Traveling With Teens To Hershey Park- My Family Story

Traveling With Teens To Hershey Park- Hershey PA


If your family is like mine, we travel. Hubby and I have traveled since before the children were born so we never let it stop us once our family began to grow. As you know, my kids are tween, teen and adult now so the road of travel has been long and forever changing for this family. We have been through traveling with tons of things including bottles, diapers and strollers and everything you can imagine. As for now I am happy to report that we can enter a theme park in the “NO Bag Lane” for the most part! Pure Joy!

But, kids growing up and travel does come with its challenges. All of a sudden it’s not about the baby rides and the mid rides and your day is centered around the biggest thrill rides you can find. Teens in their own right are a little off, but when you take them traveling you really never know what to expect. I do feel kind of lucky in the respect that my three kids LOVE to travel with us as a family. The one thing I really would never condone along the whole let’s split up and meet at the end of the day. To me, there is no point traveling together if we are just going to split and not even see each other. The entire trip is about making family memories.

So, here is generally how it goes with my family. We always start the day off with breakfast before we enter the park. This way we can chat about everyone’s ride goals for the day. As with any theme park, Hershey Park is huge and there are only so many hours in the day. On our last trip we entered the park at 10 am and left at 9 pm, full day! Our family always kicks off Hershey Park with a ride on the carousel. Yes, teens and adults do ride the carousel, especially the one in Hershey Park. That one hundred year old gem can you really give you a spin! We also ride The Scrambler because it’s right next to the carousel. Well, okay we do ride one more together before anything else happens- Reese’s Cup Fusion. The joy of Hershey Park is that there are plenty of family rides!

Then we head up the hill. Sometimes this is where we split off for a little bit. When I say little bit, we usually met up in about three hours at a lunch area. During that time I generally hang around with Emm going on her favorites while the guys take on the biggest coasters in the area. Since Emm and Mom are not exactly Fahrenheit material we enjoy the Pirate Ship and monorail ride around the park. We ride anything she wants and that list changes every year!

Before you know it it’s time to meet up! By the way, if you are traveling with teens it is SO worth it to purchase the All Day Dining and the Refillable Drink cup!

Most of the rest of the time we travel as a family. Hershey Park is set up very family friendly. There are different types of ride levels in each section of the park so no one gets bored while waiting for the coaster riders. We also love to play carnival games although we never have any luck winning on those darn skee ball machines! If you are traveling with someone that wants to win (because teens love prizes, too) our favorite winner every time stand is the PLYNKO! They have Hershey themed prizes including a plush Hershey’s Kiss, Hershey’s Chocolate Bar and others, you can even win headphones!

Five Tips For Traveling With Teens

Tip One: Be patient and try to make a plan before entering the theme park. Get everyone’s favorite ride choices!

Tip Two: Separate for a designated block of time (2-3 hours). Don’t spend the entire time apart but it is okay to split for a little while.

Tip Three: Purchase the Drink all day cup and the dining plan. Meet up for lunch to chat about how the day is going and to be a part of all the fun that has been taking place. Lunch is a great time to catch up and share stories and laughs.

Tip Four: Be sure to ride at least three rides as a complete family. You are there to make memories together.

Tip Five: Be flexible. The best days are the ones that we all just go with the flow. Enjoy your time traveling with teens!

Well, there you have it. Kids are growing older every day and the time crunch to spend time with them may be on but you can rest assured that when it comes to Hershey Park the kids ( and teens) will always want to come along! Here’s to creating sweet memories that last a lifetime!

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Hershey Park In Hershey Pa #HersheyParkHappy @HersheyPa #LaughTrakk

Hershey Park- The Sweetest Place On Earth










Looking for an absolutely wonderful place to visit with your family? Look no further than Hershey, Pennsylvania. Our family recently took a roadtrip to Hershey, Pa to spend the weekend. We love getting out of the city and heading to the beautiful mountains and countryside that surrounds the Sweetest Place on Earth. This trip we had a definite list of things we wanted to do including checking out the new ride- Laugh Trakk.



















To our family there is no better place to be than Hershey, Pa! We just love Hershey Park and all the memories we have created throughout the years. With a family of five we are always looking for weekends we can spend just unplugged- sharing laughs and good times. Hershey Park has something for each one of us. I honestly believe it has something for everyone. As soon as we arrived at Hershey Park we headed directly to the newest ride, Laugh Trakk! The ride definitely did not disappoint. This indoor spinning roller coaster had us from the entrance which is fully lined with mirrors to get your group laughing and having fun before the ride even begins. The Fun House theme is in full effect and trust me on this one, do not miss it when you are visiting! By the way there is a Hershey Park app you can download to have the entire park in the palm of your hands.










Personally I think one of the biggest perks to Hershey Park is the enclosed waterpark- The Boardwalk. We just love it. This seasonal delight is just big enough for you to enjoy for an hour or the entire day. It’s a great place to start off the day and then continue you on to all the nighttime fun there is in store. My daughter is pretty much obsessed with the both the mini and big wave pool at The Boardwalk. As for hubby and the boys, they can’t keep away from the waterslides and tubes. There are also Boardwalk themed games of chance and foods right there to make you feel like you are at a seaside resort!











When it comes to choosing a resort while visiting Hershey Park you will not find better than the Hotel Hershey and the Hershey Lodge. During this trip we had the true pleasure of experiencing the Hershey Lodge which captivates you for the moment of check-in to the Hershey Characters appearing in the lobby and the special kids check in time where children can decorate their own lanyard and join into special check in activities. As for the rooms- spectacular! They are just beautiful, clean and super roomy! Did I mention that the wallpaper in the rest room is Hershey kiss themed. As a guest of the resort you are treated to extra time in Hershey Park along with a free shuttle service that takes guests door to door. The only issue we found about the Hershey Lodge is that it is very difficult to leave. It’s so welcoming and there are so many activities, along with an indoor and outdoor pool that you may never want to leave!

We found the best way to work a two day/ one night stay is to arrive early on day one- check in early at the resort and pick up the tickets to Hershey Park. Then head over to the themepark for the day. On day two we wake up and head over to the indoor/outdoor pool for a swim, then head over to Chocolate World.










Chocolate World is located just before the entrance to Hershey Park. It is free to enter, and you can also take The Ride Chocolate Tour through a the story of making chocolate which includes a sample at the end of the ride. Yum! It’s also a great place to shop and dine. You can find all of your favorite Hershey’s candies and also some that you may not find anywhere else. There are special cupcakes, fudges, choco covered strawberries, milkshakes and so much more.

There are activities you can choose for an additional price. The trolley ride, Trolley Works is a fun family activity that takes you on an entertaining and informative ride through time. We tried three of the activites. All three were family friendly and definitely worth it! Our first was the 4D Chocolate Mystery- Wow! This fun 4D interactive show even includes the audience to choose the ending! You may even hear your name, so listen carefully. Our second choice was The Chocolate Tasting Experience (new for 2015). Chocolate Tasting? Count me in! Our family was not sure what to expect but it certainly exceeded all of our expectations. Without giving out spoilers I can just tell you that this activity purred from beginning to end. We learned how sight, smell and sound all play into the different types of chocolates throughout the world. And I thought I was a chocolate expert! Our final activity was Create Your Own Candy Bar! Wooza!! This one was definitely my favorite. The entire family felt like we were transported into the Hershey’s Chocolate factory to create our very own chocolate bars! First you suit up including a hairnet, then you choose your toppings, and watch your chocolate bar created on the assembly line right in front of your very eyes. During the process you even have the chance to create your very own original wrapper! This is definitely something you will want to do again and again. So much fun!










Well, this post was super long but filled with goodness just like Hershey, Pa. So what are you waiting for? Here’s the website to check it all out and make your own reservation. There is still plenty of time left to summer. Another wonderful time to visit is Fall/Halloween and Winter/Christmas. We cannot wait to go back again! Thanks for all the happiness Hershey. No wonder we love you so much!

Disclosure: Diane Sullivan was provided with a deeply discounted media rate including room/activities/tickets. All opinions are honest and that of Diane Sullivan. #SummerInPa  Contact me  at or and everywhere else @3decades3kids.