Six Flags Great Adventure’s Scariest Fright Fest in History! #FrightFest #SixFlags

Six Flags Great Adventure’s Scariest Fright Fest in History- Thrills By Day Frights By Night!sixflags3One of our favorite Halloween hot spots in New Jersey is less than two hours from NYC, Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ! It’s great for families with children of all ages like ours. From park opening until 6pm Six Flags is scare free and filled with Halloween fun! It’s a great time for the entire family to stay together and ride their favorite rides. There is also an supercute Trick-Or-Treat trail lined with characters who are friendly and ready to interact with your family.  This is for children under twelve years old. We have been taking Emm since she was two years old and there is definitely nothing frightening during the day. There are special shows and decorations that will give your kids a great Halloween feel. You can also enjoy a ton of Halloween treats like hot cocoa topped with a PeepsBrand marshmallow ghost, some Spooks and Cream Dippin Dots, Funnel Scream Cake, Ghoul Cake with worms and dirt, and more! They are definitely worth the buck to indulge in these specialty Halloween themed treats. sixflagstrickortreattrailsixflagstreats

Daytime thrills are devoted to families.  We started our visit by dancing to Halloween hits at the Spooktacular Street Party! Surrounded by zombies, some 8 feet tall, we danced, sang and even conga lined in front of the main fountain!  If you go, don’t forget to catch Just My Rottin’ Luck magic show staring Raoul the Duke of Deception. We also enjoyed something new this year, Six Flags introduced, “The Skeletones” a ghostly and charming acapella group who performed some bad-to-the-bone harmonies at the Wilderness Theater.


sixflags6Now, if you are there to be scared, don’t worry, Six Flags has the scariest Fright Fest in history ready for you this year! By 6pm if you are not in the mood to be haunted it is definitely time to grab the kids and head to a scare free zone. You can ask the workers where they are and they will direct you to them. By then the littles probably are pretty wiped out. My hubby usually stays in the scare free zone at the front of the park (by the funnel cakes) with my daughter while this Momma and her boys go head on into Fright Fest! Beginning at 6 p.m., things take a drastic turn with the Fright By Night festivities. Swarms of decaying zombies, crooked clowns, freaks of nature and monsters of the night emerge in The Awakening parade, and then Dr. Fright unleashes these horrors into the streets. As the night creeps on, guests can enjoy one of three new “Monstertainment” shows, a new haunted maze, and fresh takes on park classics. It all starts off with the parade and Dead Man’s Party: Graveyard Rock – Dr. Fright and his friends take over a graveyard for Fright Fest’s signature song and dance production featuring many new Halloween hits and dazzling special effects with the help of celebrity choreographer Ashle Dawson. It does take place in a new location in the Movietown Arena.


One of the new additions to Six Flags this year that our family loved was the VR coaster, Rage of the Gargoyles virtual reality coaster – As riders we used Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus headsets to battle demonic creatures in the world’s first interactive gaming VR experience on a coaster, Skull Mountain. This experience is exclusively for Season Pass holders, active Members, haunted maze pass purchasers and owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Note7. Must be at least 13 years old to wear Samsung Gear VR. Must be at least 44” tall to ride with an adult or 48” to ride alone.


You can also check out the new Bilkum, Burnham & Haugh’s Side Show Spectacular where the World-famous Lizardman, Murrugun the Mystic and the beautiful sorceress Catalina Askew headline this jaw-dropping and heart-pounding freak show. The Donniker Bros. Worlds of Mirth – Dark and devilish clowns urge guests to step right up to this uproarious new performance packed with unseemly humor and ample shenanigans. Slash is also new, where gallows of humor meets unsettling, gory, hard rock violence as illusionists John Bundy and Morgan blur the line between reality and horror, premiering in Showcase Theatre. Suitable for mature audiences only.  My personal favorite was Cell Block 6 Haunted Maze!!!! You will be inside a prison on lockdown while it is overrun with strange and scary inmates desperate to break free. Guests wind their way through twisting corridors trying to escape before it’s too late. There is an extra fee to participate in this one.

sixflags12sixflags10So gather up your family and friends and head to Six Flags Great Adventure for Fright Fest! You can find that six free scares, eight Monstertainment shows, the new Rage of the Gargoyles virtual reality coaster and the park’s world-class thrill ride collection are included with park admission, Season Pass and active Membership. Seven haunted mazes require an additional fee. Fright by Night is not recommended for children under 12 and those who scare easily. The world’s first fully interactive, horror-themed virtual reality coaster gaming experience, a new haunted prison maze and four new, devilishly entertaining shows including the world-famous Lizardman headline the biggest and scariest Fright Fest® season in history at Six Flags Great Adventure. Weekends and select days through October 31, families can enjoy all of their favorite roller coasters and thrill rides plus family-friendly themed attractions with Thrills by Day and terrifying mazes, scare zones and shows during Fright By Night.  Check out all about Six Flags here:


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Chaos Caught on Video: The Joker Takes First Test Run @sfgradventure #SummerMustDo

Chaos Caught on Video: The Joker Takes First Test RunjokerWho’s ready? I know our family cannot wait for this one! Six Flags Great Adventure Plans to Debut Insane 4D, Free-Fly Coaster Memorial Day Weekend! Six Flags Great Adventure’s insane, new 4D, free-fly coaster The Joker took its first test run late afternoon Wednesday. The flawless run was captured by on-board video. The coaster’s first riders were water-filled, plastic dummies that simulate the weight and proportions of human thrill seekers. A dummy named “Harry” captured point-of-view video of the ride from a chest-mounted GoPro camera.    

PHOTO Harry with GoProAfter being lifted straight up a 12-story, 90-degree hill, The Joker will wreak havoc as riders flip head-over-heels at least six times along the seemingly weightless journey. Thrill seekers will experience exhilarating leaps and dives along a horizontal plane, along with unexpected drops as they tumble from one level to the next. The wing seats amp up the pandemonium since riders will experience all of this chaos with no track above or below ─ just the sky, ground and adjacent Great Lake churning around them.joker1During the next month, engineers will fine-tune the ride control system and complete extensive testing, followed by a series of inspections and certification by New Jersey ride inspectors. The coaster is expected to debut Memorial Day weekend. The Joker is the second 4D, free-fly coaster of its kind anywhere in the world. For more information about the 2016 season at Six Flags Great Adventure, visit

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Unusual Litter Mates Being Raised Together at Six Flags @SFGrAdventure #NJ

Unusual Litter Mates Being Raised Together at Six Flags Great Adventure: Adorable Tiger and Lion Cubs!Cub closeupTo me there is nothing more adorable than lion and tiger cubs! Recently, I was introduced to two little cubs that are just too cuddly for words. Spots and stripes have taken over the nursery at Six Flags Great Adventure’s safari as the veterinary team welcomes a Siberian tiger cub, the first tiger birth at the safari in 13 years, and an African lion cub. What makes the situation so unique is that for the first time, the team is hand raising the two fuzzy, female “big cats” as one litter, despite being two species that would typically never meet in the wild as they are native to different continents.Dr Keiffer feeding tiger cub“Within a week, two first-time mothers gave birth to healthy cubs but failed to care for them, so we stepped in,” said Dr. Ken Keiffer, a Six Flags veterinarian. The lion was born Nov. 19 and weighed 3 lbs., and the tiger followed on Thanksgiving and weighed 2.4 lbs. The Six Flags veterinary team became surrogate mothers to the cubs, feeding them up to six times each day. According to Keiffer, the two are doing very well and have yet to be named.  “Raising the cubs together helps to develop their socialization skills, and will enhance their chances of being successfully introduced to their own species at the safari when they are a bit older,” Keiffer said.Cubs cuddlingThe cats play, eat and snuggle together, and are also learning to find their voices and personalities. According to Keiffer, the lion cub is much more relaxed while the tiger cub is far more dominant and vocal. Siberian tigers are on the endangered species list, and tigers rank as the world’s largest living cats. Approximately 3,200 are estimated to live in the wild. The new cub is the fifth Siberian tiger at the safari. African lions are the second largest living cat in the world, number less than 19,000 in the wild and are now being protected under the endangered species act, said safari Director and Chief Veterinarian Bill Rives. Several healthy African lion cubs have been born in the Six Flags safari during the last few years, and the new cub is the 20th lion at the safari.

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Six Flags Great Adventure Holiday In The Park #HolidayInThePark

Six Flags Great Adventure Holiday In The Park


This past weekend our family had the pleasure of checking out Holiday In The Park at Six Flags Great Adventure. This is a first for our New Jersey Six Flags and after a few minutes in the park we were already completely taken by the magical holiday atmosphere that surrounded our family. We already love Six Flags and visit every summer and fall. Now we can add winter to the mix. When you first enter the park you will be greeted by an incredible Christmas tree!  Holiday Magic A Celebration of the Season is a spectacular light show on a 52-foot-tall tree in the heart of the park that dazzles nightly every 30 minutes through eye-popping effects and classic holiday music. The only show of its kind anywhere in the country.



There is so much to do at Six Flags Great Adventure during the Holiday in the Park! One great place to see a show and to warm up those chilly hands is inside at Jack Frost’s Magical Christmas where Jack Frost has an evil plot to steal Christmas is reversed by the warmth and magic of the holiday season in this live stage show filled with acrobatics, illusions and surprise guests. Fun!


Don’t miss Gingerbread Junction that features peppermint swirl-wrapped trees, dancing lights around the carousel pavilion, the Gumdrop Hop dance party and a giant gingerbread man towering above. Emm was thrilled to win a gigantic candy cane! It definitely made the night more fun. You can find out all about the roots of each holiday celebration if you walk down Joy to the World.  It is a tranquil pathway of lit trees, luminaries and stained glass showcasing religious holidays from around the world. It’s really beautiful. 

sixflagscandycaneYou will not want to miss the North Pole where guests are welcomed into the warmth of Santa’s home for a meet-and-greet and holiday photos by Kodak, plus kids can write letters to Santa, meet a reindeer and build a stuffed toy. There are even singing reindeer that are super adorable and plenty of affordable gifts, tees, and candies for you and the kids to enjoy. Poinsettia Peak and Skull Mountain roller coaster has been transformed into a mountain of dazzling red lights with a crimson beauty, the Poinsettia Princess, greeting guests nearby.



One of my favorite places in the park is Polar Point where you can find  stunning, ice-blue trees twinkle with the illusion of falling snow up above, while the towering, larger-than-life Snow Queen meets guests below.  Holiday Memories is a perfect part to see green, red and gold brighten this section filled with special photo opportunities like Mistletoe Moments, Wishing Tree and With Love giant greeting card, while nearby the Jingle Jammers sing holiday tunes by the fire pits as guests toast s’mores. Yum!


The sweet and savory tastes of the holiday season can be found throughout the park. Spiked egg nog, holiday-flavored coffee and hot chocolate, peppermint and mocha fudge, holiday beers, festive funnel cakes with peppermint eggnog and caramel pecan bacon toppings, specialty holiday platters of sliced turkey, smoked turkey leg and chicken platters with cranberry sauce, chili bowls, harvest salads and flatbreads and hot soups are available in various restaurants.

Holiday in the Park also features 30 thrilling rides such as SkyScreamer, Carousel, Big Wheel and Tea Cups. Children can enjoy 11 pint-sized thrills in Whimsical Wonderland. Coaster fans can challenge world-class rides like Nitro, BATMAN™: The Ride, THE GREEN LANTERN and SUPERMAN – Ultimate Flight, THE DARK KNIGHT Coaster and Poinsettia Peak. All rides and entertainment are weather permitting. Frontier Adventures including Safari Off Road Adventure, Bugs Bunny National Park, Golden Kingdom and Plaza del Carnaval do not operate during the festival.

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