#StreamTeam Our Favorite Netflix Titles this April

We can’t wait to let you know all of the awesome new movies, TV shows, and comedy specials that are new to Netflix this month– and we’re even more excited to watch them ourselves! From Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix original film Sandy Wexler to awesome Netflix original series like Mystery Science Theater 3000: the Return and Bill Nye Saves […]

Let Netflix Help You Address Tough Topics This Month! #StreamTeam

From tackling peer pressure to learning to achieve five whole minutes without a cell phone in hand, addressing tough topics with your kids head-on can be hard. Even with the littlest ones, it’s not always easy to explain why you can’t get them that cute puppy and why they need to be nice to their […]

Netflix Celebrates Siblings in April! #StreamTeam


Believe it or not, siblings really can get along. They play together, they cuddle, and they get sad when one of them is gone for too long. But when it comes to agreeing on something to watch, they can go from love to loathe in a matter of minutes. We want siblings everywhere (of all […]

Netflix Stream Team: New LEGO Shows! #StreamTeam


This month on Netflix, two awesome new shows from LEGO are debuting– and we couldn’t be more excited! With a full season of each available for streaming right now, it’s the perfect time to check out the brand new Netflix Original series LEGO Friends and LEGO Bionicle. In fact, we’re so pumped for these two cool new shows […]

January on Netflix! Something For Everyone In Your Family! @Netflix #StreamTeam


There Is Something For Everyone In The Family This January On Netflix! Happy January! One thing I absolutely love about Netflix is that everyone has their own privacy and choices. Unlike “On Demand” the kids are not shown show choices that are way out of their age range as they are searching for a show […]

This December Netflix Is Perfect For Snuggle Weather #Giveaway #StreamTeam


I’m Dreaming Of A Night In….December Is Perfect Snuggle Weather My favorite snuggle weather is here. Bring on the blankets, hot cocoa and movies, movies, movies. Our family lives for snow days and being together enjoying some much needed family time along with some great movie watching. It seems like we all head in a […]

This May Be The Cutest Super Bowl Ad You Will See! #SneakPeekVideo @Sprint


This May Be The Cutest Super Bowl Ad You Will See! #TeaserVideo If you are like me, the Super Bowl is all about the commercials! Agree? You will love the Sprint commercial. Love cuteness? We have a bit of a sneak peek for you and don’t worry it won’t spoil the whole deal for you. […]