Day Out With Thomas

Day Out With Thomas

During the early summer we went on a family trip to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine!

Last year we rode on Thomas at Strasburg Railroad in PA. This year we took the ride at Phillipsburg, NJ along the Delaware River. The fun begins the minute you get to the “Day Out With Thomas” location. There are balloon bounces, cotton candy, spin art, and many Thomas themed activities. Most of the Thomas activities are free, such as stamping out a picture with track and trains, Lego building, watching mini railroads, petting zoo,


Before boarding the massive Thomas the Tank Engine you can meet and greet with Sir Topham Hatt! After boarding Thomas you can find your seat and enjoy the Thomas themed music! Get your ticket ready. The conductor will be coming to each person to punch a hole in your ticket! Then, relax and take a 25 minute ride on Thomas!

Our family has taken the ride for two years and it has not disappointed! If you get the chance to ride on Thomas, don’t miss it! It just may pass you by!

Uncharted TerriTORI a Tori Spelling book signing

Uncharted TerriTORI

Book Signing with Tori Spelling
Borders, NYC

About a week ago my family and I decided to take a trip to the Borders, Columbus Circle, NYC for a book signing with Tori Spelling. It turned out to be a great experience! We Loved It!

When we arrived at the Borders, we were told that we needed to purchase Tori’s latest book, Uncharted TerriTORI, and then get into the book signing line. The line stretched through the book asiles and curved around different sections of the store. Thank goodness we were somewhere in the first half of the crowd.

The book signing was scheduled from 7-9, but as I hear it lasted almost until midnight. As I was able to get closer, I understood why the line was moving so slowly. Tori took time with each
guest. It was not the usual – not even look up and just sign the copy of my book you just purchased- It was quite a memorable experience. I personally had my two sons and daughter with me, as well as my husband. Tori took the time to talk to each one of us. She even took out her own camera because she thought something was very funny that my sons had with them, Emily’s dolls of the “gunkles”,

which she later tweeted about!

Of course, while I was waiting in line, and when I returned home I had to keep reading the book. Uncharted TerriTORI is an easy read and very enjoyable. If you like the reality show, you will love the book! I did!

Keith Urban BackstageExperience BBQ!

Keith Urban

Backstage BBQ Experience!
Not very long ago, my family and I had the pleasure, and I do mean pleasure, of attending the Keith Urban Concert at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ! All I can say is WOW! I thought the night would be great but I had no idea just how great it would be!
We arrived at the stadium at about 3 pm, a little early for a concert that was due to begin at 7pm, but we had a good reason. We were invited to the Keith Urban Backstage

BBQ! This is where the WOW
begins! We were greeted by an escort who brought us through special gates, since the regular gates were due to open until 4:30. The escort took us and a party of less than 2o
people to a private room where the BBQ was going to be held. When we entered the room it was entering “a dream”. There was a little stage set up at the far end of the room and a semi-circle of stools surrounding it. We knew Keith would be there for a meet/greet, but never expected our own little private concert.
We were greeted by a BBQ staff who showed us to our seats and invited us to dine on all the goodies you would find at a regular BBQ. My hubby, myself and our boys dined on pulled pork, hamburgers, chicken, and other choices galore. Of course, since it was sponsored by KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, there was plenty of BBQ sauce to go around! What do I have to say about the food? YUM! Delicious!
After our feast of BBQ and dining on our red checkered tablecloths, we roamed around the room looking a pictures of Keith and a signing a 10 ft poster of him with “good wishes”.
Before long the meet and greet began and each party was taken privately to meet Keith. He could not have been any nicer. He greeted our family with a warm smile and kind words. He signed my son’s cowboy hat and traded picks with my older son! Then we posed for a picture and headed to our front row seats! I do mean f
front row! We were less than 10 feet away from Keith as he took requests for a favorite song. My older son requested “Days Go By”, one of my favorites and Keith sang it. It was so emotional, I was brought to tears. WOW, was this really happening? Could someone actually be lucky

enough to be in a stadium filled wit

h about 35,000 people and be in a room with less than 20 people and Keith Urban not more than 1o feet away? The answer of course was yes!
After Keith warmed up and then played a song to us, he answered any questions people had and really showed off his “down to earth” personality! He talked about his childhood, his wife and family, and about playing to a big crowd! He gave my sons some tips on playing guitar, since they both have their own guitars and enjoy country music. You could not have asked for a better time! All I could think was how the actual concert did not even begin yet. I did not think it could get any better than it already was at that moment.

It was tough leaving such a wonderful BBQ, but we needed to head to our seats quickly. Keith spent so much time with us that we only had about 10 minutes before he was onstage! He definitely did not let anyone down with his wonderful concert. When he came out the fans went crazy, even though the rain decided to join us at exactly the same time. It did not seem to matter!
Keith Urban was the opener, followed by The Dixie Chicks, and then The Eagles! What a great night!

ILLUSCINATION! Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily Circus

Coney Island
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily Circus!

Illuscination, the circus, by Ringling Bros and Branum & Baily opened on The Boardwalk at the corner of 21st St. and Surf Ave. in Coney Island! We were there this past weekend for an evening show. It was super!

Our show tickets were for 6:3o, but we arrived an hour early for the pre-show. Wow! We have been to the circus many times, but never on this scale. Since it is held in tents near the Boardwalk, EVERY seat is a good one! At the pre-show we were able to get very close to the elephant as she printed a picture of her foot that was later raffled off to a lucky winner. A few clowns were on the floor, some jugglers, and a place to try on circus clothes! We already had a great time and the circus did not even begin!

Of course the kids had to visit all the stands and get some cotton candy, a circus hat, circus peanuts, dippin dots, etc! Yeah, we definitely had enough snacks to go around. The circus began right on time with the elephants parading around and the clowns doing tricks. It was so much better with just one ring and so close. We could see everything. The circus would not have been complete without the tigers and lion tamer, the trained cats doing their tricks, white horses, and of course confetti and mild indoor fireworks. It was quite a show. Just like the circus you see at MSG, but scaled down and not extremely loud. They even had the motorcycle going up a tightrope! So much fun! I would love to go back and see this show again. Maybe I just will, especially since we were given tickets on the way out for $8.oo tickets/ weekdays during June and July! Here’s the code in case you want to try out this boardwalk circus. You will not be disappointed, believe me! or 18007453000 code: BROOKLYN

http://www.ringlingb/ Fun for All Ages! ( I would know!)

Toy Story 3 at the Ziegfeld Theater, NYC

Toy Story 3 at
The Ziegfeld, NYC

Toy Story 3 by Pixar opened on June 18th and we just had to be there for opening night to see it for ourselves. We were not disappointed! As an extra bonus we were able to see the movie in 3D at the famous Ziegfeld Theater on 54th Street in NYC. We were welcomed to the theater by a long red carpet. That made us feel very honored and very excited as of what was to follow.
As we entered the theater, we were given our 3D glasses. I was so happy to see that they had different sizes. My husband and I and our older children wore the adult size and my 3 year old was given a smaller child’s pair of glasses. Bravo! She was able to keep them on the entire movie, since they actually were the right size for her.
The inside of the theater was really “done up” for the event! We were greeted at the top of the stairs with a four foot “3” in honor of the movie. Decorations were everywhere, including Mr. and Mrs. Potato head directing us to the Men and Women’s room!
We grabbed our refillable “giant” popcorn and drinks and headed for our seats! Of course my youngest wanted to sit in the very first row, so no one would be in front of us. We gave in to her, it seemed very important for her to make that decision. It actually worked out great. We watched the previews for upcoming movies and then the Pixar Short, which was so entertaining! Then, just before the movie was about to begin, the screen flashed on a giant “Toy Story 3” sign and an announcemnt was made: “It’s time to meet your favorite Toy Story friends”. We were all pretty excited because out came Buzz Lightyear and Woody! My 3 year old could not believe her eyes! I thought they were going to pop out of her head when Buzz came right over to her seat and invited her to stand up and meet him! The characters were friendly and not very rushed. Both of them walked around the theater twice and were willing to stop and greet whoever wanted to meet them! Just as they waved goodbye, the movie began.
Immediately, I loved the movie. The beginning action scene was great and pulled you right into the whole Toy Story mode! I don’t want to give the movie away, so I won’t go into details, but let me say that ALL of the family was entertained!
It was a little emotional for hubby and I, since our oldest was 4 when the original Toy Story movie was released. He also just completed his first year of college, so when you see the movie, you will understand why it was emotional to the two of us. None the less, it was overall enjoyable and I think GREAT for all ages. If you or your children like Buzz and Woody, you will love Toy Story 3! Enjoy, and if you have older children….bring your tissues!