The Fresh Beat Band Concert at Sesame Place

The Fresh Beat Band
Live in Concert 
Sesame Place
The Fresh Beat Band caused quite a stir when
 the complimentary tickets went up for grabs at
 Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa.
 Last year my family was not lucky enough to get them,
 but this year we were! 
I can see now why they tickets are gone in a flash! 
The Fresh Beat Band
 is a preschool band that is hosted 
by Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. on TV. 
They are not currently in concert, 
so Sesame Place is one of the few places you can catch 
FBB outside of your own television.
The Fresh Beat Band consists of four friends:
 Kiki, Marina, Shout and Twist and their tales of Music School.
Each one plays an instrument as well as sings and dances!
Their music is upbeat, 
has easy lyrics and every song is one that you want to 
sing, dance, and clap along with.
If you ever have the chance to see 
Fresh Beat Band in concert, don’t miss it.
 You will not be disappointed. 
The concert at Sesame Place was super and 
the members of 
The Fresh Beat Band 
could not have been any nicer to the children! 
They shook hands, smiled, high fived, 
and waved from the stage! The audience was super charged and by the sounds of the cheering and clapping I would have to say that everyone had a great time! I know my family did, for sure!
Thank you Fresh Beat Band and Sesame Place!
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids
Special thanks to The Fresh Beat Band and Sesame Place