There Is Nothing Sweeter This Valentine’s Day Than Halos! @HalosFun #FallinLoveWithHalos

There Is Nothing Sweeter This Valentine’s Day Than Halos!halosvThis Valentine’s Day is going to be extra sweet around here and in the classroom. Every year it seems that Valentine’s Day and Halloween we get hit with tons of candy. It lays around in bags and eventually ends up in the trash can. This year is going to be a little bit different but just as sweet. Hubby’s class and Emm’s third grade class are in for a sweet treat. Of course neither will probably be surprised. My daughter always brings in Halos for a lunch treat or for snack time. As for hubby, he loves to treat the class to Halos when he has the chance. Check out all things Halos here: were thrilled to partner with Halos and check out all of the creative ways that those adorable little seedless mandarin oranges can be included in this year’s Valentine celebrations. They are complete gift from nature and in season from November until April, so it’s perfect timing. If you are thinking about sharing some sweets with someone this year, definitely put Halos at the top of your list. It will take the stress right out of Valentine’s Day. You can learn how to make a simple, healthy valentine that’s perfect for classroom exchanges on Halos facebook page.3decades3kidslogoDisclosure: Diane Sullivan/3decades3kids is a Halos brand partner blog. All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan and completely honest. No compensation was given for this post. Sample product was provided in order to facilitate this review. This post is part of our #ValentineSweetestGiftGuide Contact me at and @3decades3kids across the social media channels. 



#Giveaway Shopkins SweetHeart Collection! #ValentineSweetestGiftGuide

Giveaway Shopkins Sweet Heart Collection With Six Exclusive Shopkins! Happy Valentine’s Day!shopkinsgiveawayRecently my daughter has become pretty much obsessed with all things Shopkins. Dropping her off at school in the morning I can hear her little group of friends chatting about the latest Shopkins they have and setting up little exchanges with the doubles…or triples. So, when I heard about Shopkins Sweet Heart Collection With Six Exclusive Shopkins, I could not resist finding out more about it. Emm and I were thrilled to be able to check out the set at home. It is super adorable and a perfect gift for your favorite Valentine! shopkins1

Shopkins4The Shopkins Sweet Heart Collection comes in a heart shaped cut out box and includes six exclusive Shopkins. My daughter could not get them out of the box fast enough, although she did take the time to read every single word on the box first, including the adorable Valentine’s Day Shopkins poem: “Roses are red, Violets are blue, We love Shopkins, As much as you!”shopkins7

shopkins9This special set includes one red handbag and six Shopkins: Miss Pressy, Candy Kisses, Meltin Muffin, Cheeky Chocolate, Chocky Box, and Choc Kiss! They are a perfectly sweet addition to your child’s collection or a perfect start for someone that does not know about Shopkins yet. Either way, you will have one happy little person on your hands when they see a Valentine’s Shopkins surprise this Valentine’s Day! Check out more about Shopkins here:

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Disclosure: Diane Sullivan/3decades3kids is a proud Shopkins Partner blog! All opinions are that of my own and honest. Sample product provided in order to facilitate this review. No compensation has been given for this post. This post is part of our #ValentineSweetestGiftGuide Contact me at or @3decades3kids across all social media channels. 



#Giveaway Telefora’s Hotline Helps Get The Love Note Just Right! @Teleflora #WhatIsLove

Giveaway Teleflora’s Hotline Helps Get The Love Note Just Right This Valentine’s Day!  (1-844-IT-IS-LOVE)

Nothing makes my heart smile more than waking up to flowers! Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxoxoox

Love is something that is celebrated in my house and my marriage. Hubby and I have been married over 25 years and love being in love. Throughout the years one of the staples of our relationship has been hubby always surprising me with flowers. Sometimes gorgeous arrangements, sometimes bouquets, and sometimes just a single rose, but there is just something so sweet about the doorbell ringing and flowers being on the other side of the door. The flowers above were delivered the other day and my heart just melted. Maybe it was the scent of the beautiful red roses, maybe it was the two hearts that adorned the vase, maybe it was the thought of Love…..Love and Valentine’s Day being around the corner. Whatever it was, it was an incredible feeling that only Teleflora could deliver. 

This gorgeous rose is one of many roses in the “Pair of Hearts” arrangement. This definitely put a smile on my face and warmed my heart!
I adore this beautiful vase adorned with a pair of hearts! The vase itself is just gorgeous and one that I will use over and over again! Arrangement: Pair of Hearts
Teleflora’s Best Friends Forever Bouquet (Available on for $54.95) Share memories, a hug and a smile with your bestie or budding romance with this thoughtful bouquet bursting with stunning red and white roses, miniature carnations, and cushion spray chrysanthemums that is hand-delivered in a glazed ceramic collectible vase with hand-applied heart detail

Since many of my favorite memories take place during the month of February, it’s a big month around here. Hubby and I had our first date many moons ago on Feb. 13th, we were engaged on Feb. 5th, and our first baby was born during Feb, not to mention Valentine’s Day! I was thrilled to hear about Teleflora’s First Ever Love Note Concierge will be debuting this February 3rd! This new complimentary Hotline Helps Valentines Across America Write Personalized, Heartwarming Notes to Accompany Their Beautiful Bouquets. I mean who doesn’t need a little bit of help putting the words down onto paper? Sometimes it’s in your mind but transferring those beautiful thoughts onto paper can be challenging. Teleflora is here to help! They make ordering bouquets simple…it’s the love note that’s tough! As Teleflora’s Valentine’s Day gift to America, the all-new, FREE “Love Note Concierge” (1-844-IT-IS-LOVE) debuts on February 3rd – 12th just in time to save Valentine’s Day!

Teleflora’s Lovely Hearts Bouquet (Available on for $49.95) Playful and sweet for mother, daughter or friend, dazzle and delight with this cheerful 2-in-1 floral gift. Cheerful peach, pink and red spray roses bountifully flutter amongst hand-painted watercolor hearts that dance across this oversized food-safe mug that is sure to deliver long-lasting enjoyment.
Teleflora’s Wrapped With Passion Bouquet (Available on for $99.95) The ultimate in Valentine’s Day luxury, WOW your love with dramatic long-stemmed roses and fragrant pink stargazer lilies that are gorgeously arranged in a graceful hand blown Italian, art glass-inspired vase with a sparkling, hand-applied glass ribbon. Your thought and emotions are sure to win their heart!

For more than 80 years, Teleflora, the world’s leading flower delivery service, has delivered flowers to millions of Valentines across America. Every year, while ordering beautiful bouquets gets easier, consumers struggle to craft that personal, special and important accompanying note! Now, thanks to the talented, thoughtful team at Teleflora’s “Love Note Concierge,” writing the perfect sentiment is easier than ever with a personal coach to help you express everything you want to say to your loved one. And there’s no charge, no purchase, no strings, just words of love! “Yes, ‘Love Note Concierge’ is free, friendly and just a phone call away,” exclaimed David Dancer, Teleflora’s executive vice president and head of marketing. “Valentine’s Day is hard enough without having to struggle to find the perfect gift and the perfect words, so we’re here to deliver both!”

Teleflora’s Pair Of Hearts Bouquet (Available on for $69.95) For your soul mate, the symbolism of these two perfect connecting hearts wrapped around this glistening hand-glazed ceramic vase is the perfect match. Celebrate your Valentine with this gorgeous bouquet filled with red roses, red carnations and white alstroemeria that is ideal for expressing your heartfelt love and appreciation.

Sure to be a Valentine’s Day essential, Teleflora’s “Love Note Concierge” is an important part of how the brand helps consumers everywhere explore “What Is Love?”. This theme is highlighted in Teleflora’s all-new video set to debut on February 1st, which captures the countless acts and expressions of love that touch our hearts and enrich our lives.Teleflora’s breathtaking new collection of 2016 Valentine’s Day bouquets make expressing your one-of-a-kind love so easy and meaningful. All of Teleflora’s sweet and stunning Valentine’s Day 2016 bouquets are available on now.

In addition to your soul mate it is also a wonderful time to send flowers to anyone you love! Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love! There is something for everyone- including best friends, your mom, sister, favorite aunt, daughter and whoever you love! So grab your phone and call (1-844-IT-IS-LOVE) to chat with a “Love Note Concierge”. I am definitely calling to see how I can be inspired to get the words I need this Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxoxo

Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxoxoxooxoxoxooxxo

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Disclosure: Diane Sullivan/ 3decades3kids is a Teleflora partner blog. All opinions are my own and completely honest. No compensation was given for this post. Flowers were provided for the purpose of review. A media invite was provided to a very special Tea Party event in NYC. Please contact me at and @3decades3kids everywhere else across social media.

I Fell In Love With This Valentine’s Day Commercial #BoyMom

I Fell In Love With This Valentine’s Day Commercial

My three Valentine’s on the Winter Beach of Cape May.


Have you seen this commercial? Okay, I’m not being sponsored by KMart, I just fell in love with this commercial. It really stirred up a lot of memories about the relationship my two sons had with their Grandmas. My sons worshiped their Grandmas. My oldest son had the most time with two grandmas, both of them gone now. My sons were 16 and 8 when my mom and mother in law passed away within a few weeks of each other, my daughter was just about to have her first birthday. Sadly, she’ll never know the joy of having a Grandma. She’ll never feel that love that only a grandma can give. Maybe that’s why I adored this commercial. My sons had that joy, that love. Seeing this commercial helped me to remember the love they had for each other and just how special it was….

You see, although some people do not “get into” Valentine’s Day and think it’s just another marketed holiday. I cannot help but celebrate Love, on Valentine’s Day, on any day. My life has changed and it’s different without my mom and mother in law around. When I saw this commercial it made me happy, it hit me in the heart that my sons had that chance to love their grandmas, to share special memories with them. So, if you are a boymom, I’m sure you will love this commercial.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you have a special memory with your Grandparents? I lived far away from my grandparents and could not wait to visit them. Most times it was a once or twice a year visit. We created a lot of memories. I loved how my grandparents would make such a Big fuss when I can in to visit!


Disclosure: This is a personal post. All opinions were that of Diane Sullivan. Contact me at or @3decades3kids everywhere else. 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Hallmark e-cards #ValentinesDay

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Hallmark e-cards


Have you ever sent an e-card? If you are like me, you never get to the card store in time. I am “forever” going to pick up that card and then it’s the day before or too late to send. Thank goodness for Hallmark e-cards! They have saved face for me more than once. Hopefully, none of my family is reading this. Well, your family never reads your blog anyway, right? This year I simply cut to the chase and am sending Valentine E-Cards from Hallmark. Now another problem, I never know which ones to choose! They are all so cute. It’s easy to say, “I Dig You” or “I Love You” with the awesome choices available! Of course I still buy hubby the hard copy one- I’ll never give him the free pass to send an e-card. lol.

I saved you some time by choosing some of my favorites!  Below you can find some of Hallmark eCards for Valentine’s Day! Check out all the selections at  Happy Valentine’s Day!


Welcome to the Love Party – Sometimes you just need to ignore your brain and follow your heart.

Cuddling Kitties – A kitty cuddle is the best way to keep cozy with someone special.

“The Fault in Our Stars” Little Infinity – “I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. You gave me forever within the          numbered days, and for that I am forever grateful. I love you.”

hallmark  hallmark1 Hallmark2

I Dig You! – This stop-motion pup digs someone… I think it’s you!

Sending You My Love – Though it’s pretty far from my door to yours, here’s me sending you my love today.

Heart Diagram – You have my heart, or most of it anyways.

Love is… Surfing Together – When you’ve found that special person, love is wherever you are…

Love is… Movie Night When you’ve found that special person, love is when you’re next to them…

Disclosure: We love Hallmark Cards e-cards. No compensation was given for this post. Contact Diane Sullivan at and everywhere else at @3decades3kids. #ValentinesDay