AMC Dine In Theatres at AMC Menlo Park 12

AMC Dine-In Theatres at Menlo Park 12

AMC Dine-In Theatres at AMC Menlo Park 12

Beginning December 15th you can watch a movie and dine in luxury! In my past blog I wrote about the Dine In experience at the Fork and Screen, the movie theater designed for everyone. This time I experienced AMC Cinema Suites, special theatres for the 21+ crowd! AMC Menlo Park has 4 suites like this. They feature
Premium, upscale in-theatre dining- Reserved seating in luxury recliners- Extensive menu options such as Lobster Ravioli and Bleu Cheese Chips. I personally ordered the Tenderloin Steak Tips and can’t even begin to tell you how delicious they were!
You can enjoy your appetizers, dinner and/or dessert on the unique swivel tables via seat

service! Just a press of the red button and your waiter will appear with your favorite drink (I enjoyed the Mango smoothie), speciality popcorn, or whatever you choose to order! By the end of the movie your check will be delivered and that’s a wrap!

The only problem I see going to the AMC Cinema Suites it that is it SO comfortable, it was sad to see the movie come to an end. I cannot wait to go back again!

The AMC Dine-In Menlo Park 12 also features the Fork and Screen in 8 of the theaters for:
casual in-theater tabletop dining,
upgraded reserved seating,a wonderful menu including crab rangoon dip (delicious) and many other great choices.
Guests must be at least 18, or accompanied by a parent or guardian at least 21.

See you soon at the AMC Dine-In Theater Menlo Park 12! If you would like “buy one ticket get one free” or Free dessert or appetizer with the purchase of an entree, please follow my blog and post a comment with your email so I can get in touch with you!
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Dorney Park for Halloween

Dorney Park for Halloween Fun!

Over the weekend my family and I visited Dorney Park in Allentown, PA. We went for some early Halloween fun! Every weekend the park is open 10-5 for little kids. It’s called Boo Blast!We had fun seeing the Peanuts gang, Trick or Treating, fun rides, shows, and even a costume contest!(Emily even won a little Snoopy stuffed animal for “Sweetest Witch!” lol) Camp Snoopy as well as ALL the rides are open from 12 noon.

The park closes the kiddie rides at 5pm to get ready for the evening fun! The night fun is called “HAUNT” with 13 fearful attractions. There are seven outdoor haunted mazes, four indoor haunted houses, and two live shows. On top of that there are over 400 lives creatures lurking about..So, if you don’t want to be scared at Haunt you have to exit the park by 6pm, that is when the nite attractions begin. No matter which you choose, Dorney Park is definitely a lot of fun for Halloween! PS: Tix are more expensive at the gate, so if you plan to them online! Boo Blast and Haunt run until Halloween!
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Welcome to our Pirate Room at Carribbean Beach!

Pirate Room at Caribbean Beach Resort!

A Must for Pirate-Lovers!

Do you like pirates? They are a family favorite in this house, so we could not resist booking the Pirates Room at the Caribbean Beach Resort. We were definitely not disappointed!
As we entered our room
we were “taken over” by the pirate theme. It was wonderful. The beds were ships, with ship bottoms-complete with cannon holes! The fridge was a big barrel. The dressers were ship crates and pirate chests. My personal favorite was the curtain that separated the bedroom from the bathroom area. There was a fantastic pirate themed curtain

! At night when the lights were out, except for the bathroom area, the pirate seemed to be illuminated!
Of course, we did bring and pick up a few pirate items ourselves…like Mickey Pirate lollipops, pirates tattoos, pirate soap from the Basin, and Adam brought along his pirate hat and suitcase! If you have a chance to book the Pirate Room at CB, don’t miss out! It was arrrrgggggrageous!!

Hello From Disney World!

Hello From Disney World

Kind of hard to believe this photo was from Day 19 of our trip to Disney World. It was actually our last day in the parks and we chose to go to Magic Kingdom.
It’s always our first and last day of the va
cation. For our family it is the most magical place on Earth!
Of course, being at Disney World for 19 days, you would think you have enough time to do everything, but “not us”, we had hardly enough time to get everything in that we wanted to do.
For instance: Emily’s Minnie’s ears were purchased on the last day of the trip! Actually, they were a partial “Magical Moment”, which I thought had stopped last year. She was given “comp name” on her ears, something they charge for now!
Our last day was as fun as our first day though. Everyone got “one special choice” of a ride or show that they wanted to see or do. Adam’s was of course to go to “Tomorrowland”, while there we rode the People Mover, Buzz Ride, visited Buzz and Stitch, The Laugh Factory and Space Mountain! Louie’s choice was “The Haunted Mansion”, one of my favorites! I could not wait to get there. With a quick hour or two stopover in Fantasyland to ride Winnie the Pooh

3 times, Dumbo, Snow White, Peter Pan, and The Teacups! Thank goodness it was Extra Magic hours and we had until 1am to get everything
Hubby’s choice was “The Hall of Presidents”. He loves it! I don’t think it hurts that it is so close to Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain!
Of course my choice came at the end of the list, but well worth the wait: “Pirates”! I have always loved that ride and it has lived up over and over. It was especially fun, since 5 nights of our trip included a “Pirate” room at Carribbean Beach!
After Pirates we headed to the Jungle Cruise, Magic Carpets, and then the Tiki Room, with a quick crossover back to catch the Country Bears!
After the show we got a comfy spot and watched “Wishes”, my favorite fi
reworks display. Even though we were able to see “Nightmagic” a few days before, there is just something about Wishes that I love. It’s very heartwarming.
For some reason, my family always thinks that after the fireworks is the perfect time for some ice cream and snacks. It was fine with me, too! After all, it was the last night, right?
A snack and “The Electric Light Parade” ahhhhhhhh….a perfect ending!

Uncharted TerriTORI a Tori Spelling book signing

Uncharted TerriTORI

Book Signing with Tori Spelling
Borders, NYC

About a week ago my family and I decided to take a trip to the Borders, Columbus Circle, NYC for a book signing with Tori Spelling. It turned out to be a great experience! We Loved It!

When we arrived at the Borders, we were told that we needed to purchase Tori’s latest book, Uncharted TerriTORI, and then get into the book signing line. The line stretched through the book asiles and curved around different sections of the store. Thank goodness we were somewhere in the first half of the crowd.

The book signing was scheduled from 7-9, but as I hear it lasted almost until midnight. As I was able to get closer, I understood why the line was moving so slowly. Tori took time with each
guest. It was not the usual – not even look up and just sign the copy of my book you just purchased- It was quite a memorable experience. I personally had my two sons and daughter with me, as well as my husband. Tori took the time to talk to each one of us. She even took out her own camera because she thought something was very funny that my sons had with them, Emily’s dolls of the “gunkles”,

which she later tweeted about!

Of course, while I was waiting in line, and when I returned home I had to keep reading the book. Uncharted TerriTORI is an easy read and very enjoyable. If you like the reality show, you will love the book! I did!