The #NEW Madison Square Garden All Access Tour Is Incredible!! #MSGAllAccess @TheGarden #NYC

Madison Square Garden All Access Madison Square Garden Reopens All Access Tour Following The Completion of the Arena’s Historic Transformation! #MSGAllAccess

When I was given the opportunity by my fellow blogger friend Diane Sullivan from 3decades3kids to attend The Madison Square Garden All Access Tour I hit the roof!! Being a big sporting fan from the NYC, and attending various events at Madison Square Garden it was exciting to have the opportunity to experience it on a more personal level. I attended with my two nieces which are big Carmelo Anthony fans. Guest Post written by Karen Angustia.

The tour itself lasted about an hour and took you around the theater, the Knicks and Rangers locker rooms and into a Sky box which has an amazing view, if only I had the cash for one of those. The tour was well organised and very informative. I must say the staff is amazing. Many of them speak various languages to accommodate tourists who do not know the English language. For me the best part was being able to see for myself how luxurious the locker rooms were. (not at all what I imagined). These athletes get five star treatment with the amenities that MSG provides them.

The empty arena felt bigger as we stepped on the Chase Bridge. Did you know that the big screen at MSG weighs over 49,000 lb.

bridgearenaSince MSG has such a rich history, it was great to learn about the history of the garden, see some of the suites, the owners suite, the back hallways, and old photos of iconic moments. Check out more about MSG All Access Tour here :
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I recommend this tour to all ages. Its fun for the ids and informative for the adults. If you are ever in the NYC area you should definitely check it out. Mami Approves!!
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Hours and Ticket Prices 4 Pennsylvania Plaza , Midtown West, NYC (between 31st and 33rd Streets) Daily, 10:30 am-3:00 pm. Reservations are not required. The first tour begins at 10:30 a.m. and they run continuously every half hour with the last tour leaving at 3:00 p.m. For more information please call 212-465-5801. Tour schedule may vary due to venue activity and is subject to change without notice. $26.95 for adults, $18.95 for seniors and students, and $17.95 for children. You can purchase them at the Madison Square Garden box office, online, or by phone at (866) 858-0008.

New All Access Tour Provides A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Newly Transformed, “World’s Most Famous Arena” , Madison Square Garden announced today the grand re-opening of the All Access Tour, following the Arena’s unprecedented, three-year, top-to-bottom Transformation. Beginning today, this 75-minute tour will be open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and will allow guests to experience the newly transformed Arena, while being immersed in The Garden’s rich history throughout the building. Madison Square Garden is a “must-see” when visiting New York City and the All Access Tour gives guests access to The World’s Most Famous Arena like never before. For over 130 years spanning four different buildings, Madison Square Garden has been a staple of New York City, delivering the very best in sports and entertainment. With the new All Access Tour, guests will get to explore the Arena, which hosts an average of 260 events and four million patrons each year, and have the opportunity to walk where legends have walked. Guests will also experience the new amenities that have resulted from The Garden’s $1 billion Transformation — from the Chase Bridges to the VIP areas to the locker rooms.  In October 2013, the completion of Madison Square Garden’s unprecedented three-year, top-to-bottom Transformation marked one of the most important moments in The Garden’s history. Now, with the brand new All Access Tour, guests will have a backstage pass, allowing them a behind-the-scenes look at the significant enhancements that have been made to every aspect of this historic Arena. This includes several new exhibits throughout the Arena that commemorate some of  the most enduring and unforgettable moments in The Garden’s history.

#MyRocketShake Is Totally Kid Approved And Even Sneaks In Yummy Fruits! Red, White, and Blueberry- All American Shake! @JohnnyRockets

My Rocket Shake 
Red, White, and Blueberry- All American Shake
Is Totally Kid Approved and 
Even Sneaks In Yummy Fruits!
Recently I had the pleasure of dining with Johnny Rockets! During the luncheon we feasted on yummy-rific foods, watched a ketchup artist create works of art before our very eyes and for dessert we were able to create our own shake. What an awesome lunch! Johnny Rockets has been pretty much a staple in our family between the delicious burger choices, fries, shakes and more! 
It’s a great place to just gather with the family and friends- to eat, chat and laugh! 
Our family loves to spend kitchen time together and creating new dishes is pretty much a family affair. Of course we created a bunch of shakes during the past years, but for this contest we wanted to come up with something that our family loved and that also represented what Johnny Rockets means to us. We thought and thought. We thought about how we have visited Johnny Rockets and the one word that kept coming up over and over was America. It’s how we came up with the name of our shake:
“Red, White  and Blueberry-All American Shake”
Now that we had the name, we needed to make the shake to see if it lived up! It had to be good, no-it had to be great. As a mom, I was happy to sneak in those strawberries and blueberries. 
It’s a simple shake to make and I am happy to report a very yummy creation. I cannot believe we never came up with it before this, but I am sure glad we thought of it now. It’s a real keeper!
 We are so very proud of it. It’s especially awesome that September is National Shake Month!
 The kids love it and the parents love it, too. You can follow this simple recipe and enjoy it with your family and friends! Kid Approved! Parents Approved! Friends Approved! PS: Did I mention we were singing and dancing when the shakes were ready? If you have ever been to Johnny Rockets, you will know exactly what I mean!
“Red, White, and Blueberry- All American Shake”
Whipped Cream
Ice Cream
1. Put one cup of milk into a blender with one cup of strawberries and one cup of ice cream.
Blend. Pour into shake glass for “red”.
2. Put one cup of milk into a blender with one cup of ice cream. Blend.
Pour into shake glass for “white”.
3.Put one cup of milk into a blender with one cup of blueberries and one cup of ice cream. Blend. Pour into glass for “blue”. 
Add more or less milk, ice cream, fruits to your liking.
4. Top shake with whipped cream, a cherry, and sprinkles.
5. Garnish with blueberries and strawberry.
6. Gather up your family and friends and enjoy!
My daughter dove into this shake the minute the photos were taken! She also adorned it with more strawberries and make it “her own”. I did end up making six more shakes for the rest of the family and friends visiting! Everyone agreed on how delicious it tasted! Yum! #MyRocketShake
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