I Have No Mother For Mother’s Day :(

I Have No Mother For Mother’s Day 🙁
Personal Post
This was taken in Epcot 3 weeks before my mom passed away.
Happy Mother’s Day! For most of us it’s a pretty good day. I still enjoy it. My three children always put a smile on my face Mother’s Day or not! I try not to dwell on the fact that my mom lives in Heaven and I live here on Earth, but when Mother’s Day comes around it really ignites so deep and sad feelings.
A few years ago, it would be what I called a pretty bad year. Although I am always thankful for the small things, it was a year filled with sickness, car accidents, and death. I think that it’s never easy when it comes to your mom and losing her. Being an only child made it pretty rough. It was pretty shocking, too. Considering I left her in the hospital one week after her knee replacement and spoke to her at 9pm on the phone to say goodnight. My last words to her were “Call me if you can’t sleep, since they cut off the hospital phones after 9pm for call ins…Love you..”. That was the last time I spoke to her. When the phone rang at 11:30pm- two and a half hours after talking to her, of course I assumed it would be her on the phone. It was pretty shocking to answer the phone and have a doctor on the other end of the line. When it comes to manners, I think sometimes some doctors need a little extra schooling. Within one minute into the conversation I was informed that my mother passed away suddenly and was pronounced dead minutes before the call. 
My heart sank and my life changed forever. 
Meanwhile my husbands mother, my mother in law was also in the hospital and had been since her surgery.
Nine weeks after my own mother passed away, my mother in law passed away. My husband and I had both lost our moms and my three children had lost their both grandmothers within 9 weeks of each other. Not to mention that a few later our family dog, Muffin passed away.
So this Mother’s Day I will celebrate and I will be thankful for the time I had with both my mother and mother in law. If your mom is still here, give her a hug from me…since I can’t give my own mom one.
Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Moms, Grandmas, Godmothers, and women in our lives.
Celebrate the love…hugs and happiness…Diane xo

Giveaway: Disney It’s A Small World by LeSportsac- Two Winners!

Giveaway: Disney It’s A Small World
Collection by LeSportsac
If you know me, you know about my love for Disney. It’s been a long time affair of the heart that started as a very young child at the New York World’s Fair and has grown over the years. With saying that, there are some things that I just hold close to my heart when it comes to my association to Disney. It’s A Small World is one of the very first things I think of when I think Disney. It’s a ride I loved as a child and can remember going on with my parents and it’s a ride that I have loved riding with my children from the time they were infants up until the current date where my oldest son is twenty-two. From my father who is 87 to my youngest daughter that is only six I have passed on my love for this ride.
You can only imagine how ecstatic I was when I heard that LeSportsac was putting out a line 
featuring It’s A Small World. The line of bags is even more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.
This latest Small World collection is part of Mary Blair’s original artwork as featured in the original Small World ride. See the World reworks the world’s icons into a placement tote with beige and pastel contrasts, while familiar geometric facade print continues with Global Journey in a color palette. Smaller styles in Global Journey include the Time To Share Double Coin Charm, while the larger styles and the See the World Tote come with the amazing Multi-Landmark Charm. Bags range from $28-$188.
The full line can be viewed and purchased here. The “it’s a small world” attraction, which debuted at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, was created by Walt Disney both as a salute to UNICEF and his belief that everyone is united in their love of children and dreams of a better tomorrow. In keeping with the original philanthropic message of “it’s a small world,” Disney will make a donation to UNICEF in honor of “it’s a small world” and all product in the Disney It’s a Small World by LeSportsac collection will include a special hangtag sharing the history of the original attraction and the connection to UNICEF.
Now, being in love with the style and Small World theme may be one thing, but honestly
I don’t care how nice a bag looks if it does not live up in quality. When it comes to LeSportsac, you are in a win win situation. Recently I had the opportunity to review the LeSportsac Small World bags. They happen to arrive just as we were packing up for a weekend away.
That was perfect timing in my eyes. It was a quick trip and the weekender bag was just perfect. The bag was lite as a feather and sturdy. I was able to fill it right up with pjs, slippers, and some stuffed animals. The zippers held right up and the bag kept its shape when packed. Of course I had to match up, so I quickly switched everything from my current handbag to the new LeSportsac. Immediately I noticed how much lighter it felt on my shoulder even though I was carrying everything that was in my regular handbag. PS-I never switched back! LeSportsac is very addictive. It was tough to choose two bags to give away! In my mind I was coming up with a million reasons of how I could put ALL the bags to use. My husband was terrified about my new love for LeSportsac, since I kept telling everyone I met that weekend how lite the bag was to carry! I won’t even go into how I had the kids singing the Small World song!

Needless to say, I originally that thought I would place my new bags to the side after reviewing them and save them for our Disney trip this summer. Then I realized that sometimes plans change and I may end up not going to WDW again. I changed my mind immediately once I used the LeSportsac for the weekend. I was totally hooked. It seems that my love for Disney has some competition with my new love for LeSportsac. In my eyes this is the perfect combination! If you have not guessed how I feel about the new LeSportsac
Small World line, let me just spell it out- I love the line! You will, too! If you are already a
LeSportsac fan I need to say much, if you are new to LeSportsac- you have a lot to look forward to with your new bag! It’s a Small World After All!
Giveaway LeSportSac Bags
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Giveaway ends June 1, 2013 at 11:59pm. The winner will be chosen by random.org and contacted by email. Winners will have 24 hours to respond and claim prize before a new winner is chosen. Good Luck! Disclosure: Review/Giveaway products provided by LeSportsac. All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan-like it or not! Email me at Elgeorgia@aol.com.

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