New York Theatre Ballet Sleeping Beauty – Review

Program from New York Theatre Ballet 

 New York Theatre Ballet
Sleeping Beauty
Florence Gould Hall
55 East 59th Street 

Recently, thanks to New York Theatre Ballet,
my daughter and I were able to share a little quality
 Mommy and Daughter time together.
What better place to bring back the ballet memories
of my own childhood while allowing
my daughter to create her own.
As soon as we arrived to the theater, the magic began.
We made a quick stop at the souvenir area,
where everything “Ballerina” was available.
There were plenty of choices,
 but my daughter chose a wooden play string ballerina
 and glitter ceramic ballet slippers.
Soon after we were greeted by some of the children that would actually be a part of the ballet, Sleeping Beauty.
 They could not have been any nicer, 
handing out programs and even some crayons!

Emily and her wooden pull string ballerina.

Emily and I were taken to our seats,

where we chatted about what was to come.
It wasn’t long before Artistic Director Diana Bryer,
 playing the witch, came out for a
short presession on ballet mime.
 That definitey put my daughter at ease and
seeing as it was interactive,
it helped to get the jumpies out before the ballet began.
The lights were dimmed and the ballet,
 Sleeping Beauty, was about to begin.
 The opening scene was breathtaking! 
The costuming was absolutely beautiful,
 as were the stars of the show.
The set was spectacular and  carried the story 
from scene to scene without a flaw. 

Set design before the show began.

It made all of us feel as if  we were deep in a fairy kingdom, 
set beneath the roots of a giant tree. 

The music filled the air with fantasy as everyone danced
 to the music of Peter Tchaikovsky and followed the flow of the fairy wings that adorned some of the ballerinas’ elegant costumes.
 I loved so many things about the experience of seeing 
Sleeping Beauty preformed as a ballet. 
It was great that the ballet was just one hour long,
  just long enough to hold the children’s attention. 
There was a great introduction before the show started. 
Finally, I thought the ballet was easy for the children to 
follow and understand. 

Emily at the ballet. It’s more of a casual ballet,
but my daughter will never pass up a chance to wear a  dress!

This was the second ballet that I have gone to at the 
New York Theatre ballet,
 but I have a feeling it won’t be the last.
 There is no time like the present to enjoy 
the ballet with someone you love 
and make memories that will last a lifetime.
 Although this ballet was specialized for children, 
there were many adults there, as well. 
By the sound of the loud clapping at the end of the ballet, 
I would have to say that everyone, 
children and adults had a wonderful time. 
I know that Emily and I did.

Disclosure: Special thanks to New York Theatre Ballet.
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids.

Sesame Place Neighborhood Street Party Parade Night Time Parade Commercial Shoot!

Sesame Place
Neighborhood Street Party
Commercial Taping at Sesame Place
Last night I was pleasantly surprised to be a part of the 
Sesame Place commercial taping of the 
NEW night time parade!
I have already seen the new parade a few times 
since the park opened on 
April 30th for the 2011 season.
 Neighborhood Street Party Parade has the perfect 
name because it is just that, 
a combination of a party and a parade all in one! 
Since we really enjoyed the parade during the day,
 my family and I could hardly wait to see it in the dark.
We arrived just before the sunset. 

It was wonderful to see the sun go down around Sesame Place 
and the production crew set up for the night taping. 
They greeted the actors and crowd of extras (which we were a part of) with directions and enthusiasm. Everyone was excited in anticipation of what was to come. Families were taken to Sesame Street, set up and given a spot. Our family was thrilled to be offered the Fire Truck! The props were given out, and soon after the  director gave out the “Roll Em” call! There really wasn’t much acting to do once the parade began. Everyone could not help but sing, clap and dance to the happy music!
 The parade features songs that help children learn about
 numbers, letters, and friendship!
One song is more energetic than the next!
The fun went on and on as we waved and danced along with
 Elmo, The Count, Bert and Ernie, Abby Cadabby, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Rosita, Big Bird and Telly!

You can already have fun with the day time parade 
at Sesame Place, but to see the night time version you will have to wait until June 18th at 9pm. 
If you are going to Sesame Place, 
make sure you don’t miss out on this night time fun! 
You won’t be disappointed!
As, for the commercial shoot, 
I don’t think we made it into any of the clips,
 but it sure was great to be a part of all the fun!
 Commercials will start to air in June!
Meet you at Sesame Place!
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids
Special thanks to Sesame Place, Langhorne, PA

Macy’s Flower Show! Towers Of Flowers NYC

Macy’s Flower Show! 
Towers Of Flowers NYC
Spring has Sprung in the middle of NYC! You can find flowers galore in wonderful displays at Macy’s on 34th Street, NYC at the 
Macy’s Flower Show-Towers of Flowers!
The Flower Show is going on March 27-April 10, 2011. 
Even before you enter the doors to the Flower Show, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful window displays featuring flowers. My favorite featured a picnic at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. But, that is only the beginning.

As you step through the doors be prepared to be amazed! Before you hit the revolving doors, you will enter a “wall covered” room surrounded by four window displays showing different Fairy Tales like Rapunzel, Princess and the Pea, and Jack and the Beanstalk. 
That should get you into a “flowery” mood, but it’s only the beginning.

Once you go into the store the spectacular scent of floral masterpieces surround you. There are towers of flowers everywhere. There are flowers in every direction no matter where your eyes lead you. 

Some of the Featured Gardens on the first floor are:
The Tropical Garden
The English Cottage Garden
The Hydrangea Garden
The Orchid/Bromeliad Garden
The Antebellum Garden
The Japanese Garden
The Urban Oasis Garden
The Miniature Garden
The Desert Garden
The Rooftop Garden 

 As for my personal favorite. 
I would have to say it was the Bouquet of the Day by 
Jorge Cazzorla. (on display March 27-29) 
Jorge Cazzorla is President of the NY based company  Celebrate Flowers  /weddings, interior design, event planning.
While attending  the flower show, I had the pleasure of meeting Jorge. Let me tell you that his friendly personality  matched his breathtaking fragrant towering floral display. 

The floral scent of happiness still lives on in my mind and brings a smile to my face. Just the right variety of hand chosen flowers made this a unique experience and feast for the senses! Among the display were little special surprises such as a nested bird with eggs, while  a tiny hummingbird hid among the roses. 

Please be sure to take you time and experience the many varieties of  plants and flowers from all over the world coming together under one roof.

Also, available at the Macy’s Flower Show are free 20 minute guided tours. The tours leave every half-hour between 11am -4pm at the 35th St and Bwy entrance.
Before leaving be sure to stop at the children’s floor 7 to see the beautiful “Narnia” floral display.

If you are in the NYC area, do not miss
Macy’s Flower Show
Towers of Flowers
The Sky’s The Limit!
PS: Don’t forget to pick up a complimentary Offical Guide to the flower show at Macy’s information. Rub it gently to release a special fragrance! Enjoy!

Macy’s Flower Show NYC Towers Of Flowers

World Premiere: Pompeii The Exhibit Life And Death In the Shadow of Vesuvius

DTSX Times Square
“World Premiere of Pompeii The Exhibit
Life And Death In The Shadow of Vesuvius”
Discovery Times Square Exposition 
Opens March 4, 2011
If you have a definite interest in Pompeii or want to learn more about it and experience Pompeii first hand, you will not want to miss this exhibit!
I was fortunate enough to be invited to a preview night for the new exhibit event at DTSX Times Square NYC the other night.
I personally love learning everything I can about Pompeii and cannot wait to be a part of the action!
The exhibit is very informative and very emotional.
Walking into the room of body casts from people and animals that were caught in their tracks when  Mt. Vesuvius erupted, covering Pompeii, Italy was overwhelming. The thought of all those poor people covered in ash. The body casts were amazing and I felt honored to be able to experience seeing them.  How wonderful that we now have a chance to see the artifacts that were left behind.
During Pompeii The Exhibit, you can experience first hand what Pompeii was like before and after Mt. Vesuvius made its mark. 
Our audio guide was fantastic and a wonderful perk to the exhibit! It was great having two choices of numbers on the audio guide for “children” and “adults”. I loved it, since I was there with my 11 and 4 year old. They both we able to experience the exhibit, on their own level. They especially enjoyed the “closed space” movie where we were able to follow along watching the events of the day leading up to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius 2,000 years ago.
 I also enjoyed reading the very long events timeline, spanning the length of the room! 
The jewelry inside the display was wonderful, and there was plenty to choose from in the gift shoppe, as well as many other choices, including books, dvds, leather checkers, and more.

We all also enjoyed sampling two different waters inported from Italy. What a night! What a great exhibit!
You are not allowed to photograph inside of the display area. I was able to give a few sample pics from the gift shop area.
If you are in the NYC area, or planning a vacation to the area- do not miss Pompeii-The Exhibit! It is great for all ages and the experience is unforgettable!
See you at Discovery Times Square
Pompeii The Exhibit
For more information:
See You At Pompeii The Exhibit!
All opinions are my own. A special thank you to Discovery Times Square Expostion for hosting a wonderful night!