We Celebrated National Pizza Day With Home Made Pizza! #Pizza

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We Celebrated National Pizza Day With Home Made Pizza! ( The First One Fell On The Floor Cheese Side DOWN!!) 


We celebrated National Pizza Day with home made pizza! ( The First One Fell On The Floor Cheese Side DOWN!!) So before I start yapping let me just say that if you are making home made pizza be careful. It was quite disappointing to prepare the crust, bake the crust, put on all the toppings, wait for it to bake and then FLOP, DROP, FLOOR!! Ugg…What a waste of precious time! Well, we didn’t give up and went on to whip up enough for everyone, but it was a bad start for sure and I was ready to just trash the entire idea after seeing that beautiful pizza face down on the kitchen floor. I should have taken a picture but I was too busy saying this, ” $#%#%!!!! #$$&^%^!!!!? #%$#%!”. Next time, I will definitely get the photo. I wish I had it now, since it was only the beginning of the story and not how amazing the entire pizza making session went last night. It definitely had a much better ending! 


From the minute I heard that yesterday was National Pizza Day (which I only ever heard of yesterday morning) I knew we HAD to have pizza! Since we just ordered Pizza Hut the other night I was not ready to shell out more bucks for pizza and have everyone in the family say….We just had this the other night! Then I remembered that I had “Just add water” pizza dough in the cabinet! I had previously bought it thinking I was going to go all baker and create some pizzas but that never happened as soon as real life showed up! So this was a perfect time to bring out those little dollar bags of pizza crust and make National Pizza Day a reality!


As you already know the first pizza dropped! But, before that happened it was all pretty much euphoric! We started by creating the dough which was super easy. You just needed to ADD water! Half a cup of water to each bag and mix. SO easy, just so easy. We mixed and kneaded and then put it in the fridge for a little bit to chill. Next came out the rolling pin. Emily rolled and shaped and YES she did toss it up in the air until the perfect pizza shape was achieved. We covered our little pizza pan (the botton of the cheesecake baking tin I have) and let it bake about five minutes. That was my idea because I hate when the pizza arrives mushy on the bottom!


We took out the lightly baked dough out and began the toppings! Since this was a last minute thing we went with whatever was available in the house. It turned out we came up quite a delicious pizza treat! Sauce, mozzarella cheese, garlic, pineapples, tomatoes and green peppers! That was quite a keeper.

After the pizza was all topped up we put it back into the toaster oven (yes, it’s my go to because it’s right there on the counter top)! Ten minutes later we had PIZZA!! Thirty seconds after that we had Pizza on the floor!! Then in a little bit- pizza again…and more pizza and more pizza, until the pizza crust ran out!


I have to say that if you have never thought to make your own pizza at home, it’s definitely worth it. It’s EASY, great fun for kids, even the big kids! Have you ever made your own pizza? I’d LOVE to see it!

Disclosure: This was a personal post and part of our #KidsInTheKitchen series. We love to share our baking fun with you. All opinions and ideas are our own and honest. Contact me at 3decades3kids@gmail.com for collabs. You can also catch us across all platforms as @3decades3kids 


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