Just Dance Summer Party Limited Edition Review

Just Dance
Summer Party
Limited Edition
I am very happy to be a part of UBISOFT’s Ubichamps. Recently I had the opportunity to review Dance Party Summer Party Limited Edition, by UBISOFT and  could not wait to unwrap this game when it arrived! Thank goodness it is a four player game! My children 20,12 and 4 ALL wanted a shot at it. We love to play Wii games together and have fun, so naturally this game went in immediately! The general consensus on Just Dance Summer Party was GREAT!
The music/dance choices include some energetic songs that really get you moving! 
Funkeytown, You Can’t Hurry Love, Mambo No.5, and Kung Fu Fighting were some of our favorites! Of course if you ask my four year old daughter, she just wanted Katy Perry’s Firework over and over and over.
My sons thought it was great how surprise guests made an appearance, especially the Raving Rabbids! I did think that was hilarious myself! 
This game kept us dancing for hours! What I loved about it was how all you need was the Wii Remote! It was simple to operate and fun for ALL ages!
I also thought it was great that as a an added bonus, you could set up 
Just Sweat, and exercise as you dance at  your own level. Burning calories and not even realizing it! I’m SO there! 
So, if you are looking for some summer fun to have by yourself  or as a workout without the feel of one, this game is for you! Maybe you want to PROVE you are the better dancer(which we all know we are) in a dance off. Seems to be a biggie in our house. Just Dance Summer Party Limited Edition is perfect for you. With 23 tracks of great music, you will want to play, or should I say dance over and over again!
Get on your dancing shoes and get ready to rock, grove, laugh and have a blast. Whether you are a Barbie Girl, Born to Be Wild or a Manic, this game is sure to please! Our family had a blast playing Just Dance Summer Party Limited Edition and so will you! Now available at ToysRUs and other retailers.
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