Happy Birthday At American Girl Cafe NYC Celebration!

Happy Birthday! Emily Turns Twelve- Let’s Celebrate At American Girl Cafe Rockefeller Center, NYC

Sometimes life is just surreal. It feels like that to me every time a birthday rolls around. I had to reach deep into my soul last week and just feel so grateful for the gift of my children. Emily is my last one, my last baby, my little surprise. Now she is turning twelve. It’s hard to believe. Where did the past twelve years go? Next year she will be a teenager and we all know there is no turning back from there. So, I took a deep breath and just enjoyed every minute of Emm’s birthday right along with her. Of course I could not help but look at her sitting there all beautiful and so grown up and think back to her first celebration at American Girl Cafe when she turned THREE, yes three years old. It seems that she has loved American Girl forever but I know it won’t last forever. I know that day is coming so very soon. It kind of has for the most part. But if she wants to drag out her favorite American Girl dolls and bring them to her party, who am I to stop her?

By the way Emmy(the Bitty Baby) was her first Bitty Baby and Emily was her first American Girl doll that was given to her by her Grandma at my baby shower before she was even born. They have been along for the ride this entire time. They have been at every party and shared so many cups of tea at our tea parties over the years that I have lost count. They have been part of the memories in the making and I think I love them as much as Emm does.

This was our first year celebrating Emily’s birthday at the American Girl’s Cafe new location in Rockefeller Center. Last year we skipped because they had just opened and honestly we were not ready to make the switch. The new location is quite different than the old one on 5th Avenue. But this year we celebrated and although the new cafe is not as grand or fancy it still was beautiful. It still worked. It still was just absolutely perfect. And I still got a tears in my eyes as Emm took a breath to blow out the candles. How did I ever get so lucky? How do I deserve this? I’m not really sure, but I am really grateful.

As I sat there I questioned if she was too old to be there. I got a sign a big sign. At the table for two next to us they seated a Mom and her eighteen year old daughter and I knew we were fine. I looked around and saw other children in the room much older than twelve. And my tug of war with reality ended right there. So we ate heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and sipped on pink lemonade and shared happy stories about everything you think of and we just sat frozen in that moment of happiness. After all, these are the moments we live for, right? It’s not the big events we are invited to or the new cars or vacations, it’s all about when you look across the table and see your child happy, smiling and just living in the moment. I hope I never forget that day or that moment. I hope I remember it forever…and I hope Emm remembers it, too and remembers just how much I love her.

Memory Lane….

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Bake It Happen In 2018 And Help Metastatic Breast Cancer #BakeItHappen

Bake It Happen In 2018 And Help Metastatic Breast Cancer #BakeItHappen

Every year when October comes around it makes me think of my mom even more than usual. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. For the past few years I have been partnering up with www.BakeItHappen.net to spread the word about Metastatic Breast Cancer to which there is no cure.

This October, all you do is bake our featured recipe(s) and share them with the people in your life and on social media. Every time a photo is shared with #bakeithappen (or emailed to ubakeithappen@gmail.com, we’ll donate $5 per pictures to our partner The Cancer Couch Foundation.  100% of this money will in turn get doubled and be used to fund Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) research. You can also click here to donate: www.bakeithappen.net/donate  The only way to put an end to breast cancer is to fund research to help find a CURE for MBC. 100% of people diagnosed with MBC will die. Those are some pretty bad odds.

The best news is you that you can BAKE and also DONATE (as baking only yields a $5 donation) so why not do both?!?!

The reason I love Bake It Happen and support it every year is that my mom had breast cancer. It’s something that changes not only the person who has it but the entire family. Now as far as recipes go we can’t just give them away. You can sign up for them on the Bake It Happen website.  Another great partner is  Taste Buds Kitchen – they’re hosting Bake it Happen classes for kids  under 8  in their kitchens across the US and giving a  percentage to The Cancer Couch Foundation www.tastebudskitchen.com.  In addition,  Carousel Cakes  is helping out, too with  the purchase of their Pink Velvet Cupcakes, they’ll donate 10% of total purchases to The Cancer Couch Foundation https://www.carouselcakes.com/buy-online/cupcakes-treats/cupcake-pink-velvet-12.html.

Is there any better way to donate than to bake something. So easy and so much fun.

#baking #breastcancer #cancersucks #fundthecure #dontignorestagev #foodie #nomnom #baketodonate #MBC



Instant Family Advance NYC Free Movie Screening

Instant Family Advance NYC Free Screening And You Are Invited!

We are thrilled to invite some of our 3decades3kids readers to the advance NYC free screening of  Instant Family.

Click here to claim tickets: https://splashthat.com/sites/view/instantfamily1017.splashthat.com

Please remember to arrive early.  Screenings are overbooked to ensure a full house.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Rose Bryne, Octavia Spencer, Tig Notaro, Isabel Moner and Margo Martindale

Director: Sean Anders

Synopsis: When Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) decide to start a family, they stumble into the world of foster care adoption. They hope to take in one small child but when they meet three siblings, including a rebellious 15 year old girl (Isabela Moner), they find themselves speeding from zero to three kids overnight. Now, Pete and Ellie must hilariously try to learn the ropes of instant parenthood in the hopes of becoming a family.

Release: In Theaters November 16

NYCC Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3- Let There Be Darkness

NYCC New York Comic Con- Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3- Let There Be Darkness

Today was filled with pure awesomeness when it came to NYCC! The Marvel’s Daredevil panel raved about Season 3! OMG!!! Bullseye is coming up on this season. Who’s ready for this major Daredevil villain? ME!! Looks like we are also going to learn more about Froggy’s background- Matt Murdock’s best friend and law partner.

After missing for months, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) reemerges a broken man. Of course putting into question his future as both vigilante Daredevil and aspiring lawyer Matthew Murdock. But when his archenemy Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) is released from prison, Matt must choose between hiding from the world or embracing his destiny as a hero. Marvel’s Daredevil season three launches worldwide on Netflix October 19. Who’s going to be with me that day streaming it all?!! Bring on Season 3. We’re ready for you. netflix.com/marvelsdaredevil

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 stars Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock), Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fisk), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), and introduces Jay Ali (Agent Rahul “Ray” Nadeem), Joanne Whalley (Sister Maggie), and Wilson Bethel (Agent Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter). Blinded as a young boy but imbued with extraordinary senses, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) fights against injustice by day as a lawyer, and by night as the Super Hero “Daredevil” in modern day Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 is produced for Netflix by Marvel Television and ABC Studios

What to follow Daredevil across all socials?

Facebook // https://www.facebook.com/Daredevil/

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Top Five Tips For Attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! #NotSoScary

Top Five Tips For Attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom!

Our family loves Halloween and we love Walt Disney World! With saying that I’m sure you already figured out that we always look forward to attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom.  This is how the party works. Generally Magic Kingdom closes to regular guests at 6 pm on party nights. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party goes from 7 pm to midnight, but you can pick up your party wristband at 4pm at the front gates or at locations throughout the park. This gives you two hours of park time before the party begins. Between 6-7pm cast members get busy clearing all of the non-banded guests. There are quite a few places to Trick-Or-Treat but we only stopped at a few.

By 7 pm you can be ready for some unique magical fun that only Walt Disney World could put together. Honestly it will exceed all of your expectations and it’s something that our family loves to attend over and over again. Bonus- It’s great for all ages! So, you may be wondering why someone would spend extra money to go to an after hours party? You may be wondering if it is worth it. It is, it totally IS! You cannot find any better way to celebrate Disney and Halloween if you tried.

It’s your choice if you want to dress in costume or not. Disney does have some strict guidelines including no masks but there are definitely plenty of costume choices if you want to join into the Halloween spirit! If you don’t want to be in costume that works, too. It’s all up to you. Last year we all purchased the 2017 official Halloween party tees for the family and wore them the entire night except for Emily who was decked out in her Frozen Elsa attire from head to toe. As for this year we held up to tradition and purchased the 2018 tees for the family. My oldest son dressed as Jack Skellington and Emily found an adorable Sailor Minnie Mouse from the Disney Cruise!

Now as for those Top Five Tips For Attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, here goes!

1. If you already have passes and are spending the day at Magic Kingdom pick up your passes in the back of the park and start there! Wristbands are given out at 4 pm. We lined up by the Buzz Lightyear ride at about 3:15. It was worth the wait to be one of the first few people in line. By the time 4 pm rolled around the lines were pretty long but we were already on our way! By the way, even though the party does not start until 7 pm, the Trick or Treating begins at 4 pm and we found most of the specialty desserts were also available around the same time.

2.  Do not under any circumstances miss the Headless Horseman that comes down the street before the Boo To You Parade! It is one of the most amazing things you will ever see! The parade is great, too! If you can, grab a spot on Main Street. They have a pre-parade dance party with the characters from Zootopia and the kids and go out into the street to join them! It’s so much fun! Main Street is also the best back drop for the parade. There are shadow castings of ghosts and ghouls and pumpkins on the buildings and flickering Jack-O-Lanterns in the windows of the stores.

3. Map out what specialized Halloween treats you want and where to get them, including popcorn buckets. One of the kewlest things about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is that there are special dining sweets available. Be sure to check in advance where to find them so you are not wasting time after the party begins. You will SO amazed at just how fast the time will go by once it all starts. You don’t want to miss out on something special.

4. Don’t forget to get your pictures with Photo Pass! There are special magic shots available only during the hours of the party including a picture with the Headless Horseman, The Hatbox Ghost,  holding the lantern at the entrance of the Haunted Mansion, a picture with the wagon at the Haunted Mansion, and holding a poision apple over a cauldron. There are also pictures available during the parade holding Halloween signs! We absolutely love the magic shots and the regular pictures as well.


5. End your night with HalloWishes the most magical display of Halloween fireworks ever including the spookiest Disney tunes from our favorite movies. In addition you will not want to miss the Hocus Pocus Villian Spelltacular Stage Show in front of the castle! The three Sanderson Sisters are live and on stage. Hocus Pocus is celebrating thier 25th Anniversary! There is the most awesome cauldron mug that I purchased while I was there with the Hocus Pocus logo and a 25th Anniversary stamp. We love to see Dr. Facilier, Oogie Boogie and Maleficent up close along with many of our favorite villains. In addition, the special effects are endless!

In addition there are unique character meet and greets that you can only find during the party hours, ride effects- like riding Space Mountain the pitch black darkness and even a big dance party with the Monsters, Inc. crowd.  There is so much to do. The best part is sharing the entire night with your family and friends. Going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is something that will create memories that will last a life time. You can check out more about the event and purchase tickets here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/

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