Giveaway Medieval Times And Summer- Perfect Together!

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Medieval Times and Summer- A Perfect Pair! Giveaway- Win A Family Four Pack of Tickets

I’m sure by this point you already know what huge Medieval Times fans we are. Our family has been going to Medieval Times forever and I’m pretty sure that will not stop any time soon. Recently we were invited to  a special event at the NJ Castle in Lyndhurst, NJ. For this event we had to arrive super early. We were excited to get a one on one interview with all of the knights who spend their days and nights jousting. Of course my daughter asked if there were any female knights, which to my surprise there were not. Maybe she will be the first. I mean, with two big brothers anything is possible, right?!

If you have ever been to any of the Medieval Times locations throughout the world, ( the first one was actually built in Spain) you know that the main show takes place on the center sand. Well, our family was invited onto the SAND! Honestly, I have always wanted to walk down there on the sand. That’s where all the action takes place, where all the grand horses are and where the knights fight. It definitely lived up! We were escorted to the sand by ALL of the knights for a lesson in how to use weapons. By the way, that clanking that you hear during the show from weapon hitting weapon is REAL! Some of those weapons are extremely heavy. We were given step by step instructions on different moves. It really put everyone in the right mood to sit down and watch the battle begin!

On that note, when you do attend Medieval Times I think this might be a huge tip. Always find out what time the doors open for your show. They usually open about an hour ahead of time. You should shoot to arrive at that time if you can. There is always a mini welcome where the Queen and company exit the doors of the castle and welcome everyone in. It’s a perfect way to start your visit to Medieval Times and even touts a trumpeter! Once inside, I always view the lobby as part of the experience. There is a picture taking opp. Please don’t ask me about the pictures! We have SO many. I ALWAYS buy the picture of our family or family and friends when we attend the show. (Some of the VIP packages even include the picture). There are bars with an array of drink choices and souvenir stands that will not break the bank. There is also the Torture Chamber if you are up for some medieval fun. It may not be good for young children, but it sure is interesting for the rest of us.


When you do enter the castle your group will be given a colored crown. For our family it was yellow this show. The color of your crown will match up the section of the castle you will be seated in and the also the color of your knight so you know who to cheer for! Our family was super excited to sit in the first row of seating up against the arena. That was a FIRST for us! It definitely was an incredible view! Wow!

As for the actual show you can definitely expect a lot of excitement. Once the Queen greets everyone the games will begin and you can cheer for your favorite knight! If you knight wins the match you may just receive a flower from him. Somehow Emm always ends up with the knight’s flower. As the games begin so does the feast! Remember, you have been transported back to medieval times SO there is no silverware included. The soup bowl has a handle and the rest you just use your fingers to dig in with! The food is delicious and even includes dessert.

On the night we visited the castle, our Yellow Knight WON the tournament! We hardly every get into the winning section SO this was a biggie for us! Maybe it was that our section was going crazy cheering, “Yellow Knight! Yellow, Knight!”. And just when the show is over and you think it’s time to leave there is still more left to do. After the show ends you can meet all of the knights and the Queen in the lobby for picture opps or just to say hello! What I love most about the entire experience is that you are just somehow magically transported out of your daily routine and life and into an entire different world that only exists within the castle walls! For the time inside you won’t even remember that the rest of the world exists! There is nowhere in the world like Medieval Times! Have you ever been to a show?

GIVEAWAY: One lucky 3decades3kids reader will win a four pack of tickets to Medieval Times Lyndhurst, NJ castle! Enter with any or all of the links below. Giveaway ends July 22, 2019 at 11:59 pm. Winner will be notified soonafter and has 48 hours to respond and claim prize before a new winner is chosen. (18+/USA). Prize consists of 4 tickets to Medieval Times Lyndhurst NJ Castle only.

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Disclosure: This post is written by Diane Sullivan. All opinions are that of my own and do not reflect the views of the partner company represented in this post. Contact me at or @3decades3kids across all social media networks. Media invite provided by Medieval Times.

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  1. Kathleen E says

    We would LOVE to win these tickets. I have 4 little girls that have been dying to go here and see the horses and fun! Thanks for the chance. It’s certainly not an inexpensive night out otherwise.

  2. Lynn says

    Aww, the first time I went to Medieval Times was a surprise for my 16th birthday. I remember it so well even 30 years later! Haven’t been back to the NJ location for a very long time. I even know a knight in TX!

  3. Wendy wallach says

    I liked you on Facebook, left a comment why I want to win, followed you on Instagram, followed you on Twitter, followed medieval times-NJ on Twitter, and subscribed to your YouTube channel. Plus here I am saying I want to win! Phew!

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