McDonalds Hideaway Inside Macy’s Herald Square (34th St. NYC)

Hideaway Inside Macy’s Herald Square 
34th St. NYC
Every time I shop at Macy’s Herald Square NYC, I still can’t believe there is a McDonalds tucked away in the children’s clothing on the 7th floor.
Do cheeseburgers really grow on trees? At this location they do! Hamburgler also is on top of the sign to the entrance, so be careful!
So, if you are in the mood for McDonalds and do not want to fight the crowds of the outside streets, this is the perfect little hideaway. Good News: Same prices as the regular NYC MacDonalds.
Not a bad view from outside of the Macy’s either!

Harry Potter The Exhibit! Review and Family 4 Pack Ticket Giveaway!

Harry Potter The Exhibition
Open Now Through September 5th
Discovery Times Square
44th Street NYC
Recently I had the pleasure of attending Harry Potter The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square.
My entire family enjoyed the experience. My oldest son, now 20, has grown up reading the Harry Potter series and aged right along with Harry. So, Harry Potter is nothing new in our house. It’s been a household name for years and years.
If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will not want to miss this opportunity to become immersed in the wonder of props and magic of the Wizarding World.
Before even entering the exhibit, some lucky volunteers are chosen to try on the sorting hat. My 11 year old was one of the lucky ones. 
From that point you are free to enter the exhibit where you will be wowed by all of the props. One of my favorite was seeing the actual letter Harry received that he was going to Hogwarts. There is was right in front of me to read!
I also enjoyed hearing about background information on choosing Harry’s glasses. The actual pair was also right there! Be sure to take the option of the audio tour. It is well worth it!
We enjoyed seeing the Hogwarts beds
 that belonged to  Harry and Ron. 
It like being transported right back into the films.
Another part of the exhibit I found just fascinating was entering Hagrid’s Hut. Wow! It was wonderful to sit in his chair and get a sense of his size. I never wanted to leave. Buckbeak was there, too. I was intrigued to find out that every feather on him was hand cut and pieced on one by one.
Some family favorites we all agreed upon were being able to pull a Mandrake up and hear him squeal and also getting a chance to try your hand at Quidditch by throwing a quaffle! Fun!
Just when I thought the tour was about over, we came upon the “Forbidden Forest”. If you want a look at the never before seen Horcruxes this is your chance.
Even though the characters were cg, Kreacher and Dobby were also there!
This exhibition was a nostalgic look back though the past years of Harry Potter. It’s something a Harry Potter fan should not miss out on. Whether you have read the books, seen the movies, or both..this exhibit will definitely satisfy you.
Be sure to visit the extensive Harry Potter 2 room gift shoppe. 

For more information on Harry Potter the Exhibition:

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Harry Potter The Exhibit at Discovery Times Square.

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HOP screening

Tonight I attended  the screening of 
Universal Pictures  
 in NYC.
HOP opens April 1, 2011

It’s been a few years or longer since,
 I have seen an Easter movie in the theaters. If you are looking for the Easter Bunny…or should I say the teenage son of the Easter Bunny…meet E.B.Bunny(Russell Brand), some hilarious chicks, jellybeans and an outrageous amount of fun, you will definitely not want to miss HOP.
E.B. Bunny is hilarious!

Movie Goodies!

This movie was fun for the whole family. I was there with two of my children that are ages 4 and 11. We all enjoyed it! 

Family Fun!

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