Toys R Us Times Square NYC

Toys R Us Times Square NYC
Looking for a fun place to visit? 
Most of us at one time or another have been to Toys R Us. If you are a family with children or grandchildren you are probably a frequent visitor, but you have never seen a Toys R Us like the one at Times Square NYC.
The store is impressive before you even enter it, with its outside “well-lit eye-catching” billboard above the huge revolving doors that lead you inside. Once inside you are immediately drawn to the enormous indoor ferris wheel that goes from the bottom floor all the way to the top! It has cars on it with everything you can think of from Mr. Potato Head to Cabbage Patch Dolls, Monopoly and so on! There is a car for everyone’s taste.
As you venture upstairs be prepared to face some “larger than life” friends on display. You won’t find these in your ordinary Toys R Us.
You can say hello to the T-Rex that almost touches the ceiling, a Giant Transformer, many Lego displays and more things then you can ever imagine. Boys can have a lot of fun in these sections filled with adventure!(girls enjoy it,too)
 My daughter’s favorite part of Toys R Us Times Square is the Barbie section or as she calls it, “Barbie World”. I would have to agree with her. You can have a lot of shopping fun in Barbie’s 4000 sq. ft. dollhouse! I think you can find every Barbie and accessory made for Barbie. There are two floors of Barbie fun! If you are not into Barbie, you can still enjoy many choices like: Cabbage Patch dolls, Disney Princess, Polly Pocket and more.
If you are starting to get a little rumbly for some candy, don’t worry. There is a complete CandyLand themed section filled with “too many” candy choices! If you can’t find what you are looking for there, you have a second shot at it by visiting the Wonka World Candy Section or Scoops R Us for some yummy ice cream!
Don’t leave the store without saying hello to Geoffrey and even taking home a picture if you would like! Toys R Us Times Square is a fun place to shop or just to visit! If you are in NYC or the Times Square area, don’t pass by Toys R Us. You won’t believe what is inside!

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Kids Night On Broadway 2011

Kids Night on Broadway NYC 
Kids Night on Broadway is taking place this week in NYC.If you enjoy taking in a Broadway show and would like to give your child that same fun experience there you should know about Kids Night On Broadway! KNOB is a great way to take your child up to age 18 to a Broadway show for FREE! For every adult ticket you buy, you can a child’s ticket to the same show free! Another wonderful part of Kids Night on Broadway is that you can go to dinner and it works the same way. You buy the adult entree and the child dines for free! You can choose a place to dine from the approved list of restaurants in the Broadway area. It’s simple! You buy the adult dinner and the child eats free! There are also special events in places around the Times Square area. 
Our family has been a part of KNOB for the past 7 years and have enjoyed it each year! This year, even the new Spiderman is available!

 During the past few years we have seen:

The Little Mermaid/retired
Mary Poppins
The Lion King
Mama Mia
42nd Street/retired
Beauty and the Beast/retired

Shows available:
The Adam’s Family
Billy Elliot
American Idiot
Driving Miss Daisy
Good People
Jersey Boys
Lion King
Mama Mia
Phantom of the Opera
Million Dollar Quartet
and more!
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We have dined at:
Planet Hollywood
Bubba Gump Shrimp
Mars 2112

Palm West

Toni’s  DiNapoli

MANY more restaurants available!
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If you are in the NYC area and love Broadway, you should definitely check out Kids Night on Broadway!

Back Before The Disney Store Times Square NYC Opened!

Before the Opening!
Disney Store Times Square NYC
As I was looking through my pictures, I actually could not believe that I did not write a post about the new Disney Store NYC. Since the first time I discovered the store was going to be located at Times Square, I could not stop  peeking through the keyholes and trying to get a glimpse into what would become the Disney Superstore of NYC! 
Back in August. This was taken through the round keyhole!
It’s kind of funny now to take a look back at the Disney Store before it actually opened! Just thought I would share some of my “Behind the Scenes” pictures from before the opening. Enjoy!
October-One more month until the Grand Opening /Through the slats of the door!
Almost open!

The Gazillion Bubble Show NYC

The Gazillion Bubble Show NYC

Ever since I heard about The Gazillion Bubble Show in NYC, I wanted to see it! I thought it would be fun for the entire family. The Gazillion Bubble Show The Next Generation, held at New World Stages on 50th Street, NYC was great!

Our show was hosted by Deni Yang, who was a wonderful bubble artist since the age of four. His parents were the original Gazillion Bubble Show hosts in other cities where the show still takes place.
The show featured many, many bubbles-big and small. Deni Yang told different stories and created bubbles that not even your imagination could begin to think of. Children of all ages and adults alike were in awe of all the spectacular bubble acts!

I personally loved when a little girl was taken on the stage and story was told of a little girl in Hawaii who dreamed of snow. In just a few seconds of dimming the lights and bringing them back up, the stage was transformed into a bubble paradise. There were bubbles everywhere.

As a bonus, Deni Yang preformed a breathtaking lazer act. The music was wonderful and the audience was filled with enthusiam! 

One highlight of going to the Gazillion Bubble Show is that you can get your picture inside an actual bubble! There is a special area set up that you can stand in and people raise a bubble up around you! Sometimes it takes a few tries, but they do get the picture!
If you are in the mood for a fun afternoon with the family, The Gazillion Bubble Show is a great choice! There are also plenty of “take home” bubble fun items to purchase and take home for your own bubble fun!
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Disney On Ice – Princess Wishes!

Disney On Ice- Princess Wishes!
Last night my family was lucky enough to go to Disney On Ice Princess Wishes. It was a first for us. We have gone to many Disney On Ice shows with our two older sons, but now that we have Emily, our own little princess, we had to see Princess Wishes!
This Disney on Ice highlighted scenes from many of the Disney Movies and the Princesses were abundant! 

Arriving early to Princess Wishes had its advantages. The doors opened one hour early and that gave us  an opportunity to take our time and view the Princess display. Wow! We were able to see Princess gowns and items from many of the Princesses, including Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and of course Princess Tiana!
We even got to see Tiana’s yummy pot of gumbo just like in the movie Princess and the Frog!
 One of my daughter’s favorite parts of the preshow was actually getting to meet the real Princess Tiana! She was beautiful and Emily was in awe of her, as were all the little grils!

We had so much fun even before the actual Disney on Ice show  started! Princess Wishes was filled with fun for both girls and boys, so if your Princess has a brother, don’t worry, there were plenty of scenes that kept the “guys” amused! The hostess of the show was Tinkerbell, who came out between scenes to introduce the next act! The Pixie dust was plentiful as Tink skated from one end of the ice to the other! 
If you have a chance to see Dinsey on Ice Princess Wishes, don’t miss it. Your Princess will love it and so will you. Don’t forget to leave some room for the yummy cotton candy and popcorn and of course snow cones in take home Disney cups! Have a magical time at Disney on Ice Princess Wishes!

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