Macy’s Flower Show! Towers Of Flowers NYC

Macy’s Flower Show! 
Towers Of Flowers NYC
Spring has Sprung in the middle of NYC! You can find flowers galore in wonderful displays at Macy’s on 34th Street, NYC at the 
Macy’s Flower Show-Towers of Flowers!
The Flower Show is going on March 27-April 10, 2011. 
Even before you enter the doors to the Flower Show, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful window displays featuring flowers. My favorite featured a picnic at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. But, that is only the beginning.

As you step through the doors be prepared to be amazed! Before you hit the revolving doors, you will enter a “wall covered” room surrounded by four window displays showing different Fairy Tales like Rapunzel, Princess and the Pea, and Jack and the Beanstalk. 
That should get you into a “flowery” mood, but it’s only the beginning.

Once you go into the store the spectacular scent of floral masterpieces surround you. There are towers of flowers everywhere. There are flowers in every direction no matter where your eyes lead you. 

Some of the Featured Gardens on the first floor are:
The Tropical Garden
The English Cottage Garden
The Hydrangea Garden
The Orchid/Bromeliad Garden
The Antebellum Garden
The Japanese Garden
The Urban Oasis Garden
The Miniature Garden
The Desert Garden
The Rooftop Garden 

 As for my personal favorite. 
I would have to say it was the Bouquet of the Day by 
Jorge Cazzorla. (on display March 27-29) 
Jorge Cazzorla is President of the NY based company  Celebrate Flowers  /weddings, interior design, event planning.
While attending  the flower show, I had the pleasure of meeting Jorge. Let me tell you that his friendly personality  matched his breathtaking fragrant towering floral display. 

The floral scent of happiness still lives on in my mind and brings a smile to my face. Just the right variety of hand chosen flowers made this a unique experience and feast for the senses! Among the display were little special surprises such as a nested bird with eggs, while  a tiny hummingbird hid among the roses. 

Please be sure to take you time and experience the many varieties of  plants and flowers from all over the world coming together under one roof.

Also, available at the Macy’s Flower Show are free 20 minute guided tours. The tours leave every half-hour between 11am -4pm at the 35th St and Bwy entrance.
Before leaving be sure to stop at the children’s floor 7 to see the beautiful “Narnia” floral display.

If you are in the NYC area, do not miss
Macy’s Flower Show
Towers of Flowers
The Sky’s The Limit!
PS: Don’t forget to pick up a complimentary Offical Guide to the flower show at Macy’s information. Rub it gently to release a special fragrance! Enjoy!

Macy’s Flower Show NYC Towers Of Flowers

Please VOTE: I Am A Finalist In The Reviewers Retreat Exclusive Color Challenge

Reviewer's Retreat

Reviewers Retreat Exclusive Color Challenge

This Spring I will be attending the Reviewers Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge Poconos with many other Reviewers and Mommy Bloggers. This event is hosted by Double Duty Divas !
One of the sponsors of the event will be Orglamix cosmetics.
Recently, Double Duty Divas held an exclusive color challenge along with Orglamix to create a new eye shadow color that will be given to the attendees of the Reviewers Retreat.
I was lucky enough to be a finalist in the contest! 
I am thrilled about it!
Please help out and vote for my two colors!

Please VOTE for:

They are my little idea for the 
Diva in all of us!

Thanks So Much!

AMC Dine-In Theatres FREE Dessert Coupon! Ends 3/31

 AMC Dine-In Theatres
The Best Of Both Worlds!
*free dessert coupon at the bottom of this post
AMC Dine-In Theatres
Until a few weeks ago, I never even knew that a theater like this existed. Imagine the concept of dinner and a movie? Not a foreign concept, right? But, at AMC Dine-In Theatres you can have both under one roof, or should I say, under one movie theater roof?
My family and I have been lucky enough to preview two different AMC Dine-In Theatres. It’s very nice, but does take a little bit of getting used to on everyone’s part. 
First of all, the seats are numbered and your number appears on your movie ticket. I’m not sure how I feel about this because I love to choose my own seat at the movies. At the preview we were able to sit where we wanted to, so it was not an issue as of yet. 
Let me explain how the theater works. The two we visited did it differently with pricing systems, so I guess you have to check the individual location to see how they do it. At Essex Greene, the ticket price is $2o, but that includes $10 towards your food. At the AMC Bridgewater, it’s a $10 ticket plus $10 towards your food and beverage purchase during non-peak hours, so it’s a $20 ticket total, and $15 towards your food and beverage purchase during peak hours, so it’s a $25 ticket total. For Menlo Park, the ticket pricing will be the same as Essex Green. For more information on the pricing and the theatres, please visit:
Once you are seated into a very comfy seat, you can check your menu. There is a little waiter light/ button that you push for service. The waiter comes and takes your order and delivers it before or during the movie (depending on when you place your order). This was actually less disruptive than you would think because there are many less seats in the new theaters. There are only 4 seats per row and 3 sections to each row.There is also no concession stand, so every item is delivered to your seat, including popcorn served in a giant bowl, big soda glasses (with no lids) as well as refills! The concession stand has been replaced by a bar for before and after movie “fun”. Once again, not sure I am a fan of “drinking” at the movies. There is a special theater for age 21 and above where drinks are served throughout the movie.
As the film comes to an end you are presented with you bill. This I was not thrilled with because if you are involved with the ending of the movie you really do not want to be bothered worrying about getting the bill paid.As a whole I enjoyed the AMC Dine-In Theater. It was fun and different. I personally like to chat during dinner, so it would not be my choice every time I went to a movie. I did however like how you could get a cup of coffee!

There is still time to ENJOY a FREE dessert with the purchase of any entree! Ends March 31, 2011

PackIt Freeze+Go

Personal Cooler
Lunch Bag
Great for School, Work, Play, and Themeparks!
Every year by the time it comes to March, my children have gone through lunchbox after lunchbox and cool pack after cool pack. It seems like I have bought so many ice packs since September and they just disappear. I was SO happy to find a solution to my problems: PackIt Freeze+Go! 
PackIt Freeze+Go combines the cooler and the ice pack! Wow, I love it! It’s simple to use. You simply place the folded “PackIt” into the freezer overnight. In the morning, unfold it after chilling, open it, fill it up and there you go!
This lunch bag is also PVC free, Non-Toxic, Earth Safe and Reusable! Really, could you ask for anything more?
If you want a lunch bag that is convenient, this is the choice for you. By the way, this cooler keeps the food/drink even colder than using ice packs, since it surrounds the items! Also, you have much more room to pack because you don’t have to “put” an icepack inside.
PackIt Freeze+Go comes in a variety of colors and there is even one designed as a wine cooler! 

My son has been using the PackIt for his school lunch and I have not gotten one complaint! But, it’s not just for kids! It’s great for a bottle bag, for car trips, for the office, etc! I personally, will be taking a PackIt bag to DisneyWorld with me this summer!

PackIt comes in a variety of colors! 
For more information and other products please visit:
Perk: For a limited time PackIt is Buy One Get One Free!
Special thanks to PackIt for providing me with review materials.
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids

Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony-NYC

Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony
Belasco Theatre
111 West 44th Street
Last night hubby and I had a real treat! Thanks to 
MommysLinks we had the opportunity to attend Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony! If you like Kathy Griffin you do not want to miss this chance to see her LIVE! 
The show was hilarious. It started with a slide-show that rolled right into her on stage entry. From the minute she set foot on the stage to the second she stepped off, there was non-stop fun!
The laughter surrounded us as she “trashed” every celeb that you could think of! Kathy Griffin was on a story telling 2 hour roll. No one was safe. Some of my favorite fun included stories about Elisabeth from The View, Sarah Palin, Justin Bieber and on and on. 

I have not laughed that much in a long time.
Every seat was filled and every person had a smile on their face.
Kathy Griffin was hilarious. If you are offended easily, I do not recommend this show. But, if you have a great sense of humor and don’t mind a little “trash” talk, you will really enjoy this! The only problem: The show ended too soon. Everyone wanted more! 
I loved how “down to earth” Kathy Griffin was when she was on stage. I felt like I was back in high school and getting updated on ALL the gossip!

 If you have a chance to see Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony, don’t miss it! Bring your camera, too! Kathy is very camera friendly! 
For more info:
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