This past weekend my family and I, thanks to MommysLinks, attended a KIDROCKERS event at
 The Living Room on Ludlow St. in NYC

hosts adult bands that play a few of their songs and go
 “child friendly”
 to the audience of children ages 3-13.
Adults must be accompanied by children,
 since it is an children’s event.
The two bands featured this week by Kidrockers were 

               The event was hosted by Seth Herzog and Craig Baldo,

 two of the most humorous guys you could ever encounter. They really had both children and adults roaring. 
As each set of music was completed the bands answered any questions the children could come up. 
The hosts also asked questions and gave the kids a chance
 to win a variety of prizes. 
 Of course, my children’s favorite part of KIDROCKERS is getting the chance to actually go up on the stage and “jam” with the bands! Instruments were given out and the fun was endless! 

If you have a chance to check out 
 do not let it pass you by.
 It’s just as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids! 
So much fun and a chance to rock out on the lower east side!(with your kids)

ChaCha’s Easter Adventure Breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe

Cha Cha’s Easter Adventure
Breakfast at The Rainforest Cafe
Over the weekend my family 
and I had a wonderful time attending Cha Cha’s Easter Adventure 
at the Rainforest Cafe. Our family loves the Rainforest Cafe and usually dines at in when we vacation in Florida or when we visit the Menlo Park Mall.
One of their special events is breakfast with the Easter Bunny and Cha Cha. We have not missed it in years. It seems to just get better every time we go to it!

Yesterday was no different. We had to arrive bright and early, since the breakfast event begins at 8 am sharp. 
After checking in, everyone was greeted by the Easter Bunny and Cha Cha and then the children were split into two age groups for the Easter egg hunt.
 If you have ever visited the Rainforest Cafe, you can just imagine how much fun it was for the kids to check under the tables, chairs, around all the trees and in the shrubs by the animals hunting for eggs  loaded with surprises. 

After all the guests had there fill of finding every egg to be found, it was time to get seated and have some delicious breakfast. A nice hot buffet of pancakes, french toast, hash browns, eggs, bacon and sausage, along with cereals, pastries, and fresh fruit satisfied everyone.

There was also endless coffee, tea and juice for everyone to enjoy!
While we feasted on breakfast Cha Cha and the Easter Bunny made several rounds visiting the families, while the children worked on their coloring pages for the coloring contest.
During Cha Cha’s Easter Adventure there was plenty of time for fun, walking around to see all the animals, and for visiting the characters. 

The kids even had a chance to join the Easter Bunny in the Bunny Hop around the Rainforest Cafe. 
When the breakfast finished up every child was given a Rainforest Cafe goodie bag loaded with fun treats and the parents were given a 15% off coupon to be used in the gift shoppe. 
What a great day!

The Western Wall – Jerusalem

The Western Wall 

It’s very interesting to me to meet new people. 
I always feel like you meet everyone in your life for a reason. For most of my life I have always wanted to visit Jerusalem. I am just in awe of the city and cannot resist reading and learning as much about it as I can.
So, you can imagine how thrilled I was so to find out that a twitter friend of mine @DadStreet  (Josh) would be traveling to Israel to attend his sister’s wedding. I was looking forward to his tweets and “living” out the trip through him.
I could have never anticipated what happened next. 
Josh offered to place my message to God into the Western Wall for me. He delivered my message and placed it into the Western Wall! I was in tears when I saw the picture of my actual message, knowing it was going to placed into the wall. This is something  I only had dreamed about, and wished could happen, but never imagined it could really could.
I could not let time pass without sharing the pictures that Josh tweeted me! 
Unbelievable! Thank you, Josh. 

My not about to placed into the Western Wall.

Fridays Are Magical At KSW/MOZ Fan Photo Page! Like and Win!

Fridays are Magical at
Fan Photo Page
 on Facebook!

Fridays on Facebook just got a little better thanks to the magical team of Knell Studio Works and Mouse Of Zen !
The combined work of the team creates a Disney Magic you just cannot resist!

JB Conway is the author of the Disney inspired, mouse-sized poetry from the book titled ” ๓๏ยรє ๏Ŧ zєภ ” Mouse Of Zen .
John Knell is a superb graphic artist with a love of photography and Disney.
Together their work will captivate and inspire you.

FaceBook Giveaway from KSW/MOZ:
Would you like to have a chance to have your own personal Walt Disney World vacation photo turned into a custom work of art? 
Knell Studio Works photo illustration and Mouse of Zen haiku will be combined to turn your photo into a Disney Magical Memory.
To enter simply post your photo on the KSW/MOZ Fan Photo Page and Like their page for a chance to win! A winner will be chosen each Friday until May 31, 2011.
Good Luck!

All opinions are that of 3decades3kids.
3decades3kids is not responsible for choosing the winner or delivering the prize.