AMC IMAX at Clifton Commons Win a Family 4 Pack and IMAX Gift Pack! Contest ends Friday 8/26

AMC IMAX at Clifton Commons 
Win a Family 4 Pack of Tix to Hubble 3D and IMAX Gift Pack! 24 Hour Contest!
Something new and exciting is about to hit Clifton Commons! If 
your family is anything like mine, it seems like we are always at
the movies! With three children 4, 12, and 20, we span the movie circut! When our family heard about a new IMAX opening we definitely were a little more than thrilled!

 On September 9th, 2011 a brand new IMAX is about to open at the AMC Clifton Commons 16! Wow, it’s going to be great to have an IMAX in our
back yard! Our family is so excited to check it out. On August 27th we will be checking out the new theater! We love movies and never pass up a chance to see a movie in IMAX! Now we can do it more than ever.
The addition of IMAX at AMC Clifton Commons 16 continues AMC’s dedication to offering the best and broadest menu of entertainment choices for guests seeking an unparalleled experience. Guests at AMC Clifton Commons 16 will take in the world’s most immersive cinematic experience when CONTAGION: The IMAX Experience opens September 9. The movie has been digitally re-mastered into IMAX’s format exclusively for presentation in the IMAX auditorium.

The IMAX theatre at AMC Clifton Commons 16 will feature Hollywood’s biggest movies that have been digitally re-mastered into IMAX’s format.

Other upcoming Hollywood movies to be released in IMAX format include: REAL STEEL (October 7), PUSS In BOOTS (November 4), HAPPY FEET 2 (November 18), MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (December 16) and THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN (December 28..My birthday! Sounds like a great plan!)

Enter now to win an IMAX gift pack and family four pack of tickets to a special screening of HUBBLE 3D at the brand new IMAX Theater at AMC Clifton Commons 16 on this Saturday August 27th at 9am. 

 The new IMAX theatre at AMC Clifton Commons 16 is located at 405 Route 3 E, Clifton, NJ 07014-1911.

IMAX Gift Pack must be picked up at theater on Saturday, Aug 27th at 9am, along with the tickets.

To enter:
Let me know you want the tickets on twitter, facebook, or below in the comment section! 

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Good Luck!
This contest will end Friday, August 26th at 6pm. The winner will be contacted immediately and must respond by 10 pm with their name, so tickets can be held at the theater. Good Luck. It is the winner’s responsibility to pick up the IMAX gift pack at Clifton Commons IMAX on Saturday, August 27th, 9am. Good Luck! 18+ please.

Disclosure: Review and Giveaway tickets/prize pack were provided by AMC IMAX.

AMC Dine-In Theatres FREE Dessert Coupon! Ends 3/31

 AMC Dine-In Theatres
The Best Of Both Worlds!
*free dessert coupon at the bottom of this post
AMC Dine-In Theatres
Until a few weeks ago, I never even knew that a theater like this existed. Imagine the concept of dinner and a movie? Not a foreign concept, right? But, at AMC Dine-In Theatres you can have both under one roof, or should I say, under one movie theater roof?
My family and I have been lucky enough to preview two different AMC Dine-In Theatres. It’s very nice, but does take a little bit of getting used to on everyone’s part. 
First of all, the seats are numbered and your number appears on your movie ticket. I’m not sure how I feel about this because I love to choose my own seat at the movies. At the preview we were able to sit where we wanted to, so it was not an issue as of yet. 
Let me explain how the theater works. The two we visited did it differently with pricing systems, so I guess you have to check the individual location to see how they do it. At Essex Greene, the ticket price is $2o, but that includes $10 towards your food. At the AMC Bridgewater, it’s a $10 ticket plus $10 towards your food and beverage purchase during non-peak hours, so it’s a $20 ticket total, and $15 towards your food and beverage purchase during peak hours, so it’s a $25 ticket total. For Menlo Park, the ticket pricing will be the same as Essex Green. For more information on the pricing and the theatres, please visit:
Once you are seated into a very comfy seat, you can check your menu. There is a little waiter light/ button that you push for service. The waiter comes and takes your order and delivers it before or during the movie (depending on when you place your order). This was actually less disruptive than you would think because there are many less seats in the new theaters. There are only 4 seats per row and 3 sections to each row.There is also no concession stand, so every item is delivered to your seat, including popcorn served in a giant bowl, big soda glasses (with no lids) as well as refills! The concession stand has been replaced by a bar for before and after movie “fun”. Once again, not sure I am a fan of “drinking” at the movies. There is a special theater for age 21 and above where drinks are served throughout the movie.
As the film comes to an end you are presented with you bill. This I was not thrilled with because if you are involved with the ending of the movie you really do not want to be bothered worrying about getting the bill paid.As a whole I enjoyed the AMC Dine-In Theater. It was fun and different. I personally like to chat during dinner, so it would not be my choice every time I went to a movie. I did however like how you could get a cup of coffee!

There is still time to ENJOY a FREE dessert with the purchase of any entree! Ends March 31, 2011