Mom-ming For 27 Years and Counting! #HappyBirthday #RedRobin


Mom-ming For 27 Years And Counting! When A Baby Is Born, So Is A Mommy! Red Robin Celebration!


I wish I could tell you I have a picture around from twenty seven years ago when my oldest son was born. But as life would have it, I just want to get this post up. It was a last minute decision, but I just felt like sharing his birthday and the birth of me becoming a Mommy with you all! When I’m done posting I am going to look around and see if I have a baby pic to splice in! Wish me luck.


Sometimes it’s just a surreal feeling to think that I had my oldest son twenty seven years ago! I mean, I am in a circle of friends and bloggers right now where many of them are the same age, younger or older. But every year when my son celebrates his birthday there is something inside of me that just melts. It’s the same day I was born as a Mommy! It’s a title I hold the dearest of them them all. After having a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, I had the thought that maybe it would never happen, maybe I would never be a mom. 


It’s certainly not the case twenty seven years and three kids later! I have been wearing my Mom title proud for all of those years. A lot of people have their kids, they grow up and it’s a done deal. But with having three kids all 8 years apart it’s been a different story around here. Every time one hit the big EIGHT another appeared, starting over! It’s been a constant parenting frenzy of all aged children in this house. But I can see it all leveling off now…27 years later, with only a teen and tween left to parent AND NO more on the way! lol


Today we celebrated at Red Robin. My oldest son has chosen Red Robin as his birthday celebration spot for at least the past six years, maybe more. It’s a good one and a great place to celebrate with our family and closest friends. The food is delicious, the birthday burger is free and the time is not rushed. It makes for a perfect celebration. We feasted on burgers and onion rings and endless fries and of course a rainbow cake! Even my Dad, who is 92, came out for the festivities! What a beautiful day!


Today we shared food, laughs and plenty of conversation. Today my son turned twenty seven years old and I turned 27 years of being a Mom! Here’s to all of your kids birthdays. Celebrate the day with them, it’s the day you became a Mom! What a special special day! So, as the menu reads, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, Red Robin- I think we did them all today! Check out all that Red Robin has to offer and their great deals here:


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