Sesame Place Concert Series: Max & Ruby

Max & Ruby
Live at Sesame Place
Langhorne, PA
It’s always a pleasure to visit Sesame Place.
 Since my family has the season pass, we try to go as much as we can. We especially love Sesame Place’s Concert Series. This past weekend, Sesame Place hosted one of my daughter’s favorites:
Max & Ruby!

A few months ago we had seen Max & Ruby’s Bunny Party Live at Best Buy Theater in NYC, so we did not  know exactly what to expect to see at Sesame Place. We were very pleasantly surprised by the show. It was a mini version of the Live Stage Show that is touring. Max & Ruby were up close and personal as they sang some of our family favorites: Max, Where are you? Gorgeous! Getting Ready for the Party! and more! Of course Emily knew every song and was more than happy to sing and dance along. Max even had his Can’t Sit Up Straight Slug with him and of course Ruby had her beauty kit to help Max become Gorgeous! I could not get over how much fun was packed into this 30 minute show!

We had our tickets reserved for the first show. Tickets are free with paid admission to Sesame Place with a limit of 5 per family per event. But, we did end up seeing the show a second time by entering the stand by line. My daughter can not ever get enough of Max & Ruby and why should she have to?

We also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Laura who stars in the show alongside Max & Ruby! She was a delight and let us know about all the places Max & Ruby have been on tour, including NYC, Canada, France, Korea, Tokyo and more! She really kept the audience singing and hopping, especially during the songs Big Blue Bus and Gorgeous!
 If you are a Max & Ruby fan, be sure to check the schedule of upcoming shows. Do not miss this one, you will not be disappointed!

Special thanks to Max & Ruby produced by KOBA Entertainment.
Special thanks to Sesame Place.
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The Fresh Beat Band Concert at Sesame Place

The Fresh Beat Band
Live in Concert 
Sesame Place
The Fresh Beat Band caused quite a stir when
 the complimentary tickets went up for grabs at
 Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa.
 Last year my family was not lucky enough to get them,
 but this year we were! 
I can see now why they tickets are gone in a flash! 
The Fresh Beat Band
 is a preschool band that is hosted 
by Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. on TV. 
They are not currently in concert, 
so Sesame Place is one of the few places you can catch 
FBB outside of your own television.
The Fresh Beat Band consists of four friends:
 Kiki, Marina, Shout and Twist and their tales of Music School.
Each one plays an instrument as well as sings and dances!
Their music is upbeat, 
has easy lyrics and every song is one that you want to 
sing, dance, and clap along with.
If you ever have the chance to see 
Fresh Beat Band in concert, don’t miss it.
 You will not be disappointed. 
The concert at Sesame Place was super and 
the members of 
The Fresh Beat Band 
could not have been any nicer to the children! 
They shook hands, smiled, high fived, 
and waved from the stage! The audience was super charged and by the sounds of the cheering and clapping I would have to say that everyone had a great time! I know my family did, for sure!
Thank you Fresh Beat Band and Sesame Place!
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids
Special thanks to The Fresh Beat Band and Sesame Place

Sesame Place Neighborhood Street Party Parade Night Time Parade Commercial Shoot!

Sesame Place
Neighborhood Street Party
Commercial Taping at Sesame Place
Last night I was pleasantly surprised to be a part of the 
Sesame Place commercial taping of the 
NEW night time parade!
I have already seen the new parade a few times 
since the park opened on 
April 30th for the 2011 season.
 Neighborhood Street Party Parade has the perfect 
name because it is just that, 
a combination of a party and a parade all in one! 
Since we really enjoyed the parade during the day,
 my family and I could hardly wait to see it in the dark.
We arrived just before the sunset. 

It was wonderful to see the sun go down around Sesame Place 
and the production crew set up for the night taping. 
They greeted the actors and crowd of extras (which we were a part of) with directions and enthusiasm. Everyone was excited in anticipation of what was to come. Families were taken to Sesame Street, set up and given a spot. Our family was thrilled to be offered the Fire Truck! The props were given out, and soon after the  director gave out the “Roll Em” call! There really wasn’t much acting to do once the parade began. Everyone could not help but sing, clap and dance to the happy music!
 The parade features songs that help children learn about
 numbers, letters, and friendship!
One song is more energetic than the next!
The fun went on and on as we waved and danced along with
 Elmo, The Count, Bert and Ernie, Abby Cadabby, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Rosita, Big Bird and Telly!

You can already have fun with the day time parade 
at Sesame Place, but to see the night time version you will have to wait until June 18th at 9pm. 
If you are going to Sesame Place, 
make sure you don’t miss out on this night time fun! 
You won’t be disappointed!
As, for the commercial shoot, 
I don’t think we made it into any of the clips,
 but it sure was great to be a part of all the fun!
 Commercials will start to air in June!
Meet you at Sesame Place!
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids
Special thanks to Sesame Place, Langhorne, PA

Sesame Place Family 4Pack Tickets Giveaway!

Sesame Place
4 Pack Ticket Giveaway
Now that it’s March, I cannot help but think about the Opening Day at Sesame Place! This year’s park opening will be April 30, 2011. The way time is moving, it will be here in the blink of an eye. It’s never too early to get your Sesame Passes or start planning your vacation overnight to Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA!
Sesame Place is currently offering many great
hotel deals, 
but one of my favorites is the Buy 2 nights, get one
additional night free!
This hotel deal INCLUDES the
Sesame Season 
for all people in the room! 
You will not believe the 
family friendly price of this package.

The only thing more fun than going to Sesame Place
and playing all day…is staying overnight and going
back the next day for more fun! Since this package
includes the Sesame Season Pass, you can go back all season long and “Play for free”!

A Giveaway for 3decades3kids Readers 🙂

Sesame Place is offering one of 3decades3kids readers a chance to win four (4) single day passes good for the upcoming season at Sesame Place, Langhorne, PA.  It’s a great chance to check out Sesame Place for the day or if you are already a season pass holder, it’s a great treat  for family or friends! Good Luck! 
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Counting down the days until Sesame Place opens on April 30, 2011

Sesame Place Offers Off Season Parties!!

Sesame Place Offers Off Season Birthday Parties!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love Sesame Place! I mean with three children, the oldest turning 20 next month,one in the middle and little one just turning 4, I have been going to Sesame Place forever! 

I was thrilled to find out that Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa offers some great party opportunities during their off season. As you may already know, you can book a birthday—october/graduation party at Sesame Place during the season (May-October), but I had no idea you could have your child’s birthday party there when the park was not in full swing.

During the months of November through March you can enjoy a family and friends birthday party right inside of Sesame Place. The party is held indoors along with access to an indoor show! How excited would any child be to have this as their birthday party? The party even includes a meet and greet with a character and a private character 20 minute interactive show! Wow! It makes me wish I had an “off season” baby!
For more information on Sesame Place Birthday parties check out: