Happy Birthday At American Girl Cafe NYC Celebration!

Happy Birthday! Emily Turns Twelve- Let’s Celebrate At American Girl Cafe Rockefeller Center, NYC

Sometimes life is just surreal. It feels like that to me every time a birthday rolls around. I had to reach deep into my soul last week and just feel so grateful for the gift of my children. Emily is my last one, my last baby, my little surprise. Now she is turning twelve. It’s hard to believe. Where did the past twelve years go? Next year she will be a teenager and we all know there is no turning back from there. So, I took a deep breath and just enjoyed every minute of Emm’s birthday right along with her. Of course I could not help but look at her sitting there all beautiful and so grown up and think back to her first celebration at American Girl Cafe when she turned THREE, yes three years old. It seems that she has loved American Girl forever but I know it won’t last forever. I know that day is coming so very soon. It kind of has for the most part. But if she wants to drag out her favorite American Girl dolls and bring them to her party, who am I to stop her?

By the way Emmy(the Bitty Baby) was her first Bitty Baby and Emily was her first American Girl doll that was given to her by her Grandma at my baby shower before she was even born. They have been along for the ride this entire time. They have been at every party and shared so many cups of tea at our tea parties over the years that I have lost count. They have been part of the memories in the making and I think I love them as much as Emm does.

This was our first year celebrating Emily’s birthday at the American Girl’s Cafe new location in Rockefeller Center. Last year we skipped because they had just opened and honestly we were not ready to make the switch. The new location is quite different than the old one on 5th Avenue. But this year we celebrated and although the new cafe is not as grand or fancy it still was beautiful. It still worked. It still was just absolutely perfect. And I still got a tears in my eyes as Emm took a breath to blow out the candles. How did I ever get so lucky? How do I deserve this? I’m not really sure, but I am really grateful.

As I sat there I questioned if she was too old to be there. I got a sign a big sign. At the table for two next to us they seated a Mom and her eighteen year old daughter and I knew we were fine. I looked around and saw other children in the room much older than twelve. And my tug of war with reality ended right there.┬áSo we ate heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and sipped on pink lemonade and shared happy stories about everything you think of and we just sat frozen in that moment of happiness. After all, these are the moments we live for, right? It’s not the big events we are invited to or the new cars or vacations, it’s all about when you look across the table and see your child happy, smiling and just living in the moment. I hope I never forget that day or that moment. I hope I remember it forever…and I hope Emm remembers it, too and remembers just how much I love her.

Memory Lane….

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