The Jumpitz Concert at Sesame Place

The Jumpitz
Concert At
Sesame Place
Anyone that knows our family, 
knows how much we love going to 
Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa.
We especially love the concert series. 
Although, we don’t get a chance to get to all of the concerts, 
but we knew we could not miss out on 
The Jumpitz.
The Jumpitz is a preschool group that inspires 
children to get up and move and also get creative!
When you see them perform, you cannot help but
dance, clap, sing and move along the music!
There is absolutely no down time at this concert. 
One fun song leads right into the next!
Some of my children’s favorites were:
Super Sniffers
Flamingo Flamenco
and of course
Jump! Jump! Jump!
The bubble machine was quite a bonus and 
all the kids in the audience loved it!
I can’t even begin to tell you how you how nice 
The Jumpitz were to the audience. 
They ran out into it quite often, 
giving the kids high fives and 
even some fun props to test out!
My daughter Em really loves the Jumpitz and 
they were so sweet to her. She even brought her 
homemade Jumpitz stick puppets along with her and each
of the Jumpitz signed their name of their puppet!
We have met quite a few groups and I have to say that
The Jumpitz were one of the nicest, 
both on stage and off.
 They are 100% Kid Friendly!
You can find out more about The Jumpitz 
by clicking the link below. 
You can also sample their music,
 learn more about the band members, 
and play some online Jumpitz’s games!
Learn More About Sesame Place at:

New York Theatre Ballet Sleeping Beauty – Review

Program from New York Theatre Ballet 

 New York Theatre Ballet
Sleeping Beauty
Florence Gould Hall
55 East 59th Street 

Recently, thanks to New York Theatre Ballet,
my daughter and I were able to share a little quality
 Mommy and Daughter time together.
What better place to bring back the ballet memories
of my own childhood while allowing
my daughter to create her own.
As soon as we arrived to the theater, the magic began.
We made a quick stop at the souvenir area,
where everything “Ballerina” was available.
There were plenty of choices,
 but my daughter chose a wooden play string ballerina
 and glitter ceramic ballet slippers.
Soon after we were greeted by some of the children that would actually be a part of the ballet, Sleeping Beauty.
 They could not have been any nicer, 
handing out programs and even some crayons!

Emily and her wooden pull string ballerina.

Emily and I were taken to our seats,

where we chatted about what was to come.
It wasn’t long before Artistic Director Diana Bryer,
 playing the witch, came out for a
short presession on ballet mime.
 That definitey put my daughter at ease and
seeing as it was interactive,
it helped to get the jumpies out before the ballet began.
The lights were dimmed and the ballet,
 Sleeping Beauty, was about to begin.
 The opening scene was breathtaking! 
The costuming was absolutely beautiful,
 as were the stars of the show.
The set was spectacular and  carried the story 
from scene to scene without a flaw. 

Set design before the show began.

It made all of us feel as if  we were deep in a fairy kingdom, 
set beneath the roots of a giant tree. 

The music filled the air with fantasy as everyone danced
 to the music of Peter Tchaikovsky and followed the flow of the fairy wings that adorned some of the ballerinas’ elegant costumes.
 I loved so many things about the experience of seeing 
Sleeping Beauty preformed as a ballet. 
It was great that the ballet was just one hour long,
  just long enough to hold the children’s attention. 
There was a great introduction before the show started. 
Finally, I thought the ballet was easy for the children to 
follow and understand. 

Emily at the ballet. It’s more of a casual ballet,
but my daughter will never pass up a chance to wear a  dress!

This was the second ballet that I have gone to at the 
New York Theatre ballet,
 but I have a feeling it won’t be the last.
 There is no time like the present to enjoy 
the ballet with someone you love 
and make memories that will last a lifetime.
 Although this ballet was specialized for children, 
there were many adults there, as well. 
By the sound of the loud clapping at the end of the ballet, 
I would have to say that everyone, 
children and adults had a wonderful time. 
I know that Emily and I did.

Disclosure: Special thanks to New York Theatre Ballet.
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids.

Cheeseburger In Paradise

Cheeseburger In Paradise
Since May is National Hamburger Month, 
my family and I could not help but celebrate. 
Since Cheeseburger In Paradise had such a 
great deal on mini-cheeseburgers, 
$10 for 10 minis, we could not say no!

I don’t think I could ever pass up a reason to go to
 Cheeseburger In Paradise. 
If you are a Jimmy Buffet fan or just like the island feel, Cheeseburger in Paradise 
would be a great choice for you. 
Every time I visit Florida, I never leave without a trip to Margaritaville. 

But, since there are none in my local area, 
Cheeseburger In Paradise, 
also a Jimmy Buffet restaurant is a great choice.
The restaurant has a total island feel, 
complete with palm trees and 
beach scenes painted on the walls. 
You can also catch live bands there (check schedule for times).
The menu is filled with American, Cheeseburger, 
Seafood and Caribbean food choices. 
There is a tiki bar in the center and outside dining.
 There is something for everyone!

 There are so many choices
 and if you have children, don’t worry, 
this restaurant is child friendly!
 There is a special children’s menu
 in the form of a great fun book 
which will keep the kids entertained for more than 5 minutes!
If you have never dined at Cheeseburger In Paradise, 
what are you waiting for?
 It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!
You can follow/like Cheeseburger in Paradise on
Facebook and Twitter 
for up to the minute information and deals.
I personally, signed up for the text alerts.
 The first text is a free appetizer! 
We are going back soon!
See you in Paradise!
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids
Special thanks to Cheeseburger In Paradise

The Fresh Beat Band Concert at Sesame Place

The Fresh Beat Band
Live in Concert 
Sesame Place
The Fresh Beat Band caused quite a stir when
 the complimentary tickets went up for grabs at
 Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa.
 Last year my family was not lucky enough to get them,
 but this year we were! 
I can see now why they tickets are gone in a flash! 
The Fresh Beat Band
 is a preschool band that is hosted 
by Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. on TV. 
They are not currently in concert, 
so Sesame Place is one of the few places you can catch 
FBB outside of your own television.
The Fresh Beat Band consists of four friends:
 Kiki, Marina, Shout and Twist and their tales of Music School.
Each one plays an instrument as well as sings and dances!
Their music is upbeat, 
has easy lyrics and every song is one that you want to 
sing, dance, and clap along with.
If you ever have the chance to see 
Fresh Beat Band in concert, don’t miss it.
 You will not be disappointed. 
The concert at Sesame Place was super and 
the members of 
The Fresh Beat Band 
could not have been any nicer to the children! 
They shook hands, smiled, high fived, 
and waved from the stage! The audience was super charged and by the sounds of the cheering and clapping I would have to say that everyone had a great time! I know my family did, for sure!
Thank you Fresh Beat Band and Sesame Place!
All opinions are that of 3decades3kids
Special thanks to The Fresh Beat Band and Sesame Place

Happy Mother’s Day From 3decades3kids Monday Blog Hop!

Happy Mother’s Day
To All the Mommies from
Thank you for being a part of 
The Monday Blog HOP with Becca’s Berspective! I appreciate you being here and look forward to checking out and following many new blogs!
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Hope You Had a Wonderful and 
Happy Mother’s Day
Surrounded by the Ones You Love!
 Thought I would just share some of my
 Mommy Moments!
There is NOTHING in the WORLD 
that compares to having my 
3 Children under one roof!