#NintendoSwitch Welcome To the World Of Gaming!

Nintendo Switch- Welcome To the World Of Gaming


Screenshot_20170303-080232Recently, my family had the chance to check out one of the upcoming launch titles for the Nintendo Switch. 1-2 Switch is the perfect party game for all ages, and it will be available day one for your enjoyment. My son & daughter got to test out a variety of gamemodes included in the mini-game filled package.These unique games ranged from finding out who could score more points on a runway to who could draw their weapon faster in an old western showdown. We even checked out a mini game that utilizes the controller’s brand new vibration system. The game revolved around players guessing how many balls were rolling around inside the controller by tilting it back and forth. The Switch’s vibration within the controller is extremely well done, as it feels as if something is really moving around inside of the pad. There are a great variety of games that will be available in 1-2 Switch, and it is definitely a game to check out if you plan on showing off the Switch to family & friends! http://www.nintendo.com/




At the Nintendo Switch event, there were also some very special guests! Coming all the way from Japan to show off what Nintendo’s new powerhouse system has to offer, we met Nintendo legends Shinya Takahashi & Yoshiaki Koizumi. They talked a little bit about what fans should expect to see on the Switch, answered some questions, and even demo’d some of the gamemodes in 1-2 Switch! We also had the chance to play some 1-2 Switch with them. My daughter had an awesome time playing the Wizards gamemode against Yoshiaki Koizumi, and the Copy Dance mode against Shinya Takahashi. The event was an amazing experience, and gave a good look at how much fun it will be to play on the Switch with friends. Check out another story of ours all about Nintendo Switch: http://3decades3kids.net/blog/2017/01/nintendo-switch-available-march-3rd-we-have-already-played-it-nintendo-playnintendo/
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