Ten Tips On Hosting Your Disney Side Home Celebration

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Ten Tips On Hosting Your Disney Side Home Celebration

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This year our family was chosen to host a Disney Side Home Celebration for the second year. Such an exciting moment when that pixie dusted email arrives telling you that you have been chosen by Disney Parks to be a part of the fun. Now, you don’t have to be chosen in order to host a Disney Side Home Celebration. Honestly, we have been hosting them for years without the official name. A Disney Side Home Celebration is just inviting friends over and hosting a Disney themed party. Everyone has a Disney Side, what’s yours?

This year we are still trying to come up with a theme. We have it narrowed down and will announce it very soon when are invitations are ready. In the meantime, if you are looking for some tips on hosting a Disney Side Home Celebration we are here for you. We came up with ten tips on hosting your own party.

Tip 1: Choose a theme for your party. Some people were given a theme, others were not. If you do not have a preselected theme, it’s up to your family to come up with one. You can always choose one of the preselected ones for yourself or think of something original. Last year our theme was Hidden Mickey. It was a great theme and easy to feature at the party. You are welcome to try it if you still haven’t chosen.

Tip 2: Choose a date and send out invitations. Set the size of your party according to what is comfortable for you. Although it says home celebration, some people last year chose to have their party at a school, bowling alley, scout meetup, etc. We will be hosting ours at home again this year. By the way, your invites can be online or hard copy. It’s all up to you.

Tip 3: Do the Disney Side Happy Dance! You were chosen. Don’t stress about what was in your celebration package. There is no comparing if you are showing your true Disney Side. It’s about having fun and being happy. So just accept and enjoy!

Tip 4: Don’t forget about the music! What’s a Disney Side Home Celebration without music? Last year we created a play list on Spotify.com for free with over 200 Disney songs. It was awesome and kept the party going with tunes that everyone knew and some that they have not heard in a long time. Of course you can use your own music. I’m sure you already have some playlists created since your love Disney!

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Tip 5: Decide if you will play games at your party. If you decide on games be sure you have the room and all your ducks in order. Check that all the game pieces are there. Check that the directions are clear. Check that everyone will have fun with the games you have chosen. http://family.disney.com/activities

Tip 6: Photo Booths are awesome and easy to make. Be sure to do them in advance. Any box can easy be cut up into a photo booth. Check out some awesome Photo Booth ideas on my Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/3decades3kids/disney-photo-booth/

Tip 7: Decide what treats will be served at your party. Check with party guests ahead of time for any special dietary concerns. Create some Disney themed names for the foods depending on your party theme. Example: Snow White’s Non-poisonous apples, Tink’s Pixie Dusted Cookies.

Tip 8: Decorate your party area with home made decorations. Kids love to decorate and really get into it. Last year we made Mickey paper chains, paper flowers , hidden Mickey’s for around the house and more. The decorating is part of the fun!

Tip 9: Decide if you will have goodie bags. We found a ton of fun toys, pens, puzzles all in Target’s dollar zone. They always have Disney themed goodies. If you google Disney low cost favors, you will come up with a zillion places to purchase any theme surprises.


Tip 10: Don’t forget to take lots of pics and video. On party day it may be a good idea to put a friend in charge of pics and video. Sometimes the host can get pretty busy making sure that everything is going as planned and not have time to zone in on pics, let alone video. This year I am passing the torch on this job so I don’t have to worry about it.

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone’s Disney Side Home Celebrations. Big or Small each party will have its own unique Disney magic. It’s all about fun, friends and family….and sharing our love for Disney! What’s your Disney Side? Do you have another tip? Please leave it in the comments section. We are always looking for more tips!


Disclosure: No compensation was given for this post. We will be hosting a Disney Side Home Celebration in February and just thought if we could help one person to plan, we have done our job. Contact Diane Sullivan at 3decades3kids@gmail.com and everywhere else at @3decades3kids We were provided with a Disney Side Celebration Kit by Disney Parks and BSM media. 


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  1. says

    How fun is this?! I love these ideas for a birthday party but it is such a great idea to have a just because party for little ones. I haven’t been to a Disney park since I was a little girl, but still have a strong Disney Side! 🙂 Love this post!

  2. Fi Ní Neachtáin says

    I have to admit I’ve never heard of Disney Side Home Celebration but I am loving the idea! Having a Disney theme for any party is just magical. I’m loving your tips, especially the last. I can’t help but take lots of pictures on the ordinary days, never mind for an amazing party! 🙂

  3. says

    What a fun party for your whole family!! I am a Disney fanatic and they seem to get better every year. I can’t wait to see what you choose for your party. A Disney party would be a blast to plan out.

  4. says

    It’s definitely going to be worlds of fun at these parties. I’m not doing one because my kids are older, but I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  5. says

    My kids have outgrown the themed party stuff. As teen boys they want to go out with friends to dinner or a show or both. I sure am glad I have lots of pictures of those parties from when they were little.

  6. Kathy says

    I love the Disney Side parties! I’m going to have mine in about three weeks. We have the princess party and my daughters are so excited. They won’t stop talking about it.

  7. says

    This is such an adorable idea for a birthday. I know my daughter, Alea would flip if we took her! She’s in love with everything Disney– just like your little girl!

  8. Michelle Hwee says

    Man I keep seeing people’s posts of “Disney Side” I wish that I had registered!! The boxes are absolutely fantastic! I love your tips, they are quite helpful and creative/unique at the same time! Thank you so much for sharing them! With kids at home, they definitely will come in handy, as they absolutely love anything DIsney, as do I!

  9. says

    Never hosted or even attended a disney party before but it would be awesome as i am a disney child and would probably come as mulan or now more recent elsa

  10. says

    These are amazing tips! I’ve seen a lot of friends getting all these amazing Mickey products, so jealous, my kids are some crazy for some Mickey. Looks like a really great party kit.

  11. says

    One can’t go wrong wit a Disney-themed or Disney-inspired celebration because Disney is timeless. At one point in our lives, we’ve all been Disney babies that even hearing one’s favorite Disney song gives you that feeling of nostalgia. You’ve put together a great list that a lot of people will be able to appreciate during parties 🙂

  12. eliz frank says

    What an exciting opportunity to get the chance to go all out on a Disney themed party. I bet the kids are excited arena will talk about it for years to come. All I need is to see that happy dance! :-

  13. says

    Ok, so those Mickey character pieces for the CandyLand are absolutely adorable! I love the overall design of the board with all of the characters – it’ so colorful. I am in love with that Tinkerbelle costume too…I’d wear that if it came in an adult size…and my favorite color is green.

  14. says

    Who doesn’t have a Disney Side? Great tips – I love the Spotify.com for a music list. That’s some great dancing. Disney has the best music to dance and sing along to for kids of all ages.

  15. courtney says

    How fun!!! I purposly don’t pay to these things because I have afew blogger friends that do Disney side parties every year and well… I will let them have all the fun 😉

  16. says

    I’ve been seeing a lot about these in the past week or so and they definitely look like a lot of fun. These are really great tips for hosting.

  17. says

    Disneyside parties are great! I love hosting and putting them on myself. Thanks for the wonderful tips, for someone who is having a hard time planning. I love anything Disney.

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