Dylan’s Candy Bar, NYC

Dylan’s Candy Bar NYC

Dylan’s Candy Bar on 60th Street, NYC is a great place to visit for any age! It’s like entering a “Candy World Paradise”!

When you enter Dylan’s Candy Bar, it is like entering Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.
Chocolate fountain to the left, with your choice of graham cracker, rice krispies treat, or marshmallows there for the dipping! Quite a reasonable treat, too!

As you go around the ground floor, you soon have to choose. Should I go up the candy stairs to the ice cream shoppe, or down the candy stairs to a lower floor filled with even more treats?
We decided to go upstairs where we ordered a sundae with the works! A few scoops of ice cream or your choice, gummy worms, m&m’s, reeses, whipped cream and sauce! Wow, good thing there were five of us to share the fun!
We enjoyed our treat at a table filled with colorful gumballs and surrounded by walls covered in candy covered wallpaper. Did I mention the ice cream shoppe is surrounded by wall to wall windows! It is a bright and sunfilled happy place that will lift your spirits up high!

After our yummy sundae, we took a peek downstairs to find a full-sized tub filled to the top with gumballs of every color! My little daughter wanted to jump right in for a gumball swim. We convinced her it was better to look at from the outside. We also found some delicious homemade fudge and many other choices of both candy, tote bags, pj’s, and tees!

We made some choices and went back to the main floor for one more look around, to see Dylan’s signature chocolate bunny, and to grab some more goodies for the way home.

Did I mention that we left with out pockets overflowing with candy? (well, really not our pockets…more like our candy-bags) We all cannot wait to get back to Dylan’s Candy Bar!

Happy 30th Birthday, Sesame Place!

Happy 30th Birthday, Sesame Place!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to go to Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa with my family. It was opening weekend and they really knew how to celebrate. As soon as we arrived at Sesame Place we were greeted by a giant topiary birthday cake. It’s got us right into the mood of the celebration!

When we entered the park the kids wanted to head for the water rides. It was 90 degrees and everything was open. We went right to Sky Splash, a family water tube ride! What a way to start off the day. I think I know why they call it Sky Splash now! Soon after, Emily wanted to stroll along Sesame Street to see what characters were out. We found Bert and Ernie and they even took time out and played a game of hop-scotch with her!

Next, a nice relaxing trip tubing on Big Bird’s Rambling River was in order. Of course, that just gave the kids a chance to think of what “dry rides” they wanted to undertake! After toweling off we headed to Flyin’ Fish, Blast Off, and Vapor Trail. We could not pass up a chance to see the new show, ELMO ROCKS! Everyone enjoyed seeing all the Sesame characters rock out!

By then we were getting pretty hungry, so we decided to enjoy dinner at Elmo’s Eatery, and even had Elmo shaped pretzels!

Before we left, we got a nice balloon and watched the parade! It was great to see the new “birthday float” and the characters with their birthday hats on! What a way to celebrate!

We had such a great time, we stayed over at a local hotel and went back the following day for more fun!

If you have a chance to visit Sesame Place this summer, you will not be disappointed!