Warm Up This Winter At Great Wolf Lodge @greatwolflodge

Winter At Great Wolf Lodge- A Perfect Place To Warm Up


The winter freeze is definitely upon us. Although we do enjoy the snowy outdoor activities, we are also always in search of a cozy winter retreat. Luckily for us, Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos- less than two hours away from NYC is always there for us. Imagine enjoying an indoor water park with a view of the snowy mountains. It’s yours for the taking. One of our favorite family fun resorts is definitely Great Wolf. No matter that age of your children, from infants to adults, even the grandparents will have a blast. If you do visit, make sure you pack your swimsuit. Well, if you do forget, there is always one available at one of the shoppes.



Ten Things Our Family Loves About Great Wolf Lodge

1. You can choose your own activity level from reading a book in front of the fireplace in the Grand Lobby to swimming and water slides. It’s your call.

2. Magiquest and Shadowquest: What a fun game for all ages. The kids will love solving quests and moving on to different levels. Good Luck at the end if you go up against the dragon. He’s a tough one to beat, but there is always someone on hand from the Magiquest team to help you out, so don’t worry.

3. The Water park! Okay, so this one is definitely is my family’s favorite. We all love the wave pool, water slides and whirlpools. 84 degrees. Yes, please!

4. There are plenty of places to dine at the lodge. You do not have to leave to fill up the bellies. There are choices from buffets, Wolf It Down pizza, and more. Did I mention there is a Starbucks?








5. Story Hour is my daughter’s favorite. She loves watching the Clock Tower show followed by story time and then a character meet and greet. It is simply adorable. If you visit, don’t miss it.

6. The rooms are a world onto themselves. There is a huge variety of room styles to choose from. We love the loft with two floors of fun, and an in room fireplace and balcony. There are also rooms that tout bunk beds and their own kids’ cabin within the room.

7. There is a SPA within the lodge. One for adults and one for kids- Scooops Kids Spa. Enough said?

8. The Northern Lights arcade is a family fun spot for all of us. Everyone in our family has a blast between air hockey, skee ball, Deal or No Deal, and so many more choices.


9. The Staff! They are amazing. We visit the Poconos location and they are just top notch. No matter where you are in the lodge you can find a smiling face and someone to help or just brighten up your day. They are knowledgeable and willing to lend an extra hand.

10. Family time! With everyone on a different schedule it’s nice to get away, even for one night and just be together. The laughs are many and the memories we are making will last forever. Great Wolf Lodge cannot be beat for close to home family fun!

If your family is ready to warm up this winter, you should definitely check out Great Wolf Lodge.

See you there! Great Wolf Lodge

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Should I Buy A Great Wolf Lodge Paw Pass?

Should I Buy A Great Wolf Lodge Paw Pass?
Great Wolf Lodge is one of our family’s favorite resorts to visit.
Heading out of the city and into the Poconos, PA is always a welcome trip in our eyes.
We can escape to the cozy lodge and water park for endless hours of fun.
 Many of my friends also frequent Great Wolf Lodge.
One of the biggest questions they have been asking me is if they should
purchase the Paw Pass when they visit the Great Wolf Lodge
My answer of course, is always, Yes! 
We love the Paw Pass and your family will, too. 
First of all it’s a big savings vs. paying for individual activities. Secondly, 
I love that it gives you a little check list of things to do while visiting the lodge.
I also love that you can buy one Paw Pass and share it between 
your children if you choose! There is something for everyone on 
the Paw Pass and so worth the price ($67.22).

The Paw Pass includes:
  • One MagiQuest Game and Classic Wand or standard topper.
  • One Story Explorers Game
  • One stuffed animal at the GWL Creation Station and choice of outfit!
  • One Paw Points Games/Attractions Game card and 20 Paw Points(equals 20 tokens)
  • One Game of bowling at Ten Paw Alley (10am-6pm)
  • One 12 oz Kandy Kup to fill with candy of your choice from Buckhorn Exchange
Check out the pictures below of ALL the activities and items included in the Paw Pass!

I think you will have to agree with me that it is an awesome addition to your
 Great Wolf Lodge trip!
Ten Paw Alley Bowling (mini bowling balls).
This is SO much fun for all ages!
Kandy Kup fill up station where you can choose your favorite
candy at the Buckhorn Exchange.
Skee Ball is always a hit with Emily when we explore the
fun at Northern Lights Arcade.
Part of the Story Explorers is getting to make an amazing
personalized book to take home featuring your
 child and the new Story Explorer friend of their choice!
More Northern Lights Arcade fun!
Choosing a new wand or wand topper is always an awesome
experience and a fun part of MagiQuest!
It’s always fun to make a new friend at Creation
 Station for fun stuffing! Emily was thrilled to use the foot
 pump to help with the stuffing!

Disclosure: Special thanks to GWL Poconos.
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Great Wolf Lodge: Scooops -Kids Spa

Children’s Spa
 Great Wolf Lodge
Recently I had the pleasure of attending the
Reviewer’s Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge Poconos.
Although most of my time was spent meeting new friends and gaining some expert online blogging knowledge,
there was plenty of time left to have fun at the lodge. We have visited the Great Wolf Lodge many times before, so we quite familiar with the territory, but there was something that we had never gone to before this trip. A few days before our arrival date, I booked an appointment for Emily at Scooops!
My daughter who is four could not resist 
having a little fun herself. She could not wait until it was
 time for her Spa appointment at Scooops.
Scooops is a Spa designed just for children and it is really 
an adorable experience for them!
Scooops is Ice-Cream themed from beginning to end with your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry lotions,
fizzes and scrubs!

At Scoops you can choose a manicure, pedicure, or a facial.
My daughter was booked for a manicure and a pedicure. Since this was a belated birthday gift( they were booked up the last time we visited-make sure you call ahead), we got her the works!
Emily first trip to the Scoops started with a nice warm greeting. Everyone there made her feel so comfortable. She was given a Scooops comfy robe,
 glitter Scooops flip flops, and a fancy blue tiara.
She looked like a little princess spa lady!

Next she was given a choice of nail polishes. Since she was having both a manicure and pedicure, she was able to choose two colors. Of course she when with pink and glitter.
 Big surprise!

Emily was seated on the the giant banana split couch while
her feet dangled into a chocolate fizzy foot wash.
The room smelled like an ice cream parlor. The foot soak was followed by her pedicure and a chocolate scrub lotion.
 Wow! Smiles were flowing.
Following the pedicure, it was time for the manicure.
Emily was taken over to the manicuring tables and had a seat. She chose some vanilla soak for her hand fizzy
 wash and then enjoyed a nice warm cloth hand wrap.
Soon after, she giggled with excitement as
each nail shone with pink and glitter.To make sure the nails were nice and dry, Emily used the nail dryer.

Since she had a double appointment, we were there about an hour. It went by so fast. Scooops was a super spa experience
 my daughter and I have to say,
 the manicure and pedicure both lasted about a week long!
If you have a daughter who could use a little pampering,
 Scooops is a great choice!

For more information please check out:


Special thanks to Great Wolf Lodge
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos Stay-N-Tube Camelback

Stay-N-Tube Camelback

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos Stay-N-Tube Camelback

Every winter my family loves to devote one day to snowtubing. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Great Wolf Lodge Poconos combined with Camelback Ski Resort and offer a snowtubing amd ski package. The morning of our trip we swung by the GWL and picked up our tickets for snowtubing. We headed over to Camelback Ski Resort which was about 2 miles away from the lodge. Exchanging the tickets for our 3 hours snowtubing passes went on without a hitch and before you knew it the kids were in tubes and slip-sliding down the snowy mountain. 

After snowtubing for 3 hours we warmed up with some nice hot cocoa as we sat around the fire pit. There is also a convenient cafe/bathroom right next to the snowtubing lanes for easy access.
It wasn’t long before we were back in our Kid’s Cabin Suite at the Great Wolf Lodge and getting ready for the waterpark. Snowtubing and Waterpark in one day! What else could you ask for?

Check out all the great deals at Great Wolf Lodge 

Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos

 Great Wolf Lodge Poconos

Recently my family took a trip to Great Wolf Lodge Poconos. It’s only a little over an hour from the NYC area, but a world away. Since our three children go from teenage to preschool, it’s hard sometimes to find a resort that will keep everyone happy, but at Great Wolf Lodge we never have that problem.

It’s always gives you a cozy feeling driving up to the  big cabin looking resort and entering the grand lobby. As soon as we arrived the kids could not wait to check out the room. There are many types of rooms to accommodate your family size and liking. Our family favorite is the Kid Cabin Suite, complete with bunk beds and an extra bed (for our three children). The room also has a pull out couch and a queen size bed. There is even a fireplace to keep you warm! All rooms have a refrigerator and microwave, 

so you don’t have to worry about bringing along some goodies or drinks!

After checking out the room, we headed directly to the waterpark. Wow! It was hard to imagine that we passed by mounds of snow on the way into the lodge, since the 

waterpark was a warm 84 degrees! The guys headed for the new Double Barrel Drop water slide and Emily and I grabbed a tube and went over to the wave pool, followed by the mini water slides that were just her size! When the guys were done with all the waterslides we met up in the lazy river and then played a little water basketball. It was great family fun!

When dinner time rolled around we feasted at the Loose Moose Cafe on an endess buffet from seafood and steak to soft serve ice-cream. During the meal our waitress even surprised us with some wolf ears to wear! It was a real Howl!! 

After dinner the kids each chose a wand and topper and headed into the hallways to play “MagiQuest”. The game takes a while to complete if you want to fight the dragon, so be prepared to leave at least 2 hours open if you are going to play! 

By 8pm Em was in her pjs along with a bunch of children who were  all ready for the lobby show at the clock tower, followed by storytime with Wiley and a meet and greet! Right after story time we made a stop at AnimalLand, the stuffed animal making station. We now have a wolf, panda, and poodle as additions to our family. Soon after, everyone headed back to the room for some more family  fun and a great night’s sleep!

In the morning we were awoken by Emily’s head peeking out of the Kid’s Cabin and announcing it was time to go back to the waterpark. So, we followed her lead, stopped for breakfast first and then back to the waterpark for a few hours!Emily wanted to enjoy Scoops Children’s Spa, but there were no appointments. We will have to call sooner next time. The boys checked out Gr8 Space(a teenage hangout) and the Race Zone (where you can build your own car and then race it). We made one last stop at the Northern Lights arcade for just a little bit more fun!  I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying their stay at the Great Wolf Lodge! We are looking forward to our next trip already. There is only one problem I could find about Great Wolf Lodge….having to leave it!