Nintendo Switch Splatoon2- One Player Mode-Octo Canyon

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Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 -One Player Mode- Octo Canyon


Being a Nintendo Kid Reviewer really has it’s perks. Recently I had the chance to check out the entire game of  Splatoon 2. At this point I’m only allowed to talk about the Octo Canyon although I did spend days playing and have already finished it! My full review will be coming soon.



The original Splatoon was so much fun. I loved playing both alone and online with others. Splatfests definitely ruled my life! Once the dates were announced I could not wait to choose a team and play. Splatoon 2 adds even more fun to the game! As a bonus, there are definitely Splatfests already scheduled!

The single player mode of Splatoon 2 is pretty exciting. You can go shopping at the stores, play a turf-war or ranked battle with your friends, or even eat at the food truck! Anyone for a Crusty Seanwich?



The game starts off at a new location, Inkopolis Square! It’s a place where you can go to the Lobby to battle, go to the Shoal to play with friends, go to Grizzco to play a Salmon Run, go to Octo Canyon to play in the single-player mode, or go to the Galleria which has the best stores in Inkopolis! Did I mention that in this game you can customize not only your normal gear, but your hairstyle and legwear too? This is a pretty exciting news for all Spltoon fans!


This is a more fleshed out single-player experience, Octo Canyon gives players the chance to dive into Splatoon’s offline half. With a variety of worlds to explore and many bosses to face, hardcore fans and newcomers to the series will both find lots to do in. The first 3 worlds offer a lot to players, as they are varied & showcase how single-player feels less like a side-activity this time around. Players will find themselves also upgrading their weapons as the game progresses, which helps in enhancing and deepening the experience in this epic paint-covered sequel.


So, grab your splattershots and start inking! See you in Inkopolis!


nintendokidreviewersDisclosure: Diane Sullivan/3decades3kids is a Nintendo Partner. Emily and Adam Sullivan are Nintendo Kid Reviewers. No compensation was given for this post. Sample products are sent throughout the year for the purpose of review…and fun!  Follow our gaming series for all of the latest on everything Nintendo. Contact me at and @3decades3kids everywhere else across the social media platform. Snap us at : ThreeDecades


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