#Giveaway The Wilted Flower and Q & A With Author Martin Niewood

Book Giveaway and Q&A With Martin Niewood Author of the New Novel, The Wilted Flower District 

Question: Tell us what The Wilted Flower District is all about.

Martin Niewood: The Wilted Flower District is the story of Violet Noone who at sixteen is thrown into a world of deception and betrayal when her sister, Ophelia, missing and presumed dead for the last four years, suddenly reenters her life. The story takes place in a fantastical world of the Domain also known as the afterlife. Ophelia’s reappearance sends Violet down a rabbit hole causing her to question everything in her life. The book is a fun mystery in an unusual setting that will hopefully force readers to question things about their lives and may provide some unexpected answers.

Q: This is the second book in your Forgotten Violets series. How do the books relate and can they be read as stand alones or do you need to go in order?

Niewood: The books are connected through the Noone family with Forgotten Violets being seen through Meadow Noone’s eyes and the sequel, The Wilted Flower District, experienced through the point of view of her daughter, Violet. With that said because of the gap in time between the first and second book it allows the reader to experience each book as a stand alone with a light connection attaching the two books together. There is no need to read the books in order as the reader will completely understand the events of both novels, regardless of the order in which they are read.

Q: Your books provide a “non-traditional view of the afterlife.” What does that mean, and what can readers expect?

Niewood: I think that when people ponder about the universe and the afterlife they have a cemented image of what happens after you die. One of the great things about The Wilted Flower District is that it causes the reader to question those beliefs and gives you a fantastical world where anything is possible. Let’s face it, the only thing that any of us really know about death and an afterlife is that eventually we all have to face it and face it alone. Of course, not everyone believes in the hereafter but many take comfort in the existence of another dimension, which I call the Domain that allows our spirits to continue to grow after death. In The Wilted Flower District, I tried to create a world in which the protagonist, Violet, is able to face challenges that allow her to confront her shortcomings and develop her strengths.

Q: What relevance does The Wilted Flower District have to teens today? 

Niewood: I think that the beauty of The Wilted Flower District is that it allows the reader to focus on the important things in life. The Domain is a world filled with negativity and adversity that mirrors our own while simultaneously offering the hope that regardless of what happens in life, you need to keep moving forward. Many of Violet’s challenges are shared by teens today. Although most teens don’t encounter siblings that they believed to be dead or be stand accused of horrific murders, all teens do face situations in which their core beliefs are challenged and they feel misjudged by adults. Like Violet, teens are apt to keep secrets from their parents and experience feelings of exclusion when she unravels her brother’s lies. The teen years can be very confusing but somehow like Violet, we survive the angst and insecurities and emerge, hopefully, as better people.

Q: What inspired you to write The Wilted Flower District in first person? 

Niewood: I thought the best way to experience the massive and unusual world of the Domain and specifically the city of Fairhaven where the story takes place was through Violet’s eyes. I believed that the audience would develop a deeper connection with Violet if they could experience the crazy and mysterious events through Violet rather than from an omniscient third person point of view. Since this is a mystery, I wanted to limit what the reader knew to what Violet knew or thought that she knew.

Q: Although you stayed in first person, why did you change from Meadow’s to Violet’s point of view?

Niewood: After I had written Forgotten Violets, my initial thought was to continue with Meadow’s journey in the Domain. However, when I sat down and started thinking about it Fairhaven had modernized into a very different world and in order for the story to work in this new city, there had to be a large time gap in my story. By then, Meadow would have been too old to serve as the protagonist in a YA novel, so I decided to tell the story through the eyes of her daughter, Violet. For the Forgotten Violetseries, this also allowed me to expand my worldview and for future books to delve into the mystery of Meadow’s disappearance.

Q: What do you want the reader to take away from this story?

Niewood: The thing that I want readers, especially teens, to take away from this story is to believe in yourself because we each shape our own reality and control our own destinies. Today’s world is filled with hate and negativity but I believe that Violet can show people that if you remain positive and believe in yourself you can accomplish whatever you can dream. There is no denying that indifference and greed permeate our world but each of us has the power to transform our environment positively with determination and kindness.

MARTIN NIEWOOD lives just outside of Philadelphia where he is a full-time writer. He attended Johnson & Wales University before moving to Los Angeles to work in the talent industry. An avid sports fan, Niewood loves all Philadelphia teams but especially the Eagles. His writing partner is his dog, Mattie.

Niewood’s debut novel Forgotten Violets was released in 2017.

Connect with Niewood on Twitter and Instagram and at www.martinniewood.com.

The Wilted Flower District will be available on Amazon and in select brick-and-mortar retailers as of January 2019.

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Great Wolf Lodge Poconos Is ALL NEW!! What A Fabulous Makeover!!

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos Is ALL NEW With Their Fabulous Makeover!

As you already know our family loves visiting Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos! We love everything about it from the cozy grand lobby to the water park and of course the rooms. We have stayed in many of the different rooms available at Great Wolf Lodge and have loved them all but recently there is something new at Great Wolf Lodge Poconos. The lodge has taken on a huge room makeover and it is to die for! It’s just gorgeous! 

We happen to be there during renovations a few times and actually were able to see the hard work put into this makeover. The hallway rugs were pulled up and replaced with a new vibe of forest theme that will have to feeling upbeat on your trail back to your room. Our family was thrilled with the makeover and could not wait to see the finished product!

On our last trip to Great Wolf the transformation was complete and we got to experience first hand the renovated Family Suite! I did not know anything about how it would look so it was a total surprise when our family opened the door to the new room. We were elated! Although we absolutely loved the old look we were immediately taken with the new theme.  It’s a much sleeker look, kind of a modern woodzy vibe.



One of my favorite parts of the new room look is the lamp cover. You cannot help but read everything on that lampshade! Love it! There are also plug outlets galore so you can charge all your devices without a problem. As for the kitchenette area most of it has stayed the same. There is still a coffee makers, microwave and fridge, all which are super convenient when you are traveling with a family.

Along with the room makeover there are some other things in the lodge that have changed as well. The Starbucks is gone, but there is now a Dunkin Donuts! Although I do love Starbucks, in my opinion the Dunkin Donuts is a little more price friendly especially when you are grabbing some breakfast sandwiches. The donuts are delicious and when we visited it opened at 6:30 am which was a total perk! There is also a new candy shop located between the Dunkin Donuts and the Check In Desk. You can fill up a cup of candy with all of your favorite choices. This was definitely something our family loved when we visited. The candy cup is also part of the Paw Pass! Great addition to Great Wolf Lodge!

So if you are thinking of grabbing the family and heading to Great Wolf Lodge it’s a definite thumbs up from us! There’s never a bad time to visit and always something fun going on to keep your family entertained! Check out our Room Tour on the video below! See you at Great Wolf Lodge!


For more information about room choices and pricing please visit https://www.greatwolf.com/poconos/plan

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Wonder Park In Theaters March 15th! See a Preview Clip Here! #wonderpark

Wonder Park In Theaters March 15, 2019

Have you heard about Wonder Park? Maybe you have seen the clip shown on Super Bowl Sunday. It looks like an awesome movie that our family will definitely want to see on the big screen! Wonder Park tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive.

Talent: Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick, John Oliver, Mila Kunis, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, Norbert Leo Butz, Brianna Denski and Ken Hudson Campbell


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You Are Invited To The NYC Advance Screening of Five Feet Apart #FiveFeetApart

You Are Invited To The NYC Advance Screening of Five Feet Apart

Please join us for a free NYC Advance Screening of Five Feet Apart

Wednesday, February 13th @ 7PM

Regal Union Square

Please RSVP by clicking the link below. Arrive early since screenings are overbooked in order to ensure a full house.


Synopsis: Stella Grant is every bit a seventeen-year-old but unlike most teenagers, she spends much of her time living in a hospital as a cystic fibrosis patient.  Her life is full of routines and boundaries – all of which is put to the test when she meets an impossibly charming fellow CF patient named Will Newman (Cole Sprouse). Though restrictions dictate that they must maintain a safe distance between them, Stella gradually inspires Will to live life to the fullest, but can she ultimately save the person she loves when even a single touch is off limits?

Starring: Haley Lou Richardson, Cole Sprouse, Moises Arias

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website | Trailer

#FiveFeetApart in Theaters March 15, 2019

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American Girl of the Year! Meet Blaire Wilson for 2019! #Giveaway

Let’s Meet Blaire Wilson, American Girl of the Year 2019

American Girl Brand has been a part of my life for a while now. I can remember the minute that I was pregnant with Emily and thinking of names. Two of our final names, Emily and Elizabeth were both American Girl dolls at the time. At my baby show I was given Emily’s first American Girl doll, Emily from her grandma. So my daughter had her first American Girl doll before she was even born. If you ask me, that sounds like a perfect plan if you are having a baby girl! As time went on Emily has made her own choices when it comes to the next addition to her collection.

Somewhere along the way she has become a huge fan of the American Girl doll of the year! She has 2016, 2017,2018 and now 2019. Last year we were thrilled to welcome Luciana Vega who loves astronomy. She was a big hit around here because our family had taken a trip to NASA during the year. It has been great to have Luciana here to help deepen our love for the universe.

This year we also have a personal connection to Blaire Wilson. Blaire lives in the country at her parents bed and breakfast and is busy planning a wedding. Our house is also preparing for a wedding this year since Emm’s oldest brother will be getting married this fall. It was really be interesting to read Blaire’s book and see what happens during her wedding planning. Blaire’s hair is quite fancy and we were thrilled about that. It’s looks like a type of french braid and we both love it. I wish I could braid Emily’s hair that way. She of course thinks it would be a great springboard to make an appointment at the American Girl Store NYC. We have not yet visited the salon.

Blaire Wilson arrives boxed with her book and dressed in an adorable bee themed dress! It’s super cute. She also has a bright yellow wrist bracelet and sandals.  Along with Blaire we were gifted her bridesmaid dress. It’s light blue adorned with sequins and beautiful light pinkish shoes with gems. What a beautiful bridesmaid dress. Emily is hoping that hers is just as pretty!

So welcome to the family, Blaire Wilson! I’m sure you will enjoy your stay with us for many years to come. As for anyone who is looking to begin their American Girl Doll collection, Blaire would be a perfect start. She is perfect for little girls as well as older ones. She stands for courage and knowledge and everything we want our girls to be! For more information on Blaire Wilson click here: https://www.americangirl.com/shop/ag/girl-of-the-year-blaire

GIVEAWAY: We are thrilled to partner with American Girl Brand to give one lucky reader their very own Blaire Wilson! Please enter on the rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends Feb. 16th at 11: 59pm. (USA/18+ only please) American Girl is responsible for prize delivery.

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