PackIt Freeze+Go

Personal Cooler
Lunch Bag
Great for School, Work, Play, and Themeparks!
Every year by the time it comes to March, my children have gone through lunchbox after lunchbox and cool pack after cool pack. It seems like I have bought so many ice packs since September and they just disappear. I was SO happy to find a solution to my problems: PackIt Freeze+Go! 
PackIt Freeze+Go combines the cooler and the ice pack! Wow, I love it! It’s simple to use. You simply place the folded “PackIt” into the freezer overnight. In the morning, unfold it after chilling, open it, fill it up and there you go!
This lunch bag is also PVC free, Non-Toxic, Earth Safe and Reusable! Really, could you ask for anything more?
If you want a lunch bag that is convenient, this is the choice for you. By the way, this cooler keeps the food/drink even colder than using ice packs, since it surrounds the items! Also, you have much more room to pack because you don’t have to “put” an icepack inside.
PackIt Freeze+Go comes in a variety of colors and there is even one designed as a wine cooler! 

My son has been using the PackIt for his school lunch and I have not gotten one complaint! But, it’s not just for kids! It’s great for a bottle bag, for car trips, for the office, etc! I personally, will be taking a PackIt bag to DisneyWorld with me this summer!

PackIt comes in a variety of colors! 
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