Keep You Child Hydrated While They Have Fun With Gululu Interactive Bottle!

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Keep You Child Hydrated While They Have Fun With Gululu Interactive Bottle!

gululu2The future of water bottles is here! Imagine waking up to a gentle nudge that it’s time to take a few sips of water? Imagine taking a sip of water and waking up your very own virtual pet that lives right inside your water bottle? It’s only a few clicks away. I don’t know about you but I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea. I can’t believe it exists!

With built in sensory technology this water bottle can measure your child’s fluid intake. In addition it will relay the information to the parent through a linked mobile app. The parent is in control of setting up all the perks and times. The water bottle can be set to silent for school days and set to play after school and on the weekends. In addition the water bottle can sustain being dropped from a table, backpack or desk. 


Doesn’t this sound like the perfect water bottle? I know I want one, and I’m not a child! During school time your child can make new water bottle friends with other virtual pets that live inside their bottles. If your child forgets to drink his virtual pet or friend will remind him to get hydrated which in turn will help their pet to grow. This is a must for kids health! 

There is an entire Gululu Universe at hand for your child to explore! Though wifi that Gululu Universe content is automatically updated which opens the world of exploration to your child. By keeping hydrated your child can unlock more and more of the universe and advance levels. His virtual friend will evolve and advance even opening up treasure chests along the way. 

The best news is that while your child is playing with his new virtual friend he is also getting hydrated without any stress on you, the parent! You can keep track of the hydration level at any time via the app on your phone. If your child takes his bottle to school (which it is absolutely perfect for) it’s easy to clean out when he gets home! At bedtime the app can set a shut off sleep time and also allow it time to hit the charging deck. The bottle holds 13.5 ounces. This bottle will definitely help you make sure your child has all the hydration they need to live a healthy lifestyle! Check out more about the kids water bottle here. 


Well, what do you think? I’m definitely a fan although I have only read about the product. I know Emm would love Gululu interactive bottle for sure. Maybe we will have to chance to check one out in person someday soon! If we do, we will keep you posted with updates! The bottle comes in three colors: Mermaid Pink ( I’m sure that would be our choice), Bowhead Blue, and Submarine Yellow! They are a bit pricey but when you factor in the healthy habits you are instilling into your child it does not seem as high a price. Anything that will keep my family hydrated is a plus in my book! How can you go wrong? Their mission is to hydrate the kids of the world– and for every bottle purchased a kid in a developing country is being provided with clean water well for life through our partnership with organization. If you are in the market for one, please check out more about the Gululu Interactive Kids Water Bottle here!

gululuDisclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and Gululu. All opinions are that of my own and honest. They do not represent the views of the parent company. Contact me at or @3decades3kids across all social media platforms. 

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