Sony Animation’s Peter Rabbit Movie- BRAND NEW Trailer!!!

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Sony Animation’s Peter Rabbit Movie- BRAND NEW Trailer!!! 

peterrabbitmoviepeterrabbitmovie1I am beyond excited about Sony Animation’s newest movie to hit the screens in early 2018. I have such a sweet love for Peter Rabbit and have spent countless hours reading his stories to all of my children when they were younger. He’s  a perfect mix of mischief, sweetness and curiosity. How can you not just fall in love with this little bunny and all of his friends! The song is playing in my head…Once upon at time..There were four little bunnies, named Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter…. Be sure to stay tuned! We will be bringing you all of the info as soon as it’s available!! Check out this adorable clip of the movie:


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