Turtle Back Zoo Holiday Lights!

Turtle Back Zoo

Holiday Light Spectacular!

When December rolls around, I am always in awe of all of the Christmas lights that glow everywhere I go. I especially like going to places that have light displays. This year we tried something new. I visited Essex County’s Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, NJ with my family.

We have visited the zoo many times, but never for the holiday lights. We were so surprised as we drove into the parking lot to see the zoo illuminated by thousands of beautiful lights. As we approached the entrance my family and I were greeted by Frosty the Snowman! Christmas music was everywhere. It was very welcoming and we could not wait to get inside and check out all the displays.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the zoo was not only a feast for the eyes, but many of the animals were there as well! We were able to view the wolves, monkeys, a cow, pig, chickens, and many more animals. We also spotted many lights that were animal shaped! My favorites were the elephants and giraffe lights. My daughter loved the peacock lights! We each had our favorite.My son liked ALL of them!

After our chilly walk was over, my children enjoyed a ride on the Merry Christmas Go Round and then we warmed up with some nice hot cocoa. Oh, yes, I almost forgot: Santa was there! What a perk! Lights, Zoo Animals, Merry Go Round, Hot Cocoa and Santa- What else could you really ask for to make the night more perfect? By the way, the admission is free. but the zoo is collecting non-perishables as donations. What a great idea!

Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show

Disney Live!
Mickey’s Magic


Being a Disney fan, I could not wait to see Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show! Although, I was a little worried since it was not our regular “Disney On Ice”, I really did not know what to expect. Would it be boring without skating and non-stop music? Would my children be entertained with magic tricks? It was a first for our family.

Within minutes of the show beginning, I knew we would not be disappointed. There was a wealth of characters. The regulars were there, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, but there were SO many more!

My personal favorite, Cinderella was there. My daughter watched in awe as the Fairy Godmother “Bibbidibobbidibooed”, and the pumpkin was magically changed into Cinderella’s magic coach!

Of course the Queen of Hearts was there with Alice in Wonderland, as well as Snow White. I loved the Sorcerer Mickey sequence with all of the magical dancing brooms! The magicians did a wonderful job keeping us entertained with tricks and illusions galore.

One highlight was watching Princess Jasmine being raised into the air! Wonderful illusion!
The audience loved it, and so did I! By the way, music filled the air with one favorite Disney tune following the next! If Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show! is coming to a town near you, I would not miss it. Everyone needs a little “Magic”.

Sesame Place Halloween

Sesame Place Halloween -The Count’s Spooktacular

Looking for an adorable place

to take your preschooler (and a little 0lder ) children trick or treating for Halloween and the weekends leading up to it?
We had the pleasure of going to Sesame Place this weekend. They had so many Halloween activities we could not even do them all in one day! The park is open 10-6 and will keep you hopping from one activity to the next. Our family had fun immediately upon arriving by taking a fun hay ride! The character on our hay ride was Telly Monster! We also had a nice hostess who sang songs and told stories! Once we entered the park the kids immediately wanted to Trick or Treat! There were so many stations set up throughout the park! We went to some fun Halloween themed shows
where the characters were dressed in Halloween costumes. Our family favorite was The Not Too Spooky Halloween Show, which included a fun ending with the song Thriller! We could not leave without relaxing a bit and watching The Rock Around the Block Parade, since the parade will change next season. We also played a few of the fun games and my son was lucky enough to win the jumbo Frog! The day could not have been any more fun! Happy Sesame Halloween! http://www.sesameplace.com/sesame2/

King Tut Exhibit NYC

King Tut Exhibit NY

About a week ago my family and I visited the King Tut Exhibit hosted by Discovery! We toured with an audio guide. It was the first time I used the device. You just pressed the number of the display and the audio guide told you all about whatever you were looking at! It was great. You could go at your own pace and repeat something if you wanted to hear it again. There was room after room filled with artifacts found in King Tut’s Tomb. Although King Tut is actually NOT part of the exhibit, there are so many artifacts that it really does not even matter. There are chairs, masks, games, tools, etc. even one of the six chariots that were buried in the tomb with him! After the exhibit we also watched the King Tut 3d movie. It was short, but very interesting. If you get a chance to see the King Tut exhibit, give it a try. It will be there until Jan. 1st, 2011, then it heads back to Egypt. I’m glad that I did not miss it!

For more information: http://www.kingtut.com/

Dorney Park for Halloween

Dorney Park for Halloween Fun!

Over the weekend my family and I visited Dorney Park in Allentown, PA. We went for some early Halloween fun! Every weekend the park is open 10-5 for little kids. It’s called Boo Blast!We had fun seeing the Peanuts gang, Trick or Treating, fun rides, shows, and even a costume contest!(Emily even won a little Snoopy stuffed animal for “Sweetest Witch!” lol) Camp Snoopy as well as ALL the rides are open from 12 noon.

The park closes the kiddie rides at 5pm to get ready for the evening fun! The night fun is called “HAUNT” with 13 fearful attractions. There are seven outdoor haunted mazes, four indoor haunted houses, and two live shows. On top of that there are over 400 lives creatures lurking about..So, if you don’t want to be scared at Haunt you have to exit the park by 6pm, that is when the nite attractions begin. No matter which you choose, Dorney Park is definitely a lot of fun for Halloween! PS: Tix are more expensive at the gate, so if you plan to go..buy them online! Boo Blast and Haunt run until Halloween!
For more information you can visit: http://www.dorneypark.com/