloseupEaster is a wonderful time in our house and for our family. We love spring and we love to celebrate the holidays with our family and friends. We spend Easter time baking and spending time with the family. When the bunny visits our house, he always leaves PEEPS®! It brings me right back to my childhood- remembering waking up Easter morning to running to see if the Easter Bunny left me some of those delicious little yellow chickies. Back then there was not a big variety of Peeps available. Now a days my children feast on Chocolate covered PEEPS® , flavored PEEPS®, Bunnies, and even Peeps plush! Below I listed everything that we included in our incredible PEEPS® Easter basket. Did I mention that we love MIKE AND IKE® jellybeans?…and HOT TAMALES® jellybeans? This Easter is going to have the best bunny basket ever.


PeepsEasterjellybeansHere’s what we put inside of our Easter Basket this year.

  • 5-inch PEEPS® Plush: Spread the joy of PEEPS® when you give this plush PEEPS® chick as a gift to those of any age (assortment of colors).
  • PEEPS® earbuds: If you need a sweet bit of time to yourself, let your favorite yellow PEEPS Chick take you away with your favorite music through these PEEPS earbuds. Get a dose of stress relief, in stereo, every time you put them on and crank up the tunes!
  • PEEPS® luggage tag: From candy to cute accessory, these PEEPS® luggage tags add a pop of color and whimsy to your gear (assortment of colors).
  • PEEPS® Orange Delight Flavored Marshmallow Dipped in Orange Fudge: These three Chicks are orange delight flavored and dipped in orange fudge to enhance the flavor. Share them with your friends or keep them for yourself!
  • PEEPS® Marshmallow Chicks: The five and 15 count packages of the iconic PEEPS® Chicks are available in classic Easter colors including yellow, pink, blue, lavender, green, and orange Chicks! The 10 count package of Chicks is available in all of the classic Easter colors as well as white.
  • PEEPS® Marshmallow Bunnies: The four count bunnies come in classic yellow, pink and blue colors. The 12 count bunnies come in classic colors as well as lavender, white, green and orange. The 16 count are packaged in classic colors plus lavender and green.
  • PEEPS® Decorated Eggs: Nine white eggs iced with pastel colors in 3 unique designs, these eggs are great for recipes, crafts and immediate consumption.
  • PEEPS® Party Cake Flavored Marshmallow Chicks: Ten delicious vanilla cake flavored marshmallow chicks sprinkled with fun rainbow confetti.
  • PEEPS® Sour Watermelon Flavored Marshmallow Chicks: Sweet and sour flavors collide to create a burst of watermelon in these ten green chicks with a blush pink center.
  • PEEPS® Chocolate Dipped Mousse Flavored Marshmallow Chicks: Three delectable chocolate mousse-flavored Chicks dipped in either creamy milk or dark chocolate.
  • PEEPS® Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks: Individually wrapped marshmallow chicks covered in either milk or dark chocolate.
  • PEEPS® Rainbow Pop: Four chicks in colors yellow, green, pink and blue marshmallow on a stick- it’s like a colorful PEEPS® lollipop.
  • MIKE AND IKE® Easter Treats: Bring chewy, fruity goodness this Easter season with a 10 oz. gift bag of MIKE AND IKE® Easter Treats flavors. Filled with grape, pineapple-banana, strawberry, lemon-lime, and cherry-flavored MIKE AND IKE® candies – and all made with real fruit juice – this gift will put a spring in anybody’s step as the bright new season gets underway.
  • MIKE AND IKE® Jellybeans: The Assorted Fruits MIKE AND IKE® JELLY BEANS are a fan favorite.
  • HOT TAMALES® Jellybeans:  Celebrate Easter with our cinnamon-flavored jelly beans (14 oz. package)


peepseastercupcakesIn addition to bunny basket making, our family loves to create baked treats with our Peeps®. Every holiday we use them in a way that makes everyone happy that tests them out. This year we baked cupcake baskets and nests and adorned them with yellow Peeps® chicks. They are just regular yellow boxed cupcakes. We frosted them, put on some green sprinkles, added a few chocolate eggs and topped them off with chicks! The baskets we used some marshmallow twine. What do you think? I absolutely love the way they turned out. I also love that our family is making memories in the kitchen baking together and keeping Peeps® as part of our holiday tradition. That brings me back to my mom and I baking together and the cherished memories I have of those precious days. Hoping from the bottom of my heart that my children continue those same traditions with their own children some day. We love you Peeps®. Happy Easter! Check out all things Peeps® here: http://www.peepsandcompany.com/


We have a special code just for 3decades3kids readers so you can load up on Peeps® and make your own special memories this Spring. This discount code is valid for 20% his/her next purchase. The best part is there is no minimum required, from now through April 15, 2016 you can use this discount code: EASTERTREATS Go buy Peeps®! lol.

Giveaway: One lucky 3decades3kids reader will have the chance to fill their own bunny basket with a bunch of Peeps® treats. Is it you? Enter on the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends on March 24th at 9pm. Winner will be contacted immediately and needs to respond by 10am so that their information can be passed on to Peeps® and your prize pack can be sent out asap! Follow the convo on Twitter with hashtag #PEEPSEASTER @peepsbrand @3decades3kids. Giveaway does not include basket. The prize is a variety of Peeps® treats. I’m sure you will love it! (18+/USA only).

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3decades3kidslogoDisclosure: Diane Sullivan/3decades3kids is a PEEPS & COMPANY® partner blog. No compensation was given for this post. “The PEEPS & COMPANY® products, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by PEEPS & COMPANY®.” They also provided the discount code extended to our readers. All opinions are my own and honest. They do not reflect or were influenced by the brand. Contact me at Diane@3decades3kids.net or @3decades3kids across the social media networks. 3decades3kids.net