NYC Broadway Escape To Margaritaville

NYC Broadway Escape To Margaritaville With NYC Dads Group!broadwayCoupleMy hubby belongs to a Daddy parenting group on Facebook called NYC Dads Group! If you are in the area you should definitely check it out. It’s a great place for Dads to chat with each other to meet up! Recently @NYCDadsGroup hosted a group of Dads and their significant others for a night on Broadway to celebrate Mother’s Day! My hubby was lucky enough to be invited and took me along as his date! I was SO excited about the show- Escape to Margaritaville! I am such a huge Jimmy Buffet fan and have been forever. You may not know but before I hit the road to married life I spent most summers down the shore working in Cape May, NJ. My days were spent on the beach and my nights working at the bookstore. It was something I absolutely loved and along with those days of freedom I was basically obsessed with all and any Jimmy Buffet music. I took it to the beach with me all the time and played it in my one room apartment when I wasn’t watching the waves crash. I also introduced my hubby to the beach life and to Jimmy Buffet. It did not take him very long to also become a big fan!



So when hubby asked me if I wanted to join him for a night on Broadway fun at Escape to Margaritaville I screamed, YES!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course as life would have it our hot water tank cracked and a pipe or two just days before the show. The only time the plumbers could tend to the huge mess coincided with the show. This could only happen to me!?! I did not want to miss the show but I also did not want to chance being trapped at the house with the plumbers. Ugggh!! Well, somehow it all worked out and we arrived at the show with thirty minutes to spare! Yay! 


If you are thinking about going to see Escape To Margaritaville, just do it! It’s a great show if you are a Jimmy Buffet fan OR if you are not! It really doesn’t make much difference. It’s a very enjoyable story with plenty of comedy and tunes to keep you smiling throughout the show. If you are a Jimmy Buffet fan you will definitely going to LOVE this show! It’s packed with songs and puns and a million little things that a Jimmy Buffet fan will just love. It’s like an island getaway right in the middle of NYC! The show also is filled with some of my favorite songs including, Volcano, Cheeseburger In Paradise and Fins! 



Summer is a perfect time to take in a Broadway show and this one will definitely leave you singing and with an island vibe! You can also get a taste of some unique Escape To Margaritaville speciality drinks that include, Frozen Fins Margarita, Son of a Sailor and 5 O’Clock Somewhere! You can get them without alcohol so everyone can enjoy! Check out more about Escape To Margaritaville here and grab some tickets to see it for yourself! broadwaydrinks Disclosure: This is a personal post. The event was hosted by NYC Dads Group so we are super thankful for the #DadsNightOut with them! All opinions are that of my own. Contact me at and @3decades3kids across all social media platforms. 

Armitron Watches Are Perfect For Mom This Mother’s Day!

Armitron Watches Are Perfect For Mom This Mother’s Day! armitronTOP

Mother’s Day is here and it’s crunch time! Time to find the perfect gift for mom and something that she will LOVE! It’s not exactly an easy task if you ask me. I mean, I am talking about myself. My hubby always asks what I want, my kids ask want I want….I never know what to ask for, I really don’t want anything at the moment. But when I came across the Armitron Charm Watch I was floored by its beauty. I loved it immediately! Five minutes beforehand I had no wish list at all and then THIS WATCH!! I fell in love with it at first sight. armitron3armitron4

The beauty of this timepiece is that it doubles as a beautiful bracelet, a charm bracelet. It’s also available in yellow gold or rose gold! Yay! Another thing I love about most Armitron watches including this one is that they have a series of clasps for sizing. No matter what size your wrist is you can size the charm bracelet to make it the perfect fit for you. So in short, I have to suggest that if you are looking for a last minute gift for mom look no farther. It will also work for birthdays and graduation! It’s perfect! I absolutely love mine!



 I am also thrilled to share a special code with you! Now through May 14th you can get 25% off and free 2 day shipping! Bring on the watches! That is quite a savings! Good luck with your watch shopping! There are so many awesome choices! Check out everything about this Armitron watch and so many others here: Sample product provided for the purpose of this review. All opinions are that of my own and do not reflect the views of the parent company represented. Contact me at and @3decades3kids across all social media platforms. 

Keep You Child Hydrated While They Have Fun With Gululu Interactive Bottle!

Keep You Child Hydrated While They Have Fun With Gululu Interactive Bottle!

gululu2The future of water bottles is here! Imagine waking up to a gentle nudge that it’s time to take a few sips of water? Imagine taking a sip of water and waking up your very own virtual pet that lives right inside your water bottle? It’s only a few clicks away. I don’t know about you but I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea. I can’t believe it exists!

With built in sensory technology this water bottle can measure your child’s fluid intake. In addition it will relay the information to the parent through a linked mobile app. The parent is in control of setting up all the perks and times. The water bottle can be set to silent for school days and set to play after school and on the weekends. In addition the water bottle can sustain being dropped from a table, backpack or desk. 


Doesn’t this sound like the perfect water bottle? I know I want one, and I’m not a child! During school time your child can make new water bottle friends with other virtual pets that live inside their bottles. If your child forgets to drink his virtual pet or friend will remind him to get hydrated which in turn will help their pet to grow. This is a must for kids health! 

There is an entire Gululu Universe at hand for your child to explore! Though wifi that Gululu Universe content is automatically updated which opens the world of exploration to your child. By keeping hydrated your child can unlock more and more of the universe and advance levels. His virtual friend will evolve and advance even opening up treasure chests along the way. 

The best news is that while your child is playing with his new virtual friend he is also getting hydrated without any stress on you, the parent! You can keep track of the hydration level at any time via the app on your phone. If your child takes his bottle to school (which it is absolutely perfect for) it’s easy to clean out when he gets home! At bedtime the app can set a shut off sleep time and also allow it time to hit the charging deck. The bottle holds 13.5 ounces. This bottle will definitely help you make sure your child has all the hydration they need to live a healthy lifestyle! Check out more about the kids water bottle here. 


Well, what do you think? I’m definitely a fan although I have only read about the product. I know Emm would love Gululu interactive bottle for sure. Maybe we will have to chance to check one out in person someday soon! If we do, we will keep you posted with updates! The bottle comes in three colors: Mermaid Pink ( I’m sure that would be our choice), Bowhead Blue, and Submarine Yellow! They are a bit pricey but when you factor in the healthy habits you are instilling into your child it does not seem as high a price. Anything that will keep my family hydrated is a plus in my book! How can you go wrong? Their mission is to hydrate the kids of the world– and for every bottle purchased a kid in a developing country is being provided with clean water well for life through our partnership with organization. If you are in the market for one, please check out more about the Gululu Interactive Kids Water Bottle here!

gululuDisclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and Gululu. All opinions are that of my own and honest. They do not represent the views of the parent company. Contact me at or @3decades3kids across all social media platforms. 

#Giveaway Celebrate Mother’s Day With Stop and Shop!

Stop and Shop Has You Covered This Mother’s Day Weekend- Gift Card Giveawaystopandshop11

Mother’s Day is here and we are all scrambling for something special for Mom and the important women in our life. Did you ever think of shopping at your local Stop and Shop for the perfect gift? Recently we visited Stop & Shop to see exactly what they had in store for the shoppers when it comes to Mother’s Day! We were pleasantly surprised at the variety of lovely gifts available.

stopandshop1 stopandshop12

As soon as you enter Stop & Shop you won’t be able to miss the bigger than life Mother’s Day display! The store we visited had an array of flowers available and balloons to go with them. In addition to the bouquets of flowers we found baskets of flowers, beautiful orchids in various sizes and colors, adorable little ceramic mini rose holders and much more. There were even wall hangers which included flowers, hanging baskets and wooden plant boxes with I Love Mom painted on them! For super convenience there is a mini greeting card set up next to the flowers. Super easy for someone running in on their way to visit Mom! They also had a boxed can display and mini Mom cakes all up in the front of the store. I absolutely loved the set up! There was no running through the aisles searching for Mother’s Day items. They were all right up in the front including a min display of gift cards! Check out everything Stop & Shop right here:


As we continued our Mother’s Day search throughout the store we did find even more! The bakery was overflowing with every type of Mom dessert you could think of including Mom cupcakes, cakes, Mom’s Garden cake, flower bouquet cake, and giant decorated cookies (the size of a cake). In the card aisle we found a big variety of Mother’s Day cards, beautiful wrapping paper and gift bags all ready for this special occasion. Of course in addition to all of the Mother’s Day specialties you can also partner them with a gift card of choice, a book to read or a dvd/bluray! It would be safe to say you definitely could put together some beautiful gifts for the women in your life that are celebrating Mother’s Day!


stopandshop2GIVEAWAY ALERT: We are thrilled to partner with Stop & Shop host a $25 gift card giveaway. There are two ways to enter. Good luck! Winner will be chosen via May 13th at 11: 59pm and contacted Monday May 14th to verify address and claim prize. 24 hours to claim prize before a new winner is chosen. Happy Mother’s Day!

Entry One: <—Follow us on Instagram, like the picture and comment below it, then follow Stop & Shop on

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the special women in our lives! 


Disclosure: Gift Cards provided by Stop & Shop for review items and giveaway. All opinions are honest and my own, they do not reflect those of the parent company represented. Contact me at and @3decades3kids across all social media platforms. 


Skytop Lodge In The Poconos- A Great Getaway For All

 Skytop Lodge In The Poconos- A Great Getaway For All


Our family is all about spending time together, creating memories and making traditions along the way. We are also big fans of  having fun. Not long ago we were introduced to a beautiful hideaway in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Skytop Lodge is at the top of the mountain in Skytop, Pa. Located less than three hours from the hustle of NYC our family has found a perfect place for everyone to just relax, unwind and unplug for our daily busy life. Skytop Lodge is different than most of the surrounding family style resorts. There is no big indoor waterpark or crowds of people. It’s a place where you can choose your activities as each day comes about. When you check into Skytop Lodge you will be presented with the activities for the days of your stay. You and your family and pick and choose from the long list of things to do that go from early morning until nightfall. 


Skytop Lodge and the property surrounding it is just gorgeous. It’s like stepping into a beautiful painting that comes to life during your stay. As you drive up to the main building of the resort you will pass the gleaming lake that is hard to take your eyes off of for very long. Skytop Lodge has a few different accommodation options. There is the main building where the pool and dining are housed. Then there are also cottages and cabins. We stayed at the Streamside Cabins. The cabins are divided into four units with connecting doors. They have patios and plenty of space. There is a shuttle that will pick you up at different locations within the resort and transport you to the main building or to your destination of choice. Our family enjoyed the Streamside Cabin. It was so roomy and really gave us the feeling of nature surrounding us. We enjoyed taking strolls alongside the stream and looking for little woodland animals. On our last trip we spotted a deer and some bunnies not far from the cabin. You can imagine how exciting that was for these city people! 




Although it was tough leaving the cabin our family did make it up to the main building quite a few times. First of all the indoor and outdoor pool are there. They are both ideal for swimming or just relaxing. There is also a hot tub, toddler pint sized pool and exercise room in the area. Throughout the day there are activities at the pool including a cannon ball big splash contest and a rubber ducky race! So much fun! We even spotted a mermaid during our visit to the pool! 

skytoppool skytoppoolmermaidOne of our favorite things to do at Skytop Lodge is have fun in the game room. Our family has this ongoing competition going on with the Ping-Pong game. We really have never had the chance to just slow down and play ping-pong. It is SO much fun! There are other games to choose from, too and even some that are bigger than life. There is also a book and magazine section there for the littles to enjoy along with some play till you win games so everyone leaves with a prize! Did I mention they also have tanks that line the wall where you can check out some snakes, frogs and lizards. I’m very happy there are all behind the glass! Check out more about Skytop Lodge here:


To put it into a nutshell, if you are looking for a resort in the Poconos that is either laid back or filled with activities you should definitely check out Skytop Lodge. It’s a place where you can choose your activity level based on what you are looking for during your stay. If you visit in the summer there are a ton of summer (spring, fall) sports to choose from including horse back riding! If you visit in the winter you can count on Skytop to bring you all of the winter fun you are looking for including tubing and more. Any time is the right time to visit Skytop Lodge. I would suggest looking at their events calendar to see when the best time is for you to visit with your family, friends, spouse or for a little alone time.


Disclosure: All opinions are that of my own and honest. They do not represent the views of the parent company represented. Contact me at or @3decades3kids across all social media platforms. Media invite provided.