Disney Vacation Club..What A Great Decision!

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A view from our DVC room at The Boardwalk!
Disney Vacation Club

Once a year our family tries to take a wonderful vacation to Disney World in Florida. Almost fifteen years ago, my husband and I purchased a time share through Disney called Disney Vacation Club. At that time we had a 6 year old and we spent a lot of time in Florida. Well, fourteen years later we now are a family of five, with a 20,12 and 4 year old and we still try to spend time in Florida.
We would not be able to vacation at Walt Disney World without Disney Vacation Club. The club is based on points and different than other timeshares because there is no set time to use your points. It’s not based on a week or a time frame. When you want to visit Disney, you simply call and make a reservation. You can use as little as 10 points to reserve a room, depending on the time of year you travel. We always travel during July and August, so our room generally goes for about 14-20 points. Of course with a larger family you need a larger room, or as we do, we book two rooms. The buy-in to DVC (Disney Vacation Club) is 150 points.
The rooms are beautiful no matter what resort you choose to stay at. You are free to book at any of the DVC resorts on Disney property. Since we booked our vacation just days before we left, we ended up moving from resort to resort in order to stay where we wanted. Other resorts were available for the entire length of our stay, be we chose to skip around! Disney moves your luggage from one hotel to the next, so you just check out in the morning and your luggage meets you when you check into the next resort.
Boardwalk Room
Our View from the Contemporery Resort

Our family loves Disney World, but since it is a little pricey, we tend to spend some time at the resorts which have their own activities and wonderful pools, each with a unique slide! 

The Disney Vacation Club is not just for trips to Disney! We have used our points to stay in NYC, Hershey and other locations. With DVC you can find a location anywhere in the world! The latest resort is in the final stages now in Hawaii. The DVC points can also be used at the Disneyland resorts!
Every year when we visit Florida my husband and I agree that buying into DVC was one of our smartest decisions. Without it, our vacation would be in our living room! 

Our Savannah Room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

If you want to check out Disney Vacation Club just click on the link. If you have any questions about it, you can write them below or email me at dianes@macaronikid.com . If you do decide to buy in…please tell them Diane Sullivan sent you! 

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