Toy Story 3 at the Ziegfeld Theater, NYC

Toy Story 3 at
The Ziegfeld, NYC

Toy Story 3 by Pixar opened on June 18th and we just had to be there for opening night to see it for ourselves. We were not disappointed! As an extra bonus we were able to see the movie in 3D at the famous Ziegfeld Theater on 54th Street in NYC. We were welcomed to the theater by a long red carpet. That made us feel very honored and very excited as of what was to follow.
As we entered the theater, we were given our 3D glasses. I was so happy to see that they had different sizes. My husband and I and our older children wore the adult size and my 3 year old was given a smaller child’s pair of glasses. Bravo! She was able to keep them on the entire movie, since they actually were the right size for her.
The inside of the theater was really “done up” for the event! We were greeted at the top of the stairs with a four foot “3” in honor of the movie. Decorations were everywhere, including Mr. and Mrs. Potato head directing us to the Men and Women’s room!
We grabbed our refillable “giant” popcorn and drinks and headed for our seats! Of course my youngest wanted to sit in the very first row, so no one would be in front of us. We gave in to her, it seemed very important for her to make that decision. It actually worked out great. We watched the previews for upcoming movies and then the Pixar Short, which was so entertaining! Then, just before the movie was about to begin, the screen flashed on a giant “Toy Story 3” sign and an announcemnt was made: “It’s time to meet your favorite Toy Story friends”. We were all pretty excited because out came Buzz Lightyear and Woody! My 3 year old could not believe her eyes! I thought they were going to pop out of her head when Buzz came right over to her seat and invited her to stand up and meet him! The characters were friendly and not very rushed. Both of them walked around the theater twice and were willing to stop and greet whoever wanted to meet them! Just as they waved goodbye, the movie began.
Immediately, I loved the movie. The beginning action scene was great and pulled you right into the whole Toy Story mode! I don’t want to give the movie away, so I won’t go into details, but let me say that ALL of the family was entertained!
It was a little emotional for hubby and I, since our oldest was 4 when the original Toy Story movie was released. He also just completed his first year of college, so when you see the movie, you will understand why it was emotional to the two of us. None the less, it was overall enjoyable and I think GREAT for all ages. If you or your children like Buzz and Woody, you will love Toy Story 3! Enjoy, and if you have older children….bring your tissues!

Nickelodeon Story Time Live

Nickelodeon Story Time Live

My family and I had the pleasure of attending Nickelodeon Story Time Live at Radio City, NYC.

We had a fantastic time!

The Nickelodeon Show was hosted by Moose and Zee, which was a first, and very entertaining for the kids!

The show featured Ni Hao,Kai-Lan and her search for the Monkey King! The costumes were wonderful and the smoke on the stage made it seem so real! Emily wanted to dance and sing from the beginning to the end of the show!

The Wonder Pets were great with their life-size puppets! The Backyardigans were very entertaining with their songs about dirt land! But, our family favorite was “Dora”! She brought the audience to a new high-level of singing and dancing. When Swiper came onto the stage the kids went wild!! All you could hear was, “Swiper-NO swiping! Swiper-NO swiping!”. It’s amazing what energy a group of over 500 preschoolers can bring out!

So, if you have a preschooler, or someone a little younger, or little older, you will love this show!
The kids love to watch their favorite shows on Nick Jr., can you imagine how much fun it is to see it live? Enjoy!

1st Place Winner for FEDCAP’s National Poetry Contest!

Congratulations, Adam!

1st Place Winner in FEDCAP’s Words About Work National Poetry Contest!

Back in March, Adam entered FEDCAP’s “Words About Work” poetry contest.

FEDCAP is a nonprofit organization that helps to train and place disabled people into a workplace that is right for them. What a wonderful organization! They have been established since 1935!

Adam received a beautiful letter of congratulations in early April, telling him that he was the grand prize winner for the Children’s poems! What a proud moment!

Adam was invited to read his winning poem, “I Work”, at the FEDCAP’s WordsAboutWork Poetry Slam on April 25, 2010, held at the Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, Manhattan! He was treated like a King!

I cannot begin to express just how proud I was of Adam that day, and every day! Great job, Adam!

I Work

by Adam Sullivan

I work at school.

I work at home.

I work wherever something’s wrong.

I work at night and mornings, too.

In the afternoon, and even in the month of June.

I work real hard and put play to the side.

To get by, work done today.

Someday, I will work so hard and get paid!

Mother’s Day at Magnolia Bakery, NYC

Mother’s Day at Magnolia Bakery, NYC

I did not know what to expect from Mother’s Day this year. It’s been two years since my mother passed away and now the ball is pretty much in my court or the court of my hubby and children.
I was given an open book for the day, but just did not want a big deal made of the whole thing. Somehow, it was quite enough to have my son home from college for the weekend. Seeing all three children in the living room together may have been the best gift of all.

Of course there was one place that I really did want to go to on Mother’s Day and I am glad my request was granted! We visited the Magnolia Bakery, NYC. It really lived up to its expectations. Quaint and low key does not even begin to explain it. The place is a corner haven to escape into from the busy streets. I did not know what it would be like, since I have only seen it in pictures and also in the movie, “New York, I Love You”.

As my hubby , myself and my three children entered the bakery, the aroma of “sweet home” overtook us! Cupcakes to the left, Big cakes in the middle, brownies to the right. It took time just to look at all the choices and then decide. I personally took about two seconds to decide on my choice: it was German Chocolate Layer Cake for me! Hubby went with the luscious Carrot Cake.
My middle son could not resist the Chocolate Chocolate Cake, my oldest had the Fancy Yellow Cake, and my youngest daughter had the Violet Cupcake! WOW! We ended up “forking” into each other’s pieces and all I can say is YUM! If that was not enough, the coffee was delicious and my boys had warm apple cider! I felt like I was at a Spa. We were all so relaxed and enjoying our yummies and conversation. What a Mother’s Day for me! I could not have asked for a nicer day.

Dylan’s Candy Bar, NYC

Dylan’s Candy Bar NYC

Dylan’s Candy Bar on 60th Street, NYC is a great place to visit for any age! It’s like entering a “Candy World Paradise”!

When you enter Dylan’s Candy Bar, it is like entering Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.
Chocolate fountain to the left, with your choice of graham cracker, rice krispies treat, or marshmallows there for the dipping! Quite a reasonable treat, too!

As you go around the ground floor, you soon have to choose. Should I go up the candy stairs to the ice cream shoppe, or down the candy stairs to a lower floor filled with even more treats?
We decided to go upstairs where we ordered a sundae with the works! A few scoops of ice cream or your choice, gummy worms, m&m’s, reeses, whipped cream and sauce! Wow, good thing there were five of us to share the fun!
We enjoyed our treat at a table filled with colorful gumballs and surrounded by walls covered in candy covered wallpaper. Did I mention the ice cream shoppe is surrounded by wall to wall windows! It is a bright and sunfilled happy place that will lift your spirits up high!

After our yummy sundae, we took a peek downstairs to find a full-sized tub filled to the top with gumballs of every color! My little daughter wanted to jump right in for a gumball swim. We convinced her it was better to look at from the outside. We also found some delicious homemade fudge and many other choices of both candy, tote bags, pj’s, and tees!

We made some choices and went back to the main floor for one more look around, to see Dylan’s signature chocolate bunny, and to grab some more goodies for the way home.

Did I mention that we left with out pockets overflowing with candy? (well, really not our pockets…more like our candy-bags) We all cannot wait to get back to Dylan’s Candy Bar!