Dorney Park for Halloween

Dorney Park for Halloween Fun!

Over the weekend my family and I visited Dorney Park in Allentown, PA. We went for some early Halloween fun! Every weekend the park is open 10-5 for little kids. It’s called Boo Blast!We had fun seeing the Peanuts gang, Trick or Treating, fun rides, shows, and even a costume contest!(Emily even won a little Snoopy stuffed animal for “Sweetest Witch!” lol) Camp Snoopy as well as ALL the rides are open from 12 noon.

The park closes the kiddie rides at 5pm to get ready for the evening fun! The night fun is called “HAUNT” with 13 fearful attractions. There are seven outdoor haunted mazes, four indoor haunted houses, and two live shows. On top of that there are over 400 lives creatures lurking about..So, if you don’t want to be scared at Haunt you have to exit the park by 6pm, that is when the nite attractions begin. No matter which you choose, Dorney Park is definitely a lot of fun for Halloween! PS: Tix are more expensive at the gate, so if you plan to them online! Boo Blast and Haunt run until Halloween!
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Alpha and Omega 3D – NYC Screening Premiere

Alpha and Omega

NYC Screening Premiere
A few days ago w
e were lucky enough to be invited to the Alpha and Omega NYC screening premiere at the Lincoln Square 13.
We really did not know much about the movie
before arriving at the theater, although we had a pretty good idea of the story line from all of the televised commercials.

When we arrived to the theater we were greeted with a smile. My children were happy to have their hands filled with Alpha and Omega wearable ear
s, posters, 3d rulers, crayons, activity books, word searches, coloring pages, etc! If that wasn’t enough, everyone was treated to an Alpha and Omega popcorn and soda/water pack! Once everyone was in the theater and seated we had the pleasure of having the movie introduced by Ken Katsumoto (producer) and another producer. They wished us all a “great movie”
and before you knew it the show was on. Everyone had on their 3D glasses and we were ready for the fun to begin!

The story is very family friendly and a lot of fun for all ages. My sons are 19 and 11, my daughter is 3 and they all enjoyed the film.

The 3D was
super and the story very entertaining.
Alpha and Omega represent the two rival groups of wolves in a conflict over territory. The movie is centered around Kate (an alpha) and Hum
phrey (an omega). It is a movie filled with fun, love, jokes, excitement and is just good family fun!

If you are looking for something fun to see at the movies this weekend don’t miss “Alpha and Omega 3d”! Enjoy! Alpha and Omega 3d opens September 17th nationwide.

Welcome to our Pirate Room at Carribbean Beach!

Pirate Room at Caribbean Beach Resort!

A Must for Pirate-Lovers!

Do you like pirates? They are a family favorite in this house, so we could not resist booking the Pirates Room at the Caribbean Beach Resort. We were definitely not disappointed!
As we entered our room
we were “taken over” by the pirate theme. It was wonderful. The beds were ships, with ship bottoms-complete with cannon holes! The fridge was a big barrel. The dressers were ship crates and pirate chests. My personal favorite was the curtain that separated the bedroom from the bathroom area. There was a fantastic pirate themed curtain

! At night when the lights were out, except for the bathroom area, the pirate seemed to be illuminated!
Of course, we did bring and pick up a few pirate items ourselves…like Mickey Pirate lollipops, pirates tattoos, pirate soap from the Basin, and Adam brought along his pirate hat and suitcase! If you have a chance to book the Pirate Room at CB, don’t miss out! It was arrrrgggggrageous!!

Hello From Disney World!

Hello From Disney World

Kind of hard to believe this photo was from Day 19 of our trip to Disney World. It was actually our last day in the parks and we chose to go to Magic Kingdom.
It’s always our first and last day of the va
cation. For our family it is the most magical place on Earth!
Of course, being at Disney World for 19 days, you would think you have enough time to do everything, but “not us”, we had hardly enough time to get everything in that we wanted to do.
For instance: Emily’s Minnie’s ears were purchased on the last day of the trip! Actually, they were a partial “Magical Moment”, which I thought had stopped last year. She was given “comp name” on her ears, something they charge for now!
Our last day was as fun as our first day though. Everyone got “one special choice” of a ride or show that they wanted to see or do. Adam’s was of course to go to “Tomorrowland”, while there we rode the People Mover, Buzz Ride, visited Buzz and Stitch, The Laugh Factory and Space Mountain! Louie’s choice was “The Haunted Mansion”, one of my favorites! I could not wait to get there. With a quick hour or two stopover in Fantasyland to ride Winnie the Pooh

3 times, Dumbo, Snow White, Peter Pan, and The Teacups! Thank goodness it was Extra Magic hours and we had until 1am to get everything
Hubby’s choice was “The Hall of Presidents”. He loves it! I don’t think it hurts that it is so close to Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain!
Of course my choice came at the end of the list, but well worth the wait: “Pirates”! I have always loved that ride and it has lived up over and over. It was especially fun, since 5 nights of our trip included a “Pirate” room at Carribbean Beach!
After Pirates we headed to the Jungle Cruise, Magic Carpets, and then the Tiki Room, with a quick crossover back to catch the Country Bears!
After the show we got a comfy spot and watched “Wishes”, my favorite fi
reworks display. Even though we were able to see “Nightmagic” a few days before, there is just something about Wishes that I love. It’s very heartwarming.
For some reason, my family always thinks that after the fireworks is the perfect time for some ice cream and snacks. It was fine with me, too! After all, it was the last night, right?
A snack and “The Electric Light Parade” ahhhhhhhh….a perfect ending!

Yeah! My Sketch is in Simone’s Room! The Guncles

Yeah! My “Owlet Loving Family” Sketch is in Baby Simone’s Nursery!
By now everyone knows how much I adore the “Guncles”. I was very happy for them when they welcomed baby Simone into their loving family.
While I was on Twitter one night Scout tweeted about how they were going to hang up sketches of owls in the baby’s room. I could n0t help but respond to the tweet.
Immediately, I thought of a sketch of two daddy owls with a little owlet in the middle…all forming the shape of a heart! I was thrilled to see it come to life and to get it right into the mail.
I received a thank you in the mail right away from Scout, Bill and baby Simone. They are so sweet! I am so happy they like the sketch! I thank them for honoring me by hanging it in a special place in Simone’s room…a room overflowing with love! You never know…a matching tee may be on the way…xo