June 14th! Happy Flag Day!


  U.S. Flag Day
Happy Flag Day
June 14
Being a teacher for 20 years, I always looked forward to Flag Day and all of the Flag Day celebrations I would have with the classes.
The flag holds so much symbolism and importance to every person.
In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated every year on June 14th. Although Flag Day is not a federal holiday, the state of PA. uses it as a state holiday. This day celebrates the day the USA adopted its flag in 1777. President Woodrow Wilson made
Flag Day official in 1916.
 In 1949 National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress.
File:Flag of the United States.svg
There are many ways to celebrate Flag Day. Some people celebrate Flag Day by flying the flag in front of their house or by hand. We will be making flags from paper and also flag cookies.
Have a great Flag Day!

For more information on the American Flag:
History of the flag.com

Sweet Heart Rose for Dollie & Me

Sweet Heart Rose for Dollie & Me

To me there is really nothing more precious that a
little girl playing dolls. 
Since I have been a boy-mom for many years, it is a little bit different to see all the pink and dolls in our house over the past four years, since Emily came along. 
She is a total girlie-girl and loves to play dolls and dress up, so when I heard about 
Dollie&Me I knew it would be a perfect choice for her.

From the moment the Dollie&Me box arrived in the mail my 4 year old daughter was hooked. Dollie & Me dolls are designed by the Alexander Doll Company, Inc., the same designer and manufacturer of Madame Alexander dolls. The 18 inch dolls have beautiful flowing hair for easy styling (which we do a lot of around here), jointed bodies, and sleep eyes. 


My daughter loved the doll immediately and
could not wait to free her from the box!
The matching outfits made especially for the Dollie&Me 

(or your favorite 18 inch doll) fit her perfectly and were great quality. 
I am always in search of a better quality clothes in lieu of, as I call them, one wash clothes!

Sweet Heart Rose for Dollie&Me is a line that includes beautiful party dresses, tunics, fantasy dresses, and comfy PJs. It also includes hair accessories, handbags, jewelry and toys for both girls and their 18 inch dollies.

I won’t lie and say that Emily does not have a lot of dolls, 
but I will say that she loves how the Dollie & Me is posed into a sitting and standing position so easily. She loves how she can brush and style the dolls hair and how 
her dollie and her can wear the same adorable outfits! 
I am happy that it is not a frustrating experience and that can make any little girl and mommy smile! Emily and her new friend have been pretty much inseparable since she arrived. The doll and her matching clothing are very fashionable and super-adorable! They are also moderately priced. I would recommend Dollie & Me to anyone that is looking for a lovely  and fashionable friend for a special little girl. 
I have a feeling we will have many more Sweet Heart Rose Dollie&Me outfits, handbags and jewelry in our house in the near future! And that will be a good thing!

Dollie & Me (dolls- as one featured in this review)are available in many department stores including 
Kohl’s, Sears and online.
Sweet Heart Rose for Dollie & Me (apparel shown in this review)
 is available exclusively at Dillard’s and online at dillards.com and macys.com

You can also enjoy a world of games and activities and shopping online at:

Disclaimer: Special thanks to Dollie&Me for providing materials to review. 
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Disney Baby The Cuddly Collection

Disney Baby
The Cuddly Collection
It’s seems like I cannot remember a time when
Disney was not a part of our family. My husband and I got married the year the Little Mermaid was released and my
first son was born the year Beauty and the Beast was released. My youngest daughter is four, so we have and
 still are big into the magic of Disney.
 Although every memory in my life may not be marked by a Disney event, the pixie dust always seems to be right there.

Disney Cuddly Bodysuit - Fashion: Disney·Pixar MONSTERS, INC. Eye     SRP: $12.00  Retailer:  Amazon.com/DisneyBaby  Sizing: 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, 6-9 Months  Available: Now    The Disney Cuddly bodysuit is made from huggable soft, 100% cotton so moms can welcome their little one with a cuddle. Available in variety of colors and patterns.
Disney Cuddly Bodysuit

I guess you can see already why I was very thrilled to hear about Disney baby and the new Disney Cuddly Bodysuit.
The Cuddly Collection has more than 85 colors and styles.
 Thank goodness I don’t have a baby right now because I’m sure I would have to have at least 84 of the styles!

Grow With Baby Design.  Love it!
The Cuddly has a patented “grow with baby” design which
 features a double row of snaps for longer where.
Why didn’t I think of this 20 years ago?
The Disney Baby Cuddly Collection had solids of many colors, prints, patterns and irresistable Disney characters.

Disney Cuddly Bodysuits - Fashion: Solid Packs    Retailer:  Amazon.com/DisneyBaby  Sizing: 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, 6-9 Months  Available: Now    The Disney Cuddly bodysuit is made from huggable soft, 100% cotton so moms can welcome their little one with a cuddle. Available in variety of colors and patterns.
Disney Baby Cuddly Collection comes in solids, too!

Great News! The Disney Baby Cuddly Collection
is now available on Amazon.

Amazon.com DisneybabyCuddlyCollection
Check out Disney Baby:
Thanks to Disney Baby for providing release of photos for use in this post.
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Great Wolf Lodge: Scooops -Kids Spa

Children’s Spa
 Great Wolf Lodge
Recently I had the pleasure of attending the
Reviewer’s Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge Poconos.
Although most of my time was spent meeting new friends and gaining some expert online blogging knowledge,
there was plenty of time left to have fun at the lodge. We have visited the Great Wolf Lodge many times before, so we quite familiar with the territory, but there was something that we had never gone to before this trip. A few days before our arrival date, I booked an appointment for Emily at Scooops!
My daughter who is four could not resist 
having a little fun herself. She could not wait until it was
 time for her Spa appointment at Scooops.
Scooops is a Spa designed just for children and it is really 
an adorable experience for them!
Scooops is Ice-Cream themed from beginning to end with your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry lotions,
fizzes and scrubs!

At Scoops you can choose a manicure, pedicure, or a facial.
My daughter was booked for a manicure and a pedicure. Since this was a belated birthday gift( they were booked up the last time we visited-make sure you call ahead), we got her the works!
Emily first trip to the Scoops started with a nice warm greeting. Everyone there made her feel so comfortable. She was given a Scooops comfy robe,
 glitter Scooops flip flops, and a fancy blue tiara.
She looked like a little princess spa lady!

Next she was given a choice of nail polishes. Since she was having both a manicure and pedicure, she was able to choose two colors. Of course she when with pink and glitter.
 Big surprise!

Emily was seated on the the giant banana split couch while
her feet dangled into a chocolate fizzy foot wash.
The room smelled like an ice cream parlor. The foot soak was followed by her pedicure and a chocolate scrub lotion.
 Wow! Smiles were flowing.
Following the pedicure, it was time for the manicure.
Emily was taken over to the manicuring tables and had a seat. She chose some vanilla soak for her hand fizzy
 wash and then enjoyed a nice warm cloth hand wrap.
Soon after, she giggled with excitement as
each nail shone with pink and glitter.To make sure the nails were nice and dry, Emily used the nail dryer.

Since she had a double appointment, we were there about an hour. It went by so fast. Scooops was a super spa experience
 my daughter and I have to say,
 the manicure and pedicure both lasted about a week long!
If you have a daughter who could use a little pampering,
 Scooops is a great choice!

For more information please check out:


Special thanks to Great Wolf Lodge
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids

Dr. Scholl’s For Her! Your Feet Will Thank You!

Dr. Scholl’s
For Her
Dr. Scholl’s For Her

Recently I was invited to a wonderful
Dr. Scholl’s     
 event featuring some great  products.
The guests were pampered with manicures
and of course, pedicures.
The products featured were Dr. Scholl’s For Her, which 
target helping women’s discomfort, caused by wearing uncomfortable yet fabulous shoes.
Everyone wants to wear the most fashionable shoes they can find. I know as women, we love shoes! Now we can worry less about the dicomfort, thanks to Dr. Scholl’s For Her! 
 I also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Dr. Leslie Campbell. She was on hand to share her wisdom
concerning any foot or shoe concerns.
Dr. Leslie Campbell
Sometimes as women, we will forgo comfort for fashion.
 Well, in most cases, it is worth it and I’m happy to report that Dr. Scholl’s is here to help with a line of products designed specifically for women.
You can choose from a line of products that range from pedicure items to insoles for your favorite pair of heels.
There are even insoles for open shoes!
Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Center
During the event I was able to try the Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Center. It’s a machine which uses Footmapping technology with over 2,000 sensors to identify your
 arch type and foot pressure points.
In no time at all I was given a number by the machine that
matched up to one of the custom fit orthotic inserts.
The machine was very easy to use and is located in many stores.
 If you see one, definitely try it out.
My inserts are wonderful!
Fast Flats
One of my favorite products of the night had to be the
Fast Flats.
What a wonderful idea!
Fast Flats come in their own stylish wristlet and fit
easily into your pocketbook.
This spare pair of fast flats are fashionable,
easy to carry and can go with you anywhere.
They are perfect to have with
 you at a wedding or while traveling.
 It does not get any easier then Fast Flats!
Dr. Scholl’s For Her
So, if you want to make your feet happy,
you should check out
Dr. Scholl’s For Her.
Your feet with definitely thank you for it!
 Special thanks to Dr. Scholl’s for their event invitation.
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