I Fell In Love With This Valentine’s Day Commercial #BoyMom

I Fell In Love With This Valentine’s Day Commercial

My three Valentine’s on the Winter Beach of Cape May.


Have you seen this commercial? Okay, I’m not being sponsored by KMart, I just fell in love with this commercial. It really stirred up a lot of memories about the relationship my two sons had with their Grandmas. My sons worshiped their Grandmas. My oldest son had the most time with two grandmas, both of them gone now. My sons were 16 and 8 when my mom and mother in law passed away within a few weeks of each other, my daughter was just about to have her first birthday. Sadly, she’ll never know the joy of having a Grandma. She’ll never feel that love that only a grandma can give. Maybe that’s why I adored this commercial. My sons had that joy, that love. Seeing this commercial helped me to remember the love they had for each other and just how special it was….

You see, although some people do not “get into” Valentine’s Day and think it’s just another marketed holiday. I cannot help but celebrate Love, on Valentine’s Day, on any day. My life has changed and it’s different without my mom and mother in law around. When I saw this commercial it made me happy, it hit me in the heart that my sons had that chance to love their grandmas, to share special memories with them. So, if you are a boymom, I’m sure you will love this commercial.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you have a special memory with your Grandparents? I lived far away from my grandparents and could not wait to visit them. Most times it was a once or twice a year visit. We created a lot of memories. I loved how my grandparents would make such a Big fuss when I can in to visit!


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