Fuller House on Netflix! So Much Awesome! #Netflix #StreamTeam

Fuller House on Netflix


Seems like just yesterday my younger self was obsessed with Full House. My friends and I loved every minute of the show. When I heard the first news about Fuller House in the works I just about went wild. What an amazing experience, what an amazing idea. Now my own kids can have the chance to see what fun was waiting for them with the debut of Fuller House. So, popcorn in hand our family sat together to see just what Fuller House was made of, if it would live up to Full House. The answer: Yes! If you were a Full House fan be prepared. You are not going to be able to leave until you have streamed every episode of Fuller House! Our family loved this new show and you will, too! As for John Stamos and Bob Saget, I can officially never get enough of either of them! They won’t be in every episode but will definitely make their appearances. So, check it out on Netflix and let me know what you think. All thirteen episodes are live and waiting for you just in time for the weekend.

I’d love to share  a glimpse at how DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy are adjusting into their new roles as grown-ups, plus hear more about their perfect Netflix night in. As Candace Cameron Bure puts it, it’s “pretty rad.”

I’m so excited to say that  Fuller House characters are getting their very own Netflix “collections” to celebrate the show launch. Next time your family is gathering around the TV, look to TV Time for the Fam and other Fuller House-inspired title collections to find something everyone can agree on!



TV Time for the Fam: www.netflix.com/familytv

Fuller House and Other Fave Fams: www.netflix.com/fullhousetofuller

Supermoms Like DJ Fuller: www.netflix.com/djfuller

Steph Tanner Presents “How Rude” TV: www.netflix.com/stephtanner

Kimmy Gibbler and Other Pesky Friends: www.netflix.com/kimmygibbler


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