Yeah! My Sketch is in Simone’s Room! The Guncles

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Yeah! My “Owlet Loving Family” Sketch is in Baby Simone’s Nursery!
By now everyone knows how much I adore the “Guncles”. I was very happy for them when they welcomed baby Simone into their loving family.
While I was on Twitter one night Scout tweeted about how they were going to hang up sketches of owls in the baby’s room. I could n0t help but respond to the tweet.
Immediately, I thought of a sketch of two daddy owls with a little owlet in the middle…all forming the shape of a heart! I was thrilled to see it come to life and to get it right into the mail.
I received a thank you in the mail right away from Scout, Bill and baby Simone. They are so sweet! I am so happy they like the sketch! I thank them for honoring me by hanging it in a special place in Simone’s room…a room overflowing with love! You never know…a matching tee may be on the way…xo
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