Build A Bear Workshop- Making My Little Pony Princess Celestia @Buildabear #MLP #MylittlePony

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Build A Bear Workshop- 

Making My Little Pony Princess Celestia 

By now if you know me, you know just how much our family adores Build A Bear Workshop.

Besides the fact that it was the dream child of Maxine Clark, it’s a place I know my daughter can

create a new friend. Build A Bear introduced My Little Pony to the family last year and since then we have added quite a few to our home and hearts. Since my daughter is eight years old, she is the perfect age to really get the full experience of making a new friend.

Recently we visited one of our favorite Build A Bear Workshops, nicknamed at this time of year as

Santa’s Workshop so Emily could make the latest My Little Pony, Princess Celestia. She has been counting down the days to this one. Princess Celestia is one of her absolute favorites, so I was just as excited to watch her make the pony as she was to be there.

If you have never been to Build A Bear, it’s quite easy to understand just what to do when you get there. First you check out all of the choices and pick the one friend that you plan on taking home. Emily always gives it a hug to see if it hugs back since she says that the friend actually chooses you. Princess Celestia was no different. They chose each other and it was off to the stuffing station where the helper had Emily choose a heart to put inside of her new friend. She made a special wish on the heart and then placed it inside of Princess Celestia. She also chose a lovely strawberry scent and the official My Little Pony tune that later would be played a zillion times over by pushing the hoof.

After a few foot pedal pushes, Princess Celestia came to life! She was ready for her first official hug! Emily’s smile could not have been any brighter! What a magical moment.

Next we were off to the fluffing station where a lot of fluffing and brushing took place. I mean, a princess has to look perfect before she gets dressed, right? Before long we found the cape, tiara and necklace set and pair of golden shoes that finished off the look! Princess Celestia was dressed and ready to go! We registered her and received an official adoption certificate! So much fun. If you are thinking of taking your child to Build A Bear, don’t delay. There are plenty of choices for both girls and boys- including Disney’s Frozen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more. By the way, Build A Bear is not just for kids, there were people of all ages creating new friends! Check out more about Build A Bear here:

Check out our video making Princess Celestia!

Disclosure: Build A Bear provided a gift card to create a new friend. No compensation was given for this post. All opinions are that of Diane Sullivan/ 3decades3kids. Contact Diane at and everywhere else at @3decades3kids.

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